test_block: fix merging (my bad).
[vlc.git] / src /
2009-08-30 Rémi Durafforttest_block: fix merging (my bad).
2009-08-30 Rémi Duraffortbloc_test: fix meleak so we can use valgrind on it.
2009-08-30 Rémi Durafforttest_block: rename to bloc_test.c because all test_...
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix test case
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontenable the block tests
2009-08-30 Laurent AimarDo not load a filter for J4xy -> I4xy in vout_display.
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontImprove/fix block_Realloc() cases
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontblock_Realloc: fix reallocation check
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontblock_Realloc: waste handling only if not reallocating
2009-08-30 Rémi Duraffortvariables: print a warning if the callback isn't found...
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontpreserve meta data when reallocating a block (fix previ...
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontRudimentary (incomplete) tests for block_Alloc/block_Re...
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-Courmontblock_Realloc: optimize and conformize
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontAlways remove revision.tmp
2009-08-29 Erwan Tulourecord: more specific record directories (video/music...
2009-08-29 Erwan Tulousnapshot: replace vout_snapshottaken with snapshot...
2009-08-29 Erwan Tuloucore: add snapshot-file and record-file for signalling...
2009-08-29 Pierre YnardFix make dist
2009-08-29 Pierre YnardFix typos in comments
2009-08-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontCheck for eventfd
2009-08-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontVLM: fix aliasing
2009-08-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontProvide a default and work around gcc
2009-08-28 Rémi Duraffortlibvlc_audio: we don't need VLC_PUBLIC_API here (alread...
2009-08-28 Rémi Duraffortlibvlc: remove dead initialization and factorize.
2009-08-28 Rémi Duraffortlibvlc: fix logic '||' and not '&&'.
2009-08-28 Niles BindelAdded ability to move to previous item in the media...
2009-08-28 Rémi Duraffortfix calloc usage.
2009-08-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfDXSB is a valid fourCC for XSUB
2009-08-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfUse VLC_CODEC for ADPCM_IMA_WAV
2009-08-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix Typo in comment.
2009-08-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfUse a VLC_CODEC_ADPCM_MS for MS ADPCM
2009-08-27 Rémi Duraffortmixer: fix memleak.
2009-08-27 Laurent AimarAdded VLC_CODEC_BD_PG codec.
2009-08-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix possible typo
2009-08-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfTwinVQ support using the lastest avcodec commit from...
2009-08-27 Felix Paul Kühnecompilation fix
2009-08-27 Rémi Duraffortvariables: checking the class is enough to ensure the...
2009-08-27 Pierre YnardWinCE: add replacement getpid() function
2009-08-26 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove config_GetCacheDir
2009-08-26 Rémi Denis-CourmontWin32: refactor and implement pictures directory
2009-08-26 Rémi Denis-CourmontSplit directories configuration per platform
2009-08-26 Niles BindelAdd input resource support to the LibVLC Media Player
2009-08-26 Pierre d'Herbemontdictionary: intptr_t to be nice with LLP64.
2009-08-26 Rémi Durafforttypo.
2009-08-25 Pierre d'Herbemonttest/dictionary: Be nicer on LP64, and avoid a warning.
2009-08-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontPut snapshots to pictures directory
2009-08-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontPut records to download directory
2009-08-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontXDG user dirs support (unused)
2009-08-25 Laurent AimarMoved aout_input_t to aout_internal.h.
2009-08-25 Laurent AimarSplit out aout_mixer_t from aout_instance_t.
2009-08-24 Pierre d'Herbemontmedia_list_player: Strictier lock in libvlc_media_list_...
2009-08-24 Niles BindelAdded some additional locking to the media list player...
2009-08-24 Laurent AimarRevert "vout_pictures: Use unsigned for width and heigh...
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-Courmontmodule_need: handle module loading error
2009-08-24 Sébastien EscudierVLM : move input event callback deletion. In order...
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontEliminate some dead code
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove config_GetUserDataDir()...
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove config_GetUserConfDir
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetics
2009-08-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd a directory type parameter to config_GetHomeDir
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontTypo
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemoving historical comment
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse vlc_object_set_name in some places
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc_object_get_name, vlc_object_set_name: accessors
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontNever rename an object post attach & un-deprecated...
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetic
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontAvoid hackish use of psz_object_name
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontTrivial code factorization
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't recreate the same table over and over and over
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-Courmontfilter: avoid vlc_object_t.psz_object_name
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove vlc_object_t.p_private
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse VLC object for meta writer and factor code
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse a VLC object for meta reader
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontMake playlist_export_t a VLC object
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontSimplification
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontSimplification
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-Courmontfetcher does not need to be an object
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-Courmontart_finder_t: custom type for art finder modules
2009-08-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetic
2009-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontUnused #include
2009-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontCPU: get rid of signal(SIGILL) - not thread-safe (in...
2009-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontCPU: fprintf is not safe inside a signal handler...
2009-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontWe have a replacement for localtime_r
2009-08-21 Pierre d'Herbemontw32thread: Don't warn twice about destr being unused...
2009-08-21 Pierre d'Herbemontwin32: Flag some unused arg warnings.
2009-08-21 Pierre d'HerbemontImplement access_GetParentInput and demux_GetParentInpu...
2009-08-21 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix the comment associated to libvlc_event_mana...
2009-08-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "Win32: fix src/ compilation"
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontvout_pictures: Use unsigned for width and height in...
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontvlc_vout_display: Should use unsigned for height and...
2009-08-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: fix src/ compilation
2009-08-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix compile if you don't have localtime_r (Win32 for ex)
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Put vlc_usage in the same file than where it...
2009-08-20 Pierre d'HerbemontRevert "network: Remove an unused label."
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontnetwork: Remove an unused label.
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontvideo_output: Flag unused parameter.
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontconfig: Flag unused params.
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontmodules: Fix an unused arg if NLS is not enabled.
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontnetwork: Remove an unused variable in udp.
2009-08-20 Pierre d'Herbemontlibvlc: Fix some unused arg warning in vlm and playlist.