2015-01-26 Jean-Baptiste... Fix distcheck 0.7.0
2015-01-26 hpi10.7.0
2015-01-26 hpi1Simplify
2015-01-26 hpi1Add BD_ATTR_MALLOC
2015-01-26 hpi1Remove unneeded include
2015-01-26 hpi1Removed old, incorrect comment
2015-01-26 hpi1Renamed variable
2015-01-07 hpi1Use StringBuffer
2015-01-07 hpi1Update ChangeLog
2015-01-07 hpi1Add fontconfig libs to Libs.private
2015-01-07 hpi1Remove static variables from file_get_[cache|data|confi...
2015-01-07 hpi1Remove static storage path variables from bdj.c
2015-01-06 hpi1bluray.h: re-order functions to groups
2015-01-06 hpi1Improve player settings documentation
2015-01-06 hpi1file: comment out unused functions
2015-01-06 hpi1use calloc
2015-01-06 tourettesMake sure compiler won't change method registration...
2015-01-06 hpi1org.dvb.user.GeneralPreference: add BD-ROM specific...
2015-01-04 hpi1simplify
2015-01-04 hpi1Move print_hex to strutl.c
2015-01-04 hpi1Remove double logging
2015-01-03 hpi1Silence warnings when building without BD-J
2014-12-08 hpi1Add missing config.h
2014-12-03 hpi1Fix using wrong context for org.dvb.application.AppsDat...
2014-12-03 hpi1Add org.blurayx.s3d.ui stubs
2014-12-02 hpi1bdjo_dump: use only exported functions
2014-12-02 hpi1mobj_dump: use public API
2014-12-02 hpi1Add mobj_print.h
2014-12-02 hpi1Split mobj_parse.h
2014-12-01 tourettesFix win32_get_font_dir not appending the actual font...
2014-12-01 hpi1Revert 891be060dd7a872ef68afb1cf84b7d0faae6cb9b
2014-12-01 hpi1Win32 font resolver: use *W functions.
2014-12-01 hpi1Fix Win32 linking without freetype
2014-12-01 hpi1Win32: fix charset issues in storage paths
2014-12-01 hpi1Fix includes
2014-12-01 hpi1Add missing BD_ATTR_MALLOC
2014-12-01 hpi1Use weak references in native font cache
2014-12-01 hpi1Simplify getting title infos from native side
2014-12-01 hpi1Split bd_bdj_seek() from _play_playlist_at()
2014-12-01 hpi1BD-J: add Win32 font resolving
2014-11-28 ace20022[native][fix] Add missing prototype for getFontFamilyAn...
2014-11-28 ace20022[fix][java] Close resources in MountManager in case...
2014-11-28 ace20022[cosmetics][java] Fix format/indentation of MountManage...
2014-11-28 hpi1Move mount point resolving to separate file
2014-11-28 hpi1Log failures when loading .bdjo file
2014-11-28 hpi1Cosmetics
2014-11-28 hpi1BDFontMetrics: load char widths on demand.
2014-11-28 hpi1Do not use * in imports
2014-11-28 hpi1fontconfig: split functions
2014-11-28 hpi1Cosmetis
2014-11-28 ace20022[fix][java] Close resources after use.
2014-11-28 ace20022Remove useless try {} catch {}
2014-11-28 ace20022[cleanup][java] Remove some unused imports.
2014-11-28 ace20022[cleanup][java] The static field should be...
2014-11-28 ace20022[fix][java] The assignment to variable 'foo' has no...
2014-11-23 hpi1bitstream parser: use int64_t instead of off_t
2014-11-23 hpi1FontFactory: fix exceptions to match GEM specification
2014-11-23 hpi1No need to use separate org.dvb.ui.FontFactory for...
2014-11-23 hpi1FontFactory: fix createFont()
2014-11-23 hpi1FontFactory: allow same font with different styles
2014-11-23 hpi1Use correct font size
2014-11-23 hpi1Remove unused import
2014-11-23 hpi1BDFontMetrics: use Font.fontFile
2014-11-21 hpi1Get font family and style from font file. Fixes loading...
2014-11-21 hpi1Store font metrics in Font
2014-11-21 hpi1FontIndexData: style is optional. Initialize to -1.
2014-11-21 hpi1Add J2ME compatible java.awt.Font
2014-11-21 hpi1BDGraphics.dispose(): drop references to resources
2014-11-21 hpi1Factorize common init code
2014-11-21 hpi1BDGraphics: lazy init font metrics.
2014-11-18 tourettesSuppress warnings about deprecated Java methods
2014-11-18 tourettesDisable logging of BD-J PTS events
2014-11-18 hpi1Silence compiler warnings
2014-11-18 hpi1Silence (mingw32) printf format warnings
2014-11-18 hpi1Fix build without BD-J
2014-11-18 hpi1Parse Binding Unit Manifest file
2014-11-17 hpi1Fix log level
2014-11-17 hpi1Add missing file headers
2014-11-17 hpi1BDFontMetrics: initialize fields to avoid warnings...
2014-11-17 hpi1FileDescriptor: implement Java 8 Closeable interface
2014-11-17 hpi1Do not create+start thread in constructor
2014-11-17 hpi1Cosmetics
2014-11-17 hpi1Remove unused native functions
2014-11-17 hpi1Fix Libbluray.selectAngle()
2014-11-17 hpi1AngleControl: fix default angle
2014-11-17 hpi1Fix Libbluray.getCurrentAngle()
2014-11-17 hpi1Log unimplemented function
2014-11-17 hpi1Check for null
2014-11-17 hpi1Remove useless bdj_private.h
2014-11-17 hpi1Replace BDJAVA pointer with BLURAY pointer in native...
2014-11-17 hpi1Store BD-J uo mask in bluray.c
2014-11-16 tourettesFix compiler warning: incorrect type used in bdjo_parse.c
2014-11-16 hpi1BDFontMetrics: separate system and disc fonts
2014-11-16 hpi1BD-J: use fontconfig to locate system fonts when JVM...
2014-11-14 hpi1BD-J: use AWT default font from BDJO
2014-11-14 hpi1FontFactory: load disc fonts only once
2014-11-14 hpi1BD-J: cache font streams and on-disc font files
2014-11-14 hpi1DVBTextLayoutManager: implement set/get functions and...
2014-11-12 ace20022Close the class loader when releasing the BDJXletContext.
2014-11-12 Ian CurtisBD-J: implement drawArc()