move codec/mpeg_audio to packetizer/mpegaudio
[vlc.git] / modules / packetizer /
2016-10-10 Thomas Guillemmove codec/mpeg_audio to packetizer/mpegaudio
2016-10-07 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: extract closed captions
2016-10-03 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: refactor SEI parsing
2016-10-03 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: vc1: use on the fly ep3b conversion
2016-07-28 Thomas Guillempacketizer: add new dts module
2016-07-28 Thomas Guillema52: move to packetizer
2016-07-26 Thomas Guillempacketizer/ fix indent
2016-05-17 Jean-Baptiste KempfBuild packetizer copy even without sout
2016-01-05 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: add AnnexB startcode helper
2015-12-08 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: add hvc1 packetization (fix #16061)
2015-12-08 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: split some code
2015-12-08 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: add hxxx_nal.h for avc/hevc rbsp conversions
2015-12-08 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: move NAL unit values to header
2015-04-28 Thomas Guillemmove h264/hevc nal helper code to packetizer
2015-02-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfEnable to merge the avparser packetizer with --merge...
2015-02-26 Jean-Baptiste KempfAdd avparser.h to prepare for submodulification
2015-02-26 Denis CharmetAdd avparser packetizer for VP9 handling
2015-02-09 Rémi Denis-Courmontpacketizer: remove Makefile recursion