Update test_headers
[vlc.git] / src / test / headers.c
2010-02-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontUpdate test_headers
2010-01-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontLibVLC: remove unused and buggy media list views
2009-05-25 Pierre d'HerbemontInclude new headers in headers.c.
2008-06-01 Rémi Denis-CourmontBring mediacontrol back in the headers test
2008-06-01 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix the headers test
2008-05-31 Rémi Denis-Courmontlibvlc: use vlc_common.h (libvlccore) instead of vlc...
2008-05-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontSeparate libvlccore and libvlc headers
2008-05-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix missing #include
2008-03-26 Pierre d'Herbemonttest: Add the new vlc headers.
2008-02-01 Pierre d'Herbemonttest/headers.c: Make sure __LIBVLC__ isn't defined.
2008-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix another series of HAVE_ dependencies (string replac...
2008-01-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontAdd sanity check for public headers