stream_out: standard: add 'srt'
[vlc.git] / src /
2017-10-05 Marvin Scholzconfigure: Do not use -no-undefined with sanitizers...
2017-10-05 Thomas Guillemlibvlc: add an option to disable lua
2017-10-04 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Remove dead code
2017-10-04 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Reintroduce subtitle extension check
2017-10-04 Marvin Scholzdarwin/dirs: Remove accidentally added strdup
2017-10-03 Marvin Scholzdarwin/dirs: Fix stack-use-after-scope bug
2017-10-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontes_out: fix video format tables
2017-10-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontinput: fix potential signed overflow
2017-09-29 Thomas Guillemvout: also flush vd render filters
2017-09-29 Thomas Guillemfourcc: add VLC_CODEC_CVPX_BGRA fallback
2017-09-28 Thomas Guillemvout: increase splitted vd pool size
2017-09-27 Francois Cartegnievout: refresh EPG OSD
2017-09-27 Sebastian Ramacheraout: Fix spelling of 'output'
2017-09-26 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenplaylist: Fix playlist_Control undefined behavior
2017-09-26 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenandroid: thread: use standard thread_local keyword
2017-09-24 Thomas Guillemgl: rename vlc_gl_Destroy to vlc_gl_Release
2017-09-24 Thomas Guillemgl: add vlc_gl_Hold
2017-09-24 Thomas Guillemvout: drop pictures owned by old vouts
2017-09-21 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Allow input_AddSlave to notify of the addition
2017-09-21 Thomas Guilleminput: readdir_helper: read options from the parent...
2017-09-21 Thomas Guillemcore: move parsing options to the playlist category
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: attach slaves to children nodes
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: extends vlc_readdir_helper_additem()
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: add missing error check
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: use size_t
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: remove useless lock
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: rename access_fsdir to vlc_readdir_helper
2017-09-20 Thomas Guilleminput: move access_fsdir to input/item.c
2017-09-20 Filip Roséenstream_extractor: enable cache for block based extractors
2017-09-20 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Add missing return
2017-09-19 Francois Cartegniefourcc/es: unify EIA/CEA fourcc with channel in fmt
2017-09-19 Zhao Zhililinux: fix semaphore leak in vlc_getaddrinfo_i11e()
2017-09-19 Rémi Denis-Courmontdemux: remove invalid filter pointer
2017-09-19 Rémi Denis-Courmontinput: document and annotate chain building functions
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Fix --disable-sout builds
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Provide the potential renderer upon input thread...
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenplaylist: Add playlist_SetRenderer
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Add INPUT_CONTROL_SET_RENDERER
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Allow demux_filter to be enabled/disabled
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Ensure stats counters are released when changing...
2017-09-19 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: Allow the sout to change on the fly
2017-09-19 Thomas Guillemimage: remove ugly cast
2017-09-16 Rémi Denis-Courmonttcp: print proper error when binding a port fails
2017-09-15 Rémi Denis-Courmontconfig: generates modules list if none found
2017-09-15 Rémi Denis-Courmonthttpd: fix inverted logic (fixes #18812)
2017-09-15 Thomas Guillemdialog: also update text with indeterminate progress
2017-09-14 Francois Cartegniees_out: fix codec alias description
2017-09-14 Francois Cartegniefourcc: add dolby vision
2017-09-14 Francois Cartegniefourcc: move hvc1 mapping to fourcc
2017-09-07 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenrenderer_discovery: Don't assume a demux filter will...
2017-09-05 Francois Cartegnielibvlc: remove vlc_epg_Merge
2017-09-05 Thomas Guilleminput: change seek/volume in ControlNav()
2017-09-05 Thomas Guillemaout: move playlist_VolumeUp implementation to aout_Vol...
2017-09-05 Thomas Guilleminput: extends navigation control
2017-09-05 Thomas Guilleminput: add ViewpointApply()
2017-09-04 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenRevert "input: De-duplicate titles"
2017-09-04 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninput: De-duplicate titles
2017-09-04 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssendecoder: Remove dead code
2017-09-04 Hugo Beauzée-Luysseninterlacing: Fix leak on error
2017-09-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontes_out: remove invalid NULL pointer arithmetic
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: remove useless local copy
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: clip zoom before waking thread
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: store the actually requested zoom
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: remove useless local copy
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: remove useless local copy
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: remove redundant ch_display_filled
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: ignore crop change failure
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: ignore sample aspect ratio change failure
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: ignore fill status change failure
2017-09-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: ignore zoom change failure
2017-09-02 Thomas Guillemdecoder: use static
2017-08-29 Francois Cartegnievlc_es: rename NAV_ES to DATA_ES
2017-08-29 Thomas Guillemaout: keep initial "stereo-mode" value set by options
2017-08-29 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenes_out: Don't attempt to read from NULL meta
2017-08-28 Francois Cartegnieinput: update title const ref on mainloop title update
2017-08-24 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenes_format: Avoid potential integer overflow
2017-08-23 Thomas Guillemaout: change an assert to a critical error
2017-08-23 Francois Cartegnievout: drop or patch invalid dvd menu palette
2017-08-23 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssencore: Fix float config variables lower bound
2017-08-21 Francois Cartegnievout core: drop invalid palette
2017-08-21 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenfilter: Remove trailing whitespace
2017-08-21 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenfilter: Fix leak
2017-08-10 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenvout: Also set the initial vout window fullscreen state...
2017-08-09 Rémi Denis-Courmonticonv: handle NULL pointers (fixes #18677)
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: add vlc_actions_get_keycodes
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: replace libvlc->p_hotkeys
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: rename vlc_keys
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: rename functions
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: rename static struct actions
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: remove useless typedef
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: remove duplicate include config.h
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: rename vlc_GetActionId to vlc_actions_get_id
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: rename struct vlc_actions to vlc_actions_t
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemactions: refactor init/deinit functions
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemcore: rename vlc_keys.h to vlc_actions.h
2017-08-09 Thomas Guillemcore: rename vlc_action_t to vlc_action_id_t
2017-08-07 Rémi Denis-Courmontvariables: missing initializer
2017-08-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontvout: rename and invert has_hide_mouse
2017-08-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontvout: make has_hide_mouse true by default
2017-08-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontdisplay: always compute mouse hide timeout