2012-06-24 David Fuhrmannmacosx: open panel: set mrl textfield as noneditable
2012-06-24 David Fuhrmannmacosx: disk open: do a shallow instead of a deep searc...
2012-06-24 David Fuhrmannmacosx: device open: set new media folder as current...
2012-06-24 David Fuhrmannmacosx: fix bug in disk open panel regarding selected...
2012-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: CoverArtLabel: fix sizing bug.
2012-06-23 Francois CartegnieQt: SeekSlider: non seekable must be non interactive
2012-06-23 Rafaël Carréopensles: implement pause, flush, and lipsync
2012-06-22 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: android, simplify the code, let the users...
2012-06-21 Felix Paul... macosx: work-around a weird bug which let the drop...
2012-06-21 Ludovic Fauvetgnutls: replace deprecated types
2012-06-21 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: remove duplicate callback
2012-06-21 Felix Paul... macosx: added a URI column to the playlist table
2012-06-21 David Fuhrmannmacosx: add sandbox rules for growl notifications
2012-06-21 David Fuhrmannqt4: add forgotten ;
2012-06-21 Felix Paul... compile for iOS 5.1 since it is the latest stable versi...
2012-06-21 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed custom revealInFinder implementation...
2012-06-21 Felix Paul... macosx: reimplemented the right-click Reveal-in-Finder...
2012-06-21 Rémi Denis... block_Release(): add one more sanity check
2012-06-20 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: do not block the video preview to a very small...
2012-06-20 Michael Feursteinqtsound: fix broken qtsound module
2012-06-20 Frode Tennebøavi: Tidy the palette handling bit.
2012-06-20 Mario SpeißQt: fix a playlist issue with pictureflow
2012-06-20 Mario SpeißQt: release vout in controller configuration widget
2012-06-20 Jean-Baptiste... Cosmetics
2012-06-20 Jean-Baptiste... APE/MPC/WV: support TotalTrack
2012-06-20 Jean-Baptiste... MP3: support TRCK total number
2012-06-20 Rafaël Carrécontrib: gpg-error: use CPPFLAGS when processing errno.h
2012-06-20 Rafaël Carrécontrib: gsm: enforce CFLAGS
2012-06-20 Rémi Denis... directory: do not get stuck on a FIFO (fix #6940)
2012-06-20 Rémi Denis... file: do not use non-blocking mode when unknown/unspeci...
2012-06-19 Felix Paul... configure: link vlc and libvlc to AppKit
2012-06-19 Francois CartegnieQt: add dropzone to dist
2012-06-19 Francois Cartegnieplaylist: m3u: fix CheckContentType check.
2012-06-19 Sébastien ToqueAndroid: fix large files support
2012-06-19 Rafaël Carréblock.c: get lseek definition from vlc_fs.h
2012-06-19 Rafaël CarréWin32: move 64 bits lseek define to vlc_fs.h
2012-06-19 Rafaël Carrécontrib: live: Fix 6fbfa484230 for OSX
2012-06-18 Felix Paul... macosx: allow the user to minimize the main window...
2012-06-18 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed EyeTV support when using the Application...
2012-06-18 Felix Paul... macosx: upgraded Xcode project version
2012-06-18 Felix Paul... macosx: added a basic script and some entitlements...
2012-06-18 Rafaël Carrécontrib: make live555 honor EXTRA_CFLAGS
2012-06-18 David Fuhrmannmacosx: add NSApplicationDelegate for VLCMain class...
2012-06-16 Francois CartegnieQt: PLModel: make auto art download comply with privacy...
2012-06-15 Naohiro KORIYAMAQt: PLTreeView: Fix name encoding in the tooltip
2012-06-15 Naohiro KORIYAMAmkv: fix memleak
2012-06-15 Naohiro KORIYAMAfreetype: fix memleak
2012-06-14 Felix Paul... freetype: fixed crash when looking for an empty string...
2012-06-14 Francois CartegnieQt: PLTreeView: Show details as tooltip
2012-06-14 Olivier Aubertlibvlc.h: improve docstrings
2012-06-14 Olivier Aubertlibvlc_media.h: note that all options are not appliable...
2012-06-14 Felix Paul... macosx: updated copyright headers
2012-06-13 Francois CartegnieQt: StandardPLPanel: Fix failing locked assertion.
2012-06-13 Frédéric Yhueldemux/mp4: fix typo
2012-06-13 Denis CharmetUse default values when parsing MKV audio track
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... Update NEWS
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... MP3: support for TRACKTOTAL in TXXX
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... AVI: support IFRM as TotalTrack
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... MP4: support more Metadata tags
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... MP4: fix trkn parsing and support totaltrack
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... ASF: fix a warning
2012-06-13 Jean-Baptiste... ASF: cosmetics
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... macosx: draw vlc.icns instead of a bogus white png...
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... macosx: Cocoa cannot deal with 2 images of the same...
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... vout_macosx: make sure that we see the entire video...
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... vout_macosx: fixed typo
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... vout_macosx: restore compilation support for OS X 10...
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... macosx: enable HiDPI support
2012-06-12 Felix Paul... vout_macosx: added HiDPI support
2012-06-12 Jean-Baptiste... Support TotalTracks in MKV
2012-06-12 David Fuhrmannmacos: slightly improved error handling when open files
2012-06-12 Francois CartegnieQt: PLSelector: Make effectless root entries not selectable
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Vorbis: cosmetics
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Vorbis: extract TotalTrack information
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: display the number of tracks
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Meta: add a tracktotal value
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Bookmarks: use a better naming
2012-06-11 Rafaël Carréchange_prefix: fix help
2012-06-11 Francois CartegnieQt: StandardPLPanel: show dropzone on views
2012-06-11 Francois CartegnieQt: PLModel: try to agregate inserts for efficiency...
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... Record: allow better recording of MKV streams
2012-06-11 Jean-Baptiste... VAAPI: provide more logs to understand what is happenning
2012-06-11 David Fuhrmannmacosx: sort items before adding to playlist over dock...
2012-06-11 David Fuhrmannmacosx: add multiple files dragged to dock icon together
2012-06-11 Felix Paul... macosx: fixed table column duplication by moving the...
2012-06-11 Francois CartegnieRevert "Qt: PLModel: try to agregate inserts for effici...
2012-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Simple prefs: make the buttons wider.
2012-06-10 Jean-Baptiste... Message dialog: put the clear button in the corner
2012-06-10 Edward Wangcontrib: flac location changed
2012-06-10 Edward Wangcontrib: freetype2 location changed
2012-06-09 Jean-Baptiste... Caca: fix compilation for win32
2012-06-09 Jean-Baptiste... Fix compilation
2012-06-09 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: fix compilation in case of updateCheck
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: remove unneeded includes
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: kill a warning
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: rename a couple of methods to be more explicit
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: add some accelerators
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: filters messages in real time as you type
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: the verbosity can't be higher than 2
2012-06-09 Cezar ElnazliCosmetic: Max 78 chars/line (bin/winvlc.c)