android: merge android_surface with android_window
[vlc.git] / modules / video_output / android / utils.c
2015-06-22 Thomas Guillemandroid: merge android_surface with android_window
2015-01-22 Thomas Guillemnativewindowpriv: split setup into setUsage and setBuff...
2014-11-19 Thomas Guillemnativewindowpriv: add getMaxBufferCount
2014-11-15 Thomas Guillemnativewindowpriv: add lock/unlock Data
2014-11-15 Thomas Guillemnative_window: add setBuffersGeometry
2014-10-01 Thomas Guillemnativewindowpriv: add setOrientation
2014-10-01 Thomas Guillemomxil: split iomx_hwbuffer.cpp
2014-05-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfAndroid vout: support the mouse events from jni
2014-01-14 Felix Abecassisandroid: add a new file in order to refactor common...