qt4: update wall-paper mode toggling
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / qt4 / menus.cpp
2014-01-05 Rémi Denis-Courmontqt4: update wall-paper mode toggling
2014-01-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: fix fullscreen and video-on-top toggle across...
2014-01-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: refactor
2014-01-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: improve macro expansion safety
2013-10-12 Gal VinogradAdding "save to playlist" menu item in submenu Recents.
2013-09-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix subtitle popup menu
2013-09-06 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: correctly connect chapters signals abstracti...
2013-08-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix a potential crash in audioDevice Menu
2013-08-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: correctly show the default Windows Audio Device
2013-07-17 Ludovic FauvetQt: remove unnecessary ellipsis in Help menu
2013-07-15 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: move Q_WS => Q_OS in widgets and playlist code
2013-07-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: qFindChild has been deprecated in Qt5
2013-07-11 Ludovic FauvetQt: recents: hide the file:// scheme from the MRL
2013-07-11 Ludovic FauvetQt: recents: don't create an accelerator for MRL contai...
2013-06-22 Erwan Tulouskins2: fix stray line in Qt menu used by skins2
2013-05-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: unused parameter
2013-05-18 Erwan TulouQt: improve ToolsBar if run as a dialogProvider
2013-05-18 Erwan TulouQt: add entries in the popupmenu for lua extensions...
2013-04-26 Christoph MiebachString removal
2013-04-25 Francois CartegnieQt: Menus: escape shortcuts in dynamic entries (fix...
2013-04-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix subtitles track update
2013-04-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix leak
2013-04-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: adapt menus to new Audio Device list
2013-04-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: change tools accessor
2013-04-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menu, remove navigation part
2013-04-21 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menu: reorder open media options
2013-04-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Subtitles menu
2013-04-11 Francois CartegnieQt: Menus: Group playlist view options
2013-04-11 Francois CartegnieQt: Menu: change icon quit(cross) -> exit
2013-03-23 Edward WangCorrect widespread misuse of the word 'subtitle'
2013-01-25 Rafaël Carréqt4: fix "Take snapshot" menu
2013-01-25 Rafaël Carréqt4: factorize variable loading in DoAction
2012-12-30 Francois CartegnieQt: MainInterface: namespace visibility property
2012-12-15 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: adapt to new audio device selection
2012-10-04 Rémi Denis-Courmontaout: add --stereo-mode to replace audio-channels varia...
2012-09-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix a crash when using the skins
2012-08-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: add the playlist view selection to the main menu
2012-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: move VLM shortcut to Ctrl+Shift+W
2012-07-01 Francois CartegnieQt: Queue toolbar rebuild as event instead of delaying...
2012-06-26 Francois CartegnieQt: fix prev commitw
2012-06-26 Francois CartegnieQt: PopupMenu: Stop crashing on VOut update. (fix ...
2012-06-21 David Fuhrmannqt4: add forgotten ;
2012-06-09 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: kill a warning
2012-06-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use menuRole on OSX
2012-06-07 Ludovic Fauvetqt4: never disable the "Jump to specific time" menu...
2012-02-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix navigation menu rebuilding
2012-02-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: menu simplification
2012-02-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove unneeded includes
2012-02-23 Adrian YanesQt: menu additional fixes for more video options
2012-02-23 Adrian YanesQt: fix macro RADIO_OR_COMMAND
2012-02-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: limit the number of entries in the right click...
2012-01-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: missing accessors
2012-01-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Media is uncountable.
2012-01-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix indentation
2012-01-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: rebuild correctly the playback menu
2012-01-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: remove unneeded include and parent objects
2012-01-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: Merge direct3d-desktop and video-wallpaper to...
2012-01-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: remove wallpaper from simple prefs and allow it...
2011-12-21 Alexander Law"Speed" menu item is not localizable
2011-12-15 Ludovic FauvetQt: enable the recents menu again after adding an element
2011-12-05 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: rename MenusManager to MenuBar.
2011-12-05 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: make next/prev to behave accordingly to...
2011-12-05 Francois CartegnieQt: rename QVLCMenu to QVLCMenuManager.
2011-12-05 Francois CartegnieQt: Menus: make speed menu tearable.
2011-11-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: fix encoding of recent menu text
2011-10-14 Konstantin PavlovQt: remove the MAEMO hack, unneeded in Fremantle, now
2011-10-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: disable recentMenus, if it is empty
2011-10-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: recent menus, fix shortcut
2011-10-09 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Adding a Fast Playlist access in the right-click...
2011-09-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: simplify systray menu and add volume control
2011-09-24 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: fix faster/slower icons
2011-09-13 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: re-group/order video options
2011-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use count() iso size() on Qt Containers
2011-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: std::vector -> QVector
2011-07-25 Rémi Denis-CourmontRename aout_instance_t to audio_output_t
2011-06-22 Francois CartegnieQt: enable tearOff on Navigation and Bookmarks menus.
2011-05-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontQt4: include <vlc_aout.h> as needed
2011-05-19 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: QString.sprintf is a bad solution for complex...
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: kill unused_parameters warnings
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menu: code simplification
2011-05-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: fix a possible crash
2011-05-14 Rémi Duraffortqt4: fix two crashes.
2011-05-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, recents: elide on display in the menu, not at creation
2011-04-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: add a close to systray menu option.
2011-04-23 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix subtitle menu
2011-04-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: hide status bar
2011-03-25 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: move shortcuts group on top
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: addDPStaticEntry returns action (missing return)
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: menus: (view a view ?) view a minimal interface
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: menu: move advanced open.
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: menu: 'quit after playback' is playlist related
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: addDPStaticEntry returns action
2011-03-24 Francois CartegnieQt: media menu: coherency
2011-03-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menu: rename entry
2011-03-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: move the interface menu around in the view...
2011-03-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menu: split the subtitle menu from video menu
2011-03-20 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: split the subtitles menu in a new function
2011-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: naming consistency in menus
2011-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: move "Quit after playback" to playbakc menu
2011-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, menus: remove unneeded function