Adds some missing files to dist target (blaming j-b & dionoea)
[vlc.git] / share / http / images /
2006-06-14 Yoann Peronneau* web interface: add a snapshot button
2006-03-19 Antoine CellerierA bunch of hacks to fix bugs on IE.
2006-03-18 Antoine Cellerierooops
2006-03-18 Antoine CellerierAdd services discovery handling in http interface.
2006-03-17 Antoine CellerierHTTP interface playlist sort commands based on patch...
2006-01-30 Antoine Cellerier* Add "Stream and media info panel" ( http/dialogs...
2006-01-29 Antoine Celleriermain, functions.js, slider_*.png : add position slider
2005-12-07 Antoine Cellerier * playlist improvements :
2005-12-07 Antoine CellerierNew http interface