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2009-08-11 Jean-Baptiste KempfContribs: Believe it or not, new version of libjpeg!
2009-08-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontFFMPEG: always disable debug
2009-08-08 Rémi Denis-CourmontWrap
2009-08-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfCompile all the twolame packages so we can get the .pc
2009-08-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfSimplify configure for win32
2009-08-07 Jean-Baptiste KempfE-AC3 patch update
2009-08-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate libass repo location
2009-08-04 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: allow 'wm' and 'rmvb' as file extensions and...
2009-08-04 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: minor ui changes
2009-08-01 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: enforce compilation settings for x264 and...
2009-08-01 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: make sure libgsm geet's compiled with the...
2009-07-31 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: implemented 'play-and-exit' (closes #2237)
2009-07-31 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: implemented the input-slave option for file...
2009-07-31 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: some more Sparkle demos
2009-07-31 Felix Paul Kühneclean up
2009-07-30 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: forward-port recent preferences and media keys...
2009-07-30 Felix Paul KühneRestored Leopard compatibility lost in previous commits
2009-07-30 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated package for Mac OSX including a sligh...
2009-07-30 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: basic Sparkle integration
2009-07-29 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: fixed libass compilation
2009-07-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfContribs: Clean libass also on clean-svn
2009-07-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfLibass can now disable test.
2009-07-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfNo need to deactivate fluidsynth on Win32 anymore
2009-07-28 Jean-Baptiste KempfFinish compilation of FluidSynth on Windows.
2009-07-26 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: bin package update
2009-07-26 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: fixed libtheora compilation once again
2009-07-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfDeactivate FluidSynth on Win32 still.
2009-07-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: Patches updates for Win32 compile of FFmpeg...
2009-07-25 Jean-Baptiste KempfContribs: remove XML dependency from Fontconfig.
2009-07-24 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated ffmpeg ppc patch
2009-07-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfFinish the zvbi port to Windows.
2009-07-24 Jean-Baptiste KempfRemove asa from contribs.
2009-07-18 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: fixed issues when compiling glib for Darwin...
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated binary package
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: compilation fixes for Darwin to libtheora...
2009-07-17 Felix Paul Kühneforward-port [3a18c1a73b70d318de3a9df6ce125e350184e75f]
2009-07-16 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: redesigned the messages window a bit to waste...
2009-07-16 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: revert Gecko update. Fixes plugin executing...
2009-07-13 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: store fontconfig cache in %appdata%/vlc
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfUse libass from greg's git.
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfYet again an issue in libpng.
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfBump gnutls to 2.8.1
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfSpeed up Schroedinger compilation
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfXML version bump to 2.7.3
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfVorbis bump to 1.2.3
2009-07-10 Jean-Baptiste KempfFaac is NOT compatible with VLC
2009-07-10 Rémi fix volume handling (wrong event).
2009-07-10 Rémi DuraffortFix mpris python script: the commands are *Set*(Loop...
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfLibogg update to 1.1.4
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfUpdate libvorbis to 1.2.2
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: Forgotten file
2009-07-08 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: fluidsynth on WIN32
2009-07-06 Jean-Baptiste KempfFontconfig update for Win32
2009-07-06 Felix Paul Kühnefixed merging
2009-07-06 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated binary package feat. eac3 support...
2009-07-06 Felix Paul Kühneffmpeg/contrib: fixed logic bug which failed compilatio...
2009-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: Don't patch fontconfig, this is wrong and...
2009-07-03 Jean-Baptiste KempfProvide the E-AC3 Spectral FFmpeg patch, made by Justin.
2009-07-02 Anthony Loiseauwin32/nsis: small misc Windows installer script cleanup
2009-07-02 Jean-Baptiste Kempfwin32/nsis: Don't try to install --disabled features
2009-07-02 Kaarlo Raihachange nsis Play to Open
2009-07-01 Anthony Loiseauwin32/nsis: fix section descriptions
2009-06-28 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated binary package including the new...
2009-06-27 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: updated the mozilla SDK based upon Firefox...
2009-06-27 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: fixed mozilla/firefox compilation
2009-06-27 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: converted the remaining nib files to the IB...
2009-06-27 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: fixed glib compilation by removing the depend...
2009-06-26 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: first step to update the mozilla SDK
2009-06-26 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: added missing nib part
2009-06-26 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: implemented options to disable Apple Remote...
2009-06-25 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: update fontconfig to 2.7.0
2009-06-25 Derk-Jan HartmanDelete Update with new path due to...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmancopy paste mistake in [7f43b9342a40189805621c02345539e4...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx plugin: Set miminum system version for the mozil...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Set minimum OS version for the VLC application...
2009-06-22 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Update list of extensions. Fix video.icns ...
2009-06-18 Christophe MutricyContribs: Use $STRIP
2009-06-18 Christophe MutricyContribs: Fix libmpcdec
2009-06-18 Christophe Mutricycontribs: Use autoreconf --force to avoid libtool pb.
2009-06-17 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: Use GCC 4.2 instead of LLVM-GCC 4.2 to compil...
2009-06-17 Felix Paul Kühnecontrib: remove yasm's source file on clean
2009-06-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfWin32: Fix installer for DVD and CD-Audio autoruns.
2009-06-16 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: fix a crash i found in libass.
2009-06-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: fix obvious typo for cygwin.
2009-06-16 Jean-Baptiste KempfContrib: trust Fontconfig devs for windows configuration.
2009-06-16 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: correct patch apply
2009-06-16 Derk-Jan Hartmancontrib: update libass
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: bin package updated for Darwin fixing libogg...
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnecontrib: give the bin package its actual name
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: assume x86_64 for Darwin 10
2009-06-15 Felix Paul Kühnecontrib: prevent some rare linking errors on OSX by...
2009-06-15 Pierre Ynardlibshout-win32: patch instead of
2009-06-13 Felix Paul KühneSimplify
2009-06-13 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: fixed remaining 64bit issues
2009-06-13 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: compilation fix for compilation in x86_64...
2009-06-12 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx intf: solve hotkey conflict
2009-06-12 Derk-Jan Hartmanmacosx: Change the optimizations paramaters.
2009-06-08 Felix Paul Kühnemacosx: updated cone in About dialog
2009-06-07 Felix Paul Kühnecontribs: WxWidgets is history
2009-06-05 Pierre Ynardcontribs: compile x264 and live555 as PIC