DCP: fixed include-guards
[vlc.git] / modules / stream_out /
2016-02-15 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssenchromecast: Fix leak on error
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: use new API
2016-02-02 Rémi Denis-Courmontraop: fix memory leaks
2016-02-02 Rémi Denis-Courmonthttp: rename http_auth to vlc_http_auth
2016-01-30 Sebastian RamacherFix spelling of "address"
2016-01-18 Steve Lhommechromecast: move the Chromecast communication in a...
2016-01-13 Rémi Denis-Courmonttls: accept abstract transport layer stream for client...
2016-01-12 Rémi Denis-Courmontchromecast: descriptor leak
2016-01-08 Steve Lhommechromecast_ctrl: send messages right away
2015-12-31 Francois Cartegniesout: chromecast: remove dead code (cid #1346991)
2015-12-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfSout Makefile: cosmetics
2015-12-26 David Fuhrmannchromecast: include errno.h
2015-12-24 Steve Lhommechromecast_ctrl: fix deadlock introduced in e8d7355d0dc...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommestream_out: only enable Chromecast if SOUT is enabled
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: the stream cannot work if the communication...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: remove unused headers
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move connect/disconnectChromecast in the...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: use vlc_mutex_locker
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: make sure we send the load when the data...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: better and less logs
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: log when the Chromecast reports a launch...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: when another app is running on the receiver...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: only lock once when checking the current app
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: use a reference to the received namespace
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: use U32_AT instead of memcpy() + hton32()
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: make sure we send all the message data
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: differentiate error logs
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move the packet receiver in the communicati...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: GET_STATUS and LAUNCH require a request ID
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: no need to share some constants anymore
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: simplify the auth payload sending
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: the default payload type we send is STRING
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: factorize the code to push a message to...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: pass const references to buildMessage()
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move buildMessage() in the class
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move the message sending in the communicati...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: make conn_status private and use getter...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: use the enum to handle the connection status
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: processMessage() doesn't need to return...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move processMessage() in the communication...
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: pass the destination namespace by reference
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: reuse the same objects for namespaces
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: rename msg methods according to the receiver
2015-12-23 Steve Lhommechromecast: move the messages sending in a separate...
2015-12-22 Steve Lhommechromecast: forward sout Flush and Control calls
2015-12-22 Steve Lhommestream_output: handle Flushing via sout_MuxFlush()
2015-12-21 Steve Lhommecast: use reinterpret_cast<> instead of C cast in C...
2015-12-18 Steve LhommeChromecast: use the sout helper functions
2015-12-18 Steve LhommeChromecast: move some code to a header
2015-12-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfRTSP: use calloc
2015-12-11 Zhao Zhilisout/rtsp: remove senseless free
2015-12-06 Francois Cartegniestream_output: record: add missing HEVC and OPUS entries
2015-11-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontNamespace/rename make_path to vlc_uri2path
2015-10-28 Rémi Denis-Courmontrtp: fix MPEG-TS over RTP (fixes #15749)
2015-10-06 Steve Lhommechromecast: better error reporting of unknown commands
2015-08-27 Rémi Denis-Courmonturl: remove vlc_UrlParse() option parameter
2015-07-07 Rafaël Carrétranscode: set pointers to NULL rather than 0
2015-07-04 Francois Cartegniedecoder: rename confusing frame drop member
2015-06-25 Rémi Denis-Courmontchromecast: remove useless atomic variable
2015-06-18 Thomas Guillemdefine __STDC_*_MACROS in vlc_fixups.h for pre C++11...
2015-05-12 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove no longer used net_Write() argument
2015-05-12 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove no longer used net_Printf() argument
2015-05-12 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove no longer used net_Gets() argument
2015-04-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert "transcode: disable hardware decoding by default"
2015-03-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc_plugin: fix non-LGPL plugins meta infos
2015-03-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfConsistent strings to avoid duplications
2015-03-11 Hugo Beauzée-LuyssenReimplement NumInRange without strtol
2015-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfRelicense duplicate to LGPL
2015-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfDuplicate: destroy the NumInRange implementation
2015-02-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemove langfromtelx
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout: constify format parameter to sout_stream_t.pf_add
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontlangfromtelx: remove plugin from build
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontsetid: do not clobber format
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmonttranscode: missing const
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontrtp sout: missing const
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout_dummy: remove useless code
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontautodel: fix format copy
2015-02-21 Rémi Denis-Courmontes_format: return an error if es_format_Copy() partiall...
2015-02-20 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout: voidify sout_stream_t.pf_del
2015-02-20 Rémi Denis-Courmontcycle: initial support for splitting stream output...
2015-02-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontMark unreachable code on GCC even if NDEBUG
2015-02-16 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout_standard: remove unused typedef
2015-02-16 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout_description: fix malloc usage
2015-02-16 Rémi Denis-Courmontsout_description: missing check in initialization
2015-02-12 Rémi Denis-Courmontstream_out: remove Makefile recursion
2015-02-04 Tristan Matthewsrtp: implement raw video packetization (RFC 4175)
2015-01-15 Tristan Matthewsrtp: jpeg: fix memory leaks
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrétranscode: remove unneeded deinit
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrétranscode: avoid double thread join
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrétranscode: simplify thread init
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrétranscode: whitespace
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrétranscode: simplify locking in encoder thread
2015-01-06 Rafaël Carrégather: fix uninitialized value
2014-12-10 Fabian Yamaguchistream_out: rtp: don't use VLA for user controlled...
2014-12-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfRTP: remove trailing spaces
2014-12-05 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: give proper src fmt for subtitle overlay
2014-11-30 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: refactor fps conversion out from video transcode
2014-11-29 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: check input picture drop only after deinterl...
2014-11-29 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: increment input pts even if we don't need...
2014-11-29 Ilkka Ollakkatranscode: set b_master_sync correctly