[vlc.git] / src / input / event.c
2011-11-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfLGPL
2010-02-06 Antoine CellerierRemove tabs.
2009-12-20 Laurent AimarAdded INPUT_EVENT_ITEM_EPG event.
2009-11-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontConvert "rate" variable to float everywhere
2009-06-09 Laurent AimarCorrectly update "title %2i" variable.
2009-03-09 Laurent AimarAdded a INPUT_EVENT_ABORT event to detect user requeste...
2009-03-08 Laurent AimarAdded a ES_OUT_SET_ES_SCRAMBLED_STATE to warn the user...
2009-02-16 Ilkka OllakkaRevert "QT4: connect signal from inputmanager metaChang...
2009-02-15 Ilkka OllakkaQT4: connect signal from inputmanager metaChanged to...
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarChanged "teletext-es" to be a list of teletext spu id.
2009-02-13 Laurent AimarFactorized event with variable list code.
2009-01-05 Laurent AimarAllows requesting active aout/vout from an input with...
2009-01-05 Laurent AimarAdded INPUT_EVENT_DEAD event.
2008-12-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontMissing <assert.h>
2008-12-11 Laurent AimarDo not use 2 event manager in input.
2008-12-09 Laurent AimarFixed event on UNKNOWN_ES es.
2008-12-04 Laurent AimarAdded a input "cache" variable and INPUT_EVENT_CACHE...
2008-12-04 Laurent AimarFixed input bookmark thread safety, support and event.
2008-12-04 Laurent AimarMoved input_item_t from input_source_t to input_thread_...
2008-11-29 Laurent AimarImproved current times in regard to es_out timeshift.
2008-11-23 Laurent AimarAdded INPUT_EVENT_TELETEXT.
2008-11-22 Laurent AimarClean up input events.
2008-11-22 Laurent AimarMove/clean up input event code to its own file.