keystore/plaintext: rename to memory
[vlc.git] / test / modules / keystore / test.c
2016-02-26 Thomas Guillemkeystore/plaintext: rename to memory
2016-02-03 Felix Paul KühneAdd keychain crypto store
2016-02-02 Thomas Guillemkeystore test: fix invalid free
2016-02-02 Thomas Guillemkeystore test: add comment
2016-01-10 Michael TänzerFix tests that incorrectly referenced the libvlc_internal.h
2016-01-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfKeystore test: fix memleak
2016-01-08 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenTest: undefine NDEBUG for all build configurations
2016-01-08 Thomas Guillemtest: fix keystore test suite
2016-01-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfTest: fix typo
2016-01-07 Thomas Guillemadd tests