fix filename self-references
[vlc.git] / modules / gui / qt4 / components / playlist / playlist.hpp
2011-12-15 Pere Orgafix filename self-references
2011-11-22 Edward WangQt: implement playlist empty button
2011-10-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use a QStackedWidget for the artContainer in the...
2011-08-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: use QWidgetList when applicable
2010-12-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: reinstate the small QSplitter on Mac for the playlist
2010-12-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt, playlist: change the layout. This should help MacOS...
2010-11-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix previous commit
2010-11-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: playlist, use a better QSplitter, on Mac
2010-10-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: fix the view checked() state in the ViewMenu
2010-10-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: move view names to the StandardPanel file
2010-10-27 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Playlist, code simplification and factorisation
2010-10-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: playlist code refactoring
2010-10-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: change the LocationBar Class file
2010-03-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Fixing main Interface, phase 1.
2010-01-26 Jakob LebenQt: save settings for playlist-selector/art splitter
2009-12-12 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: PlaylistWidget parenting and code cleanup/simplific...
2009-12-04 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Remove PLPanel upper class
2009-11-07 Jakob LebenQt4: remove PlaylistEventManager
2009-11-07 Jakob LebenQt4: switch PLModel to use PlaylistEventManager
2009-11-07 Jakob LebenQt4: more media browser (PL Selector) beautification
2009-09-12 Jakob Lebenqt4: refactor, remove nonsense & re-enable popup-adding...
2009-09-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: move the selector from View/Model to QTreeWidget
2009-01-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: kill many warnings.
2009-01-12 Ilkka OllakkaQt4: refactor album art stuff into inputmanager
2008-12-31 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: cleaning of the MediaInfo Dialog mess.
2008-12-30 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt: Remove some dialogs_provider.hpp and input_manager...
2008-10-01 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4: Playlist fixes.
2008-09-12 Jean-Philippe AndreQt: Add a parent to the CoverArtLabel We should add...
2008-09-04 Jean-Philippe AndreQt: use the CoverArtLabel in the playlist view and...
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix some playlist start showing/non-showing bug.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix drop on the playlist in all case (DP and MI )
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix Playlist resizing and positionning.
2008-08-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfCorrectly save the column size from the playlist.
2008-07-29 Jean-Baptiste KempfStop allocating QSettings all the time everywhere.
2008-05-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontPlugins: include vlc_common.h directly instead of vlc...
2008-01-23 Christophe Mutricymissing from [24525]
2008-01-22 Ilkka Ollakkacall UpdateRate when rate changes, add myself to authors
2008-01-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Playlist: double clicking on the art will open...
2007-12-22 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - Remember playlist's size.
2007-12-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfQt4 - remove PlaylistWidget from interface_widget and...