[vlc.git] / src / video_output / vout_internal.h
2011-11-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfLGPL
2011-04-20 Yuval TzeNew sub-filter support add new "sub filter" capability...
2011-04-20 Yuval TzeRefactor: rename "sub-filter" to "sub-source" this...
2011-03-05 Laurent AimarDo not allow direct rendering when the pictures provide...
2011-01-09 Laurent AimarReworked the code doing the blending in vout.
2011-01-09 Laurent AimarMerged vout_RenderWrapper/vout_DisplayWrapper directly...
2011-01-09 Laurent AimarAllowed a vout_display_t module to do the OSD/subtitles...
2011-01-09 Laurent AimarReworked the way subtitles are rendered on video.
2010-11-07 Laurent AimarImproved support for crop/ar changes.
2010-11-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove __LIBVLC__ checks from src/
2010-10-25 Laurent AimarCosmetics (vout).
2010-10-25 Laurent AimarFixed and simplify --monitor-par support.
2010-08-18 Laurent AimarReworked the way the vout select the pictures to be...
2010-08-18 Laurent AimarSeparated vout filter chain into static/interactive...
2010-08-11 Laurent AimarNo functionnal changes (vout).
2010-07-11 Laurent AimarAdded support for video filter that introduce latency...
2010-05-29 Laurent AimarMoved "sub-margin" to vout.
2010-05-25 Laurent AimarReimplemented vout_RegisterSubpictureChannel.
2010-05-23 Laurent AimarGives the needed DPB size when requesting a vout.
2010-05-21 Laurent AimarGives the input_thread_t to use to vout_Request().
2010-05-21 Laurent AimarMoved spu_Attach definition to the core.
2010-05-20 Laurent AimarReused vout window in vout_Request().
2010-05-18 Laurent AimarMoved "sub-filter" from spu_t to vout_thread_t.
2010-05-12 Laurent AimarClean up vout object creation/destruction.
2010-05-12 Laurent AimarNo functionnal changes (vout).
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarCosmetics (vout).
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarRemoved dead code (vout).
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarClean up crop/aspect ratio changes and associated video...
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarCosmetics.
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarUsed subpicture_updater_t for vout_OSDText/Message.
2010-05-10 Laurent AimarUsed a vout object for vout_OSDMessage/OSDSlider/OSDIcon.
2010-05-04 Laurent AimarMade vout_ShowText* private to the core.
2010-05-01 Laurent AimarPrivatized remaining vout fields.
2010-05-01 Laurent AimarAdded mouse support to sub-filter.
2010-04-26 Laurent AimarConverted more commands to vout_control.
2010-04-26 Laurent AimarUsed vout_control for various commands (vout).
2010-04-26 Laurent AimarAdded API to simplify/clean up vout controls.
2010-04-26 Laurent AimarRemoved dead code (vout).
2010-04-26 Laurent AimarNo functionnal changes.
2010-04-23 Laurent AimarNo functionnal changes (vout).
2010-04-23 Laurent AimarReworked the way pictures are handled by the vout core.
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved picture_heap_t out of vlc_vout.h
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved most of private vout_thread_t fields out of vlc_v...
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved vout_sys_t out of vlc_common.h.
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved some private fields out of vlc_vout.h
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved vout_AllocatePicture out of vlc_vout.h
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarMoved vout_IntfInit out of vlc_vout.h
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarRemoved dead code in vout.
2010-04-18 Laurent AimarCalls directly the vout wrapper iof using function...
2010-04-17 Laurent AimarMoved "video output" -> "vout display" wrapper to the...
2010-04-17 Laurent AimarLet mouse events go through vout filter chain.
2009-10-06 Laurent AimarImplemented auto deinterlace mode.
2009-08-31 Laurent AimarLoad and unload the vout module in the vout thread.
2009-08-04 Laurent AimarIntroduce "vout display" module API to replaced "vout...
2009-08-01 Laurent AimarMoved out video statistics to its own file and use...
2009-08-01 Laurent AimarMoved out snapshot code to a standalone file.
2009-07-27 Laurent AimarImproved subtitle rendering accuracy and fixed pause...
2009-03-17 Laurent AimarTry to use video-filter instead of vout-filter for...
2009-03-08 Laurent AimarFirst pass to clean up snapshot code (vout).
2009-03-08 Laurent AimarAdded picture_Export (internal) helper.
2009-02-17 Laurent AimarAdded a "postprocess" vout variable.
2009-02-15 Laurent AimarFixed missing vout_Snapshot internal function prototype.
2009-01-12 Rémi Denis-Courmontvout: stop using the object lock, we have the change_lo...
2009-01-05 Laurent AimarImproved osd title display in vout.
2008-11-01 Laurent AimarMoved out a few defines from vlc_config.h
2008-10-22 Laurent AimarImplemented vout_NextPicture.
2008-10-22 Laurent AimarClean up vout picture destruction.
2008-10-22 Laurent AimarStore the last displayed picture pointer in vout privat...
2008-10-22 Laurent AimarSplit vout_internal.h to hide vout_thread_t definition...
2008-10-15 Laurent AimarFactorized forced vout picture releases.
2008-10-15 Laurent AimarMoved vout helpers out of decoder.c.
2008-10-09 Laurent AimarAdded vout_Flush .
2008-09-30 Laurent AimarMoved a few vout tests+statistics to decoder.
2008-09-28 Laurent AimarSpu pause support.
2008-09-28 Laurent AimarPause vout on decoder pause.
2008-09-28 Laurent AimarPrivatized part of vout fields.
2008-09-28 Laurent AimarAdded vout_internal.h.