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[vlc.git] / modules / video_output / opengl /
2017-07-25 Thomas Guillemcore: move viewpoint to vlc_viewpoint.h
2017-07-18 Victorien Le Couvi... opengl: correct documentation
2017-07-13 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: fix double close
2017-07-13 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: add missing breaks
2017-07-12 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: favor display backend
2017-07-12 Thomas Guillemgl: don't do direct rendering below OpenGL 3.0
2017-07-11 Victorien Le Couvi... vout: opengl: resize fmt to the max size the HW can...
2017-07-07 Rémi Denis-Courmontvaapi: fix duplicate const *again*
2017-07-05 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: fix possible segfault in error path
2017-07-05 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: add DRM support
2017-07-05 Thomas Guillemhw: vaapi: release the native display from the instance...
2017-07-04 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: do earlier gl/egl extensions checks
2017-07-04 Thomas Guillemhw: vaapi: remove vaapi global instance
2017-06-30 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: fix VADisplay leak in error path
2017-06-30 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: move code
2017-06-28 Thomas Guillemopengl: vaapi: fix build with gles2
2017-06-23 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: add an interop blacklist
2017-06-23 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: check if a surface can be derived
2017-06-22 Thomas Guillemgl: refactor program initialization
2017-06-22 Thomas Guillemgl: converters: return a vlc error code from init cbs
2017-06-22 Thomas Guillemgl: converters: change the way to pass the video_format_t
2017-06-22 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: call EGLImageKHR functions from vlc_gt_t
2017-06-22 Thomas Guillemegl: add EGLImageKHR functions
2017-06-21 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: fix clean-up in case of error
2017-06-21 Thomas Guillemgl: vaapi: fix the ugly way to get the X11 Display
2017-06-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: add converter_vaapi
2017-06-08 Rémi Denis-Courmontegl: syntax error
2017-06-02 Thomas Guillemvideotoolbox: store cvpx in picture context
2017-06-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: try generic converter lastly
2017-05-17 Steve Lhommeopengl: support fallback for opaque input
2017-05-17 Thomas Guillemopengl: converters: change chroma directly in fmt
2017-05-03 Marvin Scholzvout opengl: Change non-error to a debug message
2017-04-25 Thomas Guillemvout/gl: ensure that the GL context is attached
2017-04-21 Thomas Guillemvout: opengl: fix green lines with PBO
2017-04-21 Thomas Guillemandroid: vout: re-use the same SurfaceTexture
2017-04-07 Steve Lhommecore: add a vlc_rational_t type for unsigned rational...
2017-03-30 Thomas Guillemopengl: fix persistent performances on AMD
2017-03-20 Thomas Guillemopengl: alloc 1 extra pic when direct rendering
2017-03-14 Thomas Guillemopengl: add missing GL_MAP_FLUSH_EXPLICIT_BIT flag
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: add PBO support for old OpenGL versions
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: improve pbo and buffer_storage extension check
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: use a specific release callback for persistent
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: move pbo pic creation
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: don't handle direct rendering with subpictures
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: refactor
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: check return values of vlc_gl_GetProcAddress
2017-03-10 Thomas Guillemopengl: rename VLCGL_HAS_PBO to VLCGL_HAS_MAP_PERSISTENT
2017-02-16 Thomas Guillemios2: remove zero copy GL code
2017-02-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: cvpx: add ios support
2017-02-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: cvpx: use GL_RGB_422_APPLE for UYVY
2017-02-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: add tc->handle_texs_gen
2017-02-16 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: handle packed yuv
2017-02-15 Thomas Guillemopengl: allocate textures from New()
2017-02-15 Thomas Guillemopengl: cvpx: fix return values on error
2017-02-15 Thomas Guillemopengl: remove textures argument from get_pool
2017-02-15 Thomas Guillemopengl: android: create the SurfaceTexture from pf_allo...
2017-02-15 Thomas Guillemopengl: refactor program link
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: change log when converters fail
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: merge generic and xyz12
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: remove RGB fallback
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: generic: also fallback on RGB
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: generic: don't try opaque
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: change pf_allocate_texture
2017-02-03 Thomas Guillemopengl: remove useless code
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: fix planar16
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: add converter_cvpx
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: rename parent to gl
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: add Uniform2f
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: add GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: add NV12 support
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: replace chroma desc
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: merge rgba and yuv init functions
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: add opengl_fragment_shader_init()
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: use vec2 for TexCoords
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: move code up
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: pass texture sizes to pf_update
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: refactor pf_init
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: pass texture sizes to pf_prepare_shader
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: change size type
2017-02-02 Thomas Guillemopengl: converter: refactor pf_gen_textures
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: build vertex shaders depending on plane count
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: don't keep vertex shader handle
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: calculate and upload coordinates when needed
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: calculate orientation and viewpoint matrixes...
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: move code
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: fetch attrib/uniform locations only one time
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: use one tex_conv per program
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: remove useless calls
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: set textures non const
2017-01-26 Thomas Guillemopengl: remove VLCGL_TEXTURE_COUNT
2017-01-23 Thomas Guillemopengl: android: fail if there aren't enough pics
2017-01-21 David Fuhrmannopengl: Fix typo
2017-01-18 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: add direct rendering support (OpenGL 4.4)
2017-01-06 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: use GL_UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH with OpenGLES 2
2017-01-06 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: pass gl extensions to converters
2017-01-03 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: remove const modifer for picture_t
2017-01-03 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: don't check extension on OpenGLES
2017-01-03 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: remove stray OpenGLES 1 support
2016-12-29 Thomas Guillemvout/opengl: fix picture leak in case of error
2016-12-20 Thomas Guillemvout/android: utils: remove clear surface support