DCP: fixed include-guards
[vlc.git] / modules / codec /
2016-02-22 Filip Roséencodecs: fixed include-guards for a52 and cc
2016-02-22 Filip Roséenavcodec: fixed include-guards for chroma
2016-02-17 Francois Cartegnieatsc_a65: fix forward null deref (cid #1352635)
2016-02-14 Jean-Baptiste Kempfgst: initialize non-identical callbacks to NULL individ...
2016-02-14 Jean-Baptiste Kempfgst: fix msg_ argument type
2016-02-14 Jean-Baptiste Kempfgst: do not use an initialized variable
2016-02-14 Jean-Baptiste KempfGst: kill simple warnings
2016-02-14 Vikram Fugrogstreamer: Minor comments & logging fixes
2016-02-13 Francois Cartegnieatsc_a65: remove duplicated iconv UTF16 handle
2016-02-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfFix distcheck
2016-02-10 Francois Cartegnieatsc_a65.h : add simple UTF16 decoding through handle
2016-02-10 Francois Cartegnieatsc_a64: fix incorrect iconv handling
2016-02-10 Francois Cartegnieatsc_a65: add gps time to epoch helper
2016-02-09 Pere Orgavpx: fix build conditional
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: no need to mention default
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: add vp8 and vp9 encoder
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: clean up error macro calls
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: refactor error handling
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: rename Open/Close
2016-02-09 Tristan Matthewsvpx: cosmetics
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommeuse DXVA2_NoEncrypt instead of the legacy DXVA_NoEncrypt
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommedirectx_va: warn something is wrong with the decoder...
2016-02-05 Steve Lhommed3d11va: fix a crash when we can't allocate the decodin...
2016-02-05 Vittorio GiovaraAdd DXV fourcc
2016-02-05 Vittorio GiovaraAdd Hap fourcc
2016-02-05 Vikram FugroEnable zero-copy support for gstreamer video decoders
2016-02-05 Stefan PöschelZVBI: remove never invoked callbacks
2016-02-05 Stefan PöschelZVBI: add option to select decoding Presentation Level
2016-02-04 Vikram Fugrogstreamer: create a separate directory for decoder...
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: fix win32 build
2016-02-04 Thomas Guillemdialog: use new API
2016-01-30 Sebastian RamacherFix spelling of "occurred"
2016-01-30 Sebastian RamacherFix spelling of "dependent" and variants
2016-01-24 Francois Cartegniecodecs: add SCTE-18 decoder
2016-01-24 Francois Cartegniecodecs: add ATSC A65 helpers
2016-01-24 Francois Cartegniedemux: ts: fix get_position regression after prog selection
2016-01-21 Steve Lhommedxva2: remove unused variable
2016-01-21 Steve Lhommedxva2: fix the DeviceManager creation when in direct...
2016-01-02 Rémi Denis-Courmonttiger: fix maths flaw
2015-12-31 Francois Cartegniecodec: subsdec: fix div by zero (cid #1346941)
2015-12-31 Francois Cartegniecodec: tx3g: fix null dereference (cid #1346947, #13469...
2015-12-31 Hugo Beauzée-Luyssensubsttml: Fix leak on error
2015-12-22 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: use generic AnnexB to xVC converter
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: rename b_error to b_aborted
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: implement drain
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: handle NULL pp_block
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: abort pictures when flushing
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemavcodec: return -ENOMEN when there is no pictures
2015-12-21 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add mediacodec-tunneled-playback boolean...
2015-12-20 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: fix build
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegnieh264_nal: add h264_get_picture_size
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: fix build / h264 conversion
2015-12-18 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: update sps/pps parsing
2015-12-18 Felix Paul KühneVT: fix warning and improve error message
2015-12-16 Francois Cartegnievideotoolbox: avcC to avcC path simplify
2015-12-15 Hannes Domaniavcodec: fix memory leak of rec->pict.data[1]
2015-12-15 Hannes Domanifaad: fix memory leak
2015-12-11 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: use vlc_cancel to interrupt the output...
2015-12-11 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: split CloseDecoder into CleanDecoder
2015-12-11 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: more comments, rename b_mc_running
2015-12-11 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: remove duplicated init
2015-12-11 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: add an output thread, remove polling
2015-12-10 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: fix build
2015-12-10 Felix Paul Kühnevideotoolbox: improve error case handling
2015-12-10 Felix Paul Kühnevideotoolbox: compilation fix
2015-12-09 Francois Cartegniecodec: avcodec: missing directx_va include
2015-12-09 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc: use 2pass exact size buffer from...
2015-12-09 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264: use 2pass exact size buffer from...
2015-12-09 Francois Cartegniecodec: mediacodec: missing hvcC check before conversion
2015-12-09 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: add isavcC helper
2015-12-08 Felix Paul Kühnevideotoolbox: compilation fix
2015-12-08 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: hevc_nal: rename for consistency
2015-12-06 Thomas Guillemavcodec: put back avcodec_flush_buffers on pf_flush
2015-12-05 David Fuhrmannvideotoolbox: remove write-only variable
2015-12-05 Thomas Guillemdecoder: implement pf_flush for all decoders/packetizers
2015-12-05 Felix Paul Kühnevideotoolbox: compilation fix
2015-12-03 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: h264_nal: rename for consistency
2015-12-03 Francois Cartegniedemux: packetizer: change nal length size to uint8
2015-12-03 Francois Cartegniepacketizer: simplify h264_create_avcdec_config_record
2015-12-03 Felix Paul Kühnelibass decoder: use Helvetica-Neue instead of Arial...
2015-12-01 Thomas Guillemomxil: HwBuffer: fix double lock
2015-11-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontNamespace/rename XML encode/decode functions
2015-11-26 Emeric GrangeAudio: do not hardcode audio channel limits into the...
2015-11-25 Petri Hintukainenavcodec: fix PGS timestamps
2015-11-17 Zhao ZhiliCDG: fix seek
2015-11-16 Felix Paul KühneVideoToolbox: add 4K support for Twister SoCs
2015-11-13 Thomas Guillemavcodec: fix orientation overridden to 0
2015-11-12 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: factor set_integer
2015-11-12 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: use an helper for NewStringUTF
2015-11-12 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: psz_name and psz_name are now visible by...
2015-11-12 Thomas Guillemmediacodec: use ExceptionCheck
2015-11-05 Jean-Baptiste KempfModules: Remove tabs in source code
2015-11-05 Jean-Paul Samancodec: don't drop blocks marked BLOCK_FLAG_DISCONTINUITY
2015-11-05 Ilkka Ollakkacodec: don't drop discontinue blocks
2015-11-03 Rémi Denis-Courmontpng: fix variable clobber due to long jump
2015-11-03 Rafaël CarréExtract captions from DIRECTV
2015-11-03 Felix Paul Kühnelibass: remove legacy code for Apple platforms
2015-10-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix use of %p format string specifier
2015-10-26 Rémi Denis-Courmontavcodec: reuse existing pixel format if possible (fixes...
2015-10-26 Rémi Denis-Courmontavcodec: split video output format update