descriptionFFmpeg git repo
last changeSat, 15 Dec 2018 08:58:28 +0000 (09:58 +0100)
8 hours ago Paul B Maholavutil/avsscanf: do not use long double functions master
17 hours ago Carl Eugen... lavc/g729dec: Cosmetics, fix indentation after last...
18 hours ago Carl Eugen... lavc/g729dec: Support stereo streams.
19 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/clearvideo: Check remaining input bits in P...
19 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dvdsubdec: discard accumulated buffer on error
19 hours ago Michael Niedermayeravcodec/rasc: Check input space before reading chunk
20 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/nutdec: fix pts overflow
23 hours ago Lauri Kasanenswscale/output: VSX-optimize 16-bit yuv2plane1
23 hours ago Andriy Gelmanavcodec/mpeg: Initialize quarter_sample parameter from...
25 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/ffmetadec: do no limit size of tags to 1024
28 hours ago Fan Gangavcodec/ass_split: fix a memory leak defect when reallo...
29 hours ago Paul B Maholdoc/metadata: fix error in timebase description
30 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/movenc: treat ALAC same as FLAC and write...
31 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/id3v2: use png header to get PNG signature
31 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/flac_picture: try to guess PNG by actual pictu...
31 hours ago Paul B Maholavformat/nut: add support for yuva444/422p12 pixel...
3 weeks ago n3.3.9 FFmpeg 3.3.9 release
5 weeks ago n4.2-dev Main development, master branch...
5 weeks ago n4.1 FFmpeg 4.1 release
6 weeks ago n4.0.3 FFmpeg 4.0.3 release
6 weeks ago n3.4.5 FFmpeg 3.4.5 release
6 weeks ago n3.0.12 FFmpeg 3.0.12 release
4 months ago n3.2.12 FFmpeg 3.2.12 release
4 months ago n3.4.4 FFmpeg 3.4.4 release
4 months ago n4.0.2 FFmpeg 4.0.2 release
4 months ago n3.3.8 FFmpeg 3.3.8 release
5 months ago n2.8.15 FFmpeg 2.8.15 release
5 months ago n3.2.11 FFmpeg 3.2.11 release
5 months ago n3.4.3 FFmpeg 3.4.3 release
6 months ago n4.0.1 FFmpeg 4.0.1 release
7 months ago n4.1-dev Main development, master branch...
7 months ago n4.0 FFmpeg 4.0 release
8 hours ago master
18 hours ago release/4.1
3 weeks ago release/3.2
3 weeks ago release/3.3
4 weeks ago release/2.8
4 weeks ago release/4.0
6 weeks ago release/3.4
6 weeks ago release/3.0
4 months ago release/3.1
10 months ago release/2.4
2 years ago release/2.7
2 years ago release/2.6
2 years ago release/2.5
2 years ago release/2.0
2 years ago release/2.1
2 years ago release/2.2