2015-10-17 Marvin Scholzcontrib/growl: Add growl patch that comments out logging
2015-10-17 Marvin Scholzgrowl: Add OS X user notifications as fallback to Growl...
2015-10-17 Felix Paul... UPnP discovery: add support for SAT>IP servers (closes...
2015-10-16 Pierre Ynarddoc: install liveleak.lua sample script instead of...
2015-10-16 Pierre Ynardsoundcloud.lua: rewrite for changes
2015-10-16 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: missing temp box parenting
2015-10-16 Petri Hintukainenbluray: use input attachment for album art
2015-10-16 Petri Hintukainenbluray: split blurayDemux()
2015-10-16 Petri HintukainenAdd configure check for sapi.h
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... libVLC: Expose DiscTotal meta
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: use new method for Vorbis Comments TRACKNUMBER...
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: extract DiscNumber/DiscTotal from ID3v2
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: extract first value only if couple is incomplete
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: rename extraction function
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Taglib: generalize the couple-in-string extraction
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Meta: add DiscTotal
2015-10-16 Jean-Baptiste... Qt: expose disc number in the extra info panel
2015-10-15 Jean-Baptiste... Add RebeccaPurple color
2015-10-15 Jean-Baptiste... Win32 debug: reindent
2015-10-15 Thomas Guillemlibvlc_media_player: fix unused warning
2015-10-15 Thomas Guillemtizen_audio: use new 2.4 functions dynamically
2015-10-14 Ludovic Fauvetmpg123: lower the verbosity for MPG123_NEED_MORE
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: s/file/media
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: remove dash flag
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: remove legacy dash probe prevention (fix...
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: fix uninitialized vars on failure handling
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: missing initializer
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: don't seek to mdat after each probing
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: libmp4: don't seek to end of container on condit...
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: split fragment related code
2015-10-14 Francois Cartegnielibmp4: add scaled time alias
2015-10-13 Ilkka Ollakkalibvpx: fix vpx compile for previous revert.
2015-10-13 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "codec: don't drop discontinue blocks"
2015-10-13 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "codec: don't drop blocks marked BLOCK_FLAG_DISC...
2015-10-13 Felix Paul... videotoolbox: reject non-video ES
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samaninput stats: handle malloc error
2015-10-13 Felix Paul... videotoolbox: don't modify the decoder's input structure
2015-10-13 Felix Paul... ass: auto-detect font-provider
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samancodec: don't drop blocks marked BLOCK_FLAG_DISCONTINUITY
2015-10-13 Ilkka Ollakkapacketizer: don't drop blocks with DISCONTINUITY
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samancodec/vpx.c: do not leak memory.
2015-10-13 Ilkka Ollakkacodec: don't drop discontinue blocks
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samanqt4: discontinuity stats signal timeline changes in...
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samants demuxer: Passthrough timeline discontinuity
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samanavcodec/video.c: do not drop good data on discontinuity...
2015-10-13 Jean-Paul Samanvlc_block.h: Clarify usage of BLOCK_FLAG_DISCONTINUITY
2015-10-12 Felix Paul... macosx: fix compilation with Xcode 6.3
2015-10-12 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Rename the Playlist related class files to...
2015-10-12 Julian Scheelmmal: Fix picture passing through mmal
2015-10-12 Julian Scheelmmal: Add missing vlc_atomic.h includes
2015-10-12 Moti ZilbermanSAPI: Fix an off-by-one error in voice selection
2015-10-12 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Add todo comment about deprecated method useOpt...
2015-10-12 Felix Paul... videotoolbox: slightly improved error handling
2015-10-12 Jean-Baptiste... TTML: remove trailing space
2015-10-11 Francois Cartegniedemux: hls: hardcode formats depending on codecs/extension
2015-10-11 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: fix skipped line in reply header
2015-10-11 Jean-Baptiste... SAPI: fix leaks, cosmetics and simplify
2015-10-11 Jean-Baptiste... Add a SAPI synthetizer for Windows
2015-10-10 David Fuhrmannmacosx: disable native fullscreen on El Capitan
2015-10-10 David Fuhrmannmacosx: Introduce OSX_EL_CAPITAN runtime check
2015-10-10 David Fuhrmannmacosx: disable fullscreen hack on yosemite and higher
2015-10-10 Hugo Beauzée... contribs: taglib: Fix invalid atomic support check
2015-10-10 Ilkka Ollakkalivehttp: use ChainLastAppend and remove ChainGather...
2015-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: ttml: fix xml parsing
2015-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: fix warning
2015-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: change fmt compatibility checks
2015-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: missing virtual destructor
2015-10-09 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: remove unused streamType
2015-10-09 Jean-Baptiste... OSX: build the contribs in a tripleted folder
2015-10-09 Jean-Baptiste... gitignore: Be more lax with the build folders
2015-10-09 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Rewrote the About window auto-scroll behavior
2015-10-09 Marvin Scholzmacosx: Remove wrong "Change" button behavior in simple...
2015-10-08 Jean-Baptiste... Extras tools: use bz2 for the protobuf
2015-10-08 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: libass, fix compilation on broken OSes
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: fix playback with implicit init segments
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: add support for timed text
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: ttml: fix endless loops on broken charset
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegnievlc_xml: handle error return code
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegnieplaylist: wpl: probe without using xml reader
2015-10-07 Francois CartegnieRevert "wpl/ttml: use similar logic that subtitle_helpe...
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniecompat: fix strnstr
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: add support for WebVTT
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: add support for slave demuxers
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: dash: name stream as mimetype for debug
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: commit queued commands on demuxer...
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: don't call method in constructor
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: pass demux target time to demuxer...
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: ttml: probe without creating xmlreader
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: itml: fix false positive with xml files
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniecompat: add strnstr
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: use tristate for PAT fix
2015-10-07 Francois Cartegniedemux: mp4: fix mvhd duration debug string
2015-10-07 Sean McGovernextras/tools: edit libtool bitcode patch to work with...
2015-10-06 Emeric Grangemacosx: add a 'rebuild' option to MacOSX build.sh scrip...
2015-10-06 Rémi Denis... include: fix out-of-tree plugins w/o complete meta...
2015-10-06 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: Update libass to 0.13.0
2015-10-06 Jean-Baptiste... Contribs: remove strings.h hack for libass
2015-10-06 Steve Lhommedirect3d11: avoid crashing when we can't allocate the...
2015-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: rewrite using synchronous demuxers
2015-10-06 Francois Cartegniedemux: adaptative: add debug helper