descriptionFFmpeg nvidia headers repo
last changeSun, 18 Nov 2018 01:45:19 +0000 (02:45 +0100)
3 days ago Seungha YangAdd CUDA function cuMemAllocPitch master
3 days ago Timo RothenpielerRevert "Bump SDK versions"
9 days ago Timo RothenpielerBump SDK versions
10 days ago Philip LangdaleAdd a subset of CUDA kernel interaction API
11 days ago Philip LangdaleCUDA 10: Add external semaphore API
2018-11-02 Timo RothenpielerBump for release n8.2.15.5
2018-11-02 Timo RothenpielerOnly load cuDeviceGetLuid as an optional function
2018-11-02 Soft WorksAdd CUDA function cuDeviceGetAttribute V2
2018-10-21 Timo RothenpielerGuard against multiple definitions of CUuuid n8.2.15.4
2018-10-17 Timo RothenpielerGetProcAddress always takes ANSI C strings n8.2.15.3
2018-10-10 Philip LangdaleAdd cuGetDeviceUuid n8.2.15.2
2018-10-07 Philip LangdaleUpdate for CUDA 10 n8.2.15.1
2018-07-29 Philip LangdaleUpdate for SDK 8.2
2018-05-07 Timo RothenpielerAdd most commonly used CUevent functions
2018-05-05 Timo RothenpielerFix usage of ffmpeg specific arch define n8.1.24.2
2018-04-29 Timo RothenpielerBump version
2 weeks ago n8.2.15.5 Version
2 weeks ago n8.1.24.6 Version
2 weeks ago n8.0.14.6 Version
4 weeks ago n8.2.15.4 Version
4 weeks ago n8.1.24.5 Version
4 weeks ago n8.0.14.5 Version
4 weeks ago n8.2.15.3 Version
4 weeks ago n8.1.24.4 Version
4 weeks ago n8.0.14.4 Version
6 weeks ago n8.2.15.2
6 weeks ago n8.2.15.1
6 months ago n8.0.14.2 Version
6 months ago n8.1.24.2 Version
7 months ago n8.1.24.1 Version
7 months ago n8.1.24.0 Version
8 months ago n8.0.14.1 Version
3 days ago master
2 weeks ago sdk/8.0
2 weeks ago sdk/8.1