Do not add a newline at the end of the strings send to msg_*
[vlc.git] / modules / audio_output / alsa.c
2011-04-21 Rémi DuraffortDo not add a newline at the end of the strings send...
2011-04-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: only try S/PDIF default device if "spdif" is...
2011-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: list most preset devices in the static list
2011-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: default normally includes plug, don't add it...
2011-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: add all supported S/PDIF frequencies
2011-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use same default in config and in choice list
2011-04-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use IEC958 device when applicable (and small...
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: provide real devices list, i.e. ALSA device hints
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: trust ALSA-lib to convert the sample formats
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: disable automatic softvol, not currently useful
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: disable resampling (plug, plughw)
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use the plug plugin by default
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: no big deal if Probe() fails
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: open in blocking mode since we want blocking...
2011-04-13 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: remove hack. Do not fail 10 times to open the...
2011-04-09 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: device description may be NULL
2011-04-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: avoid new lines in device description
2011-04-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: do not insist if the device string is empty,...
2011-04-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: device name is not translatable
2011-04-07 Rémi Denis-CourmontMake aout "intf-change" a void variable
2011-04-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: update device enumeration API
2011-04-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: small simplification
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove legacy parameter from add_string()
2010-10-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove aout_FindAndRestart()
2010-08-31 Rémi DuraffortFix some typos.
2010-08-12 Jai MenonALSA : Fix error check for the busy waiting case.
2010-07-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: remove call to deprecated snd_pcm_sw_params_set_s...
2010-07-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: cleanup
2010-07-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use default device if none specified instead...
2010-07-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use plughw rather than hw for manually selected...
2010-07-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: 16-bytes is enough for a card name
2010-07-02 Rémi Denis-CourmontMake vlc_value_t.i_int 64-bits
2010-06-26 Rémi Duraffortalsa: fix a memory leak.
2010-05-20 Rémi DuraffortFix assertions. (dts-dynrng and spdif are boolean param...
2010-05-03 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: use non-modal error dialogs
2010-04-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: give a clue that VLC might fail with alsa-lib...
2010-01-14 Antoine CellerierPrint a list of available alsa output devices in debug...
2010-01-14 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: report errors when, and simplify enumerating...
2009-12-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA output: kill config_Get
2009-12-06 Rémi Denis-CourmontDo not assert memory allocations
2009-12-05 JP DingerReplace argument = realloc( argument, size ); with...
2009-11-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontImprove error message
2009-11-10 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: warn user on current alsa-lib versions if re...
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: simplify and fix thread synchronization
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: vlc_thread_create -> vlc_clone
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: save one mdate() call per (debug) loop
2009-10-24 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: allocate PCM status on the stack
2009-10-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontHAVE_FPU: make constant
2009-09-22 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse <vlc_cpu.h>
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: fix signaling race condition
2009-08-30 Rémi Denis-CourmontALSA: int -> bool
2009-08-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfSimplify Alsa detection and drop support for alsa ...
2009-07-11 Christophe MutricyTypos
2009-06-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix format security warnings (fixes: #2857)
2009-05-15 Laurent AimarReplaced AOUT_FMT_*_NE/IE by by VLC_CODEC equivalents.
2009-05-13 Laurent AimarUsed VLC_CODEC_* and vlc_fourcc_GetCodec when suitable.
2009-04-25 Rémi Duraffortuse var_Get(Bool|Integer|...) when possible.
2009-03-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse dialog_Fatal, fix a bunch (but not all) interaction...
2009-02-08 Christophe MutricyTranslate the channels layout
2009-01-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontTrailing ;
2009-01-17 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove unused parameter
2008-10-29 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove most stray semi-colons in module descriptions
2008-09-23 Lukas Durfinaadd deprecated aliases for audio devices
2008-09-21 Lukas Durfinauniform naming of audio devices variable
2008-09-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc_cond_init: really remove useless parameter
2008-08-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontPlugins: push cancellation down
2008-08-13 Rémi DuraffortFix warning (asprintf return value and some others)
2008-08-11 Rémi DuraffortUse the right declaration for threaded functions.
2008-07-09 Laurent AimarFixed infinite loop if alsa was closed before playing...
2008-07-05 Rémi Denis-Courmontmodules: use vlc_object_alive()
2008-06-22 Rémi DuraffortRemove unneeded msg_Err.
2008-05-31 Rémi Denis-CourmontPlugins: include vlc_common.h directly instead of vlc...
2008-05-27 Rémi Denis-CourmontA lot of missing const in options lists
2008-05-21 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse gettext_noop() consistently
2008-05-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontInclude vlc_plugin.h as needed
2008-05-04 Rémi Denis-Courmontvlc_mutex_init: remove unused paramter
2008-04-14 Pierre d'HerbemontReplace vlc_bool_t by bool, VLC_TRUE by true and VLC_FA...
2008-02-24 Rafaël Carréforward port [25261]
2008-01-23 Rémi Denis-CourmontDon't include config.h from the headers - refs #297.
2008-01-18 Rafaël Carréalsa: sets period size before buffer size, patch by...
2008-01-16 Rémi Denis-CourmontRevert the so-called whitelisting commits that are...
2008-01-16 Rafaël Carréinput options whitelisting, step 2 (refs #1371)
2008-01-15 Jean-Paul SamanPatch by Jilles Tjoelker: Fix ALSA thread deadlock...
2008-01-14 Rafaël Carréalsa: add some verbose debug (enabled only if ALSA_DEBU...
2007-11-11 Rafaël Carréalsa: use the pcm status to compute the delay. fix...
2007-11-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontCosmetic fix (excessive indentation)
2007-11-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix a few minor race conditions
2007-11-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix previous commit
2007-11-05 Rémi Denis-CourmontRecover from ALSA suspend properly if the device does...
2007-10-02 Rafaël Carréalsa: resume output when waking up, fix #1286. some...
2007-09-18 Rémi Denis-CourmontReplace strerror() with %m (or Linux DVB: strerror_r...
2007-09-10 Rafaël CarréRemoves trailing spaces. Removes tabs.
2007-09-04 Rémi Denis-CourmontFix some cast warnings
2007-09-02 Rafaël Carréalsa: don't start playing before at least a period...
2007-08-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove stdio while we're at it.
2007-08-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove _GNU_SOURCE and string.h too
2007-08-20 Rémi Denis-CourmontRemove stdlib.h
2007-05-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse a vlc_CPU() wrapper instead of (ab)using libvlc_global
2007-05-19 Rémi Denis-CourmontUse vlc_object_kill(). Needs triple checking.
2007-02-22 Jean-Paul SamanRemove of excess whitespace