2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayeract: remove AVERROR_NOFMT useage.
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovACT demuxer
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdaptive gain control
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 postfilter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovReplace pitch_delay_int with array
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovG.729 build environment
2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayerg729dec: Make 2 functions static that are not used...
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovHigh-pass filter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd G.729D decoder
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovSynthesis filter
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix after gain codes decoding2
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovGain pitch and gain code for G729D
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix 2
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovConvert gain pitch and gain code to arrays
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovInterolate excitation signal
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFixed- and adaptive-codebook gains
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for fixed-codebook vectors
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFixed-codebook vector decoding
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovAdd packet_type
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for pitch delay decoding
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovDoxy for LSF erasure case
2011-09-24 Vladimir Voroshilovdoxy comments for LSF array
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovIndentation fix in LSF
2011-09-24 Vladimir VoroshilovFrame erasure support for LSF decoding
2011-09-24 Michael NiedermayerRevert "g729: Merge g729.h into g729dec.c."
2011-09-24 Michael NiedermayerRestore WIP g729 code that has been remvoed by diego...
2011-09-24 Laurent Aimarvp56:Fix error recovery code on size changes in vp5...
2011-09-24 Laurent Aimarvp6:Reset the internal state when aborting key frames...
2011-09-24 Laurent Aimarh264: Check for out of bounds reads in ff_h264_decode_e...
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: use ctx for expressing outlink and dtext...
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: perform misc cosmetics changes to uninit
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: set string defaults in the options array
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: make x and y options parametric
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: drop text wrapping feature
2011-09-24 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: fix missed update in docs
2011-09-24 Jean FirstAdd new pix_fmt RGBA64
2011-09-24 Michael Niedermayerffplay: fix order of operations for sdl audio open.
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayerpostproc: fix compilation failure, now really
2011-09-23 Yuriy Kaminskiypostproc: Fix compilation failure.
2011-09-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-09-23 Jean Firsttiffenc: initialize forgotten avctx.
2011-09-23 Jean Firsttiffenc: Add forgotten avclass to context.
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayeraacdec: fix channel reconfigs on LATM
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayeraacdec: Make aac-latm closer to the spec (not reading...
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayeraacsbr: prevent multiple ff_aac_sbr_ctx_init()
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayeraacsbr: add a assert0 to check for a inconsistency...
2011-09-23 Rafaël Carrértp: factorize dynamic payload type fallback
2011-09-23 Martin Storsjöflvdec: Ignore the index if it's from a creator known...
2011-09-23 Michael NiedermayerMAINTAINERS: loose svn reference
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayerpsxstr: improve probe to not misdetect so much.
2011-09-23 Stefano SabatiniMAINTAINERS: update status of 0.6 release
2011-09-23 Janne Grunaucmdutils: move grow_array out of #if CONFIG_AVFILTER
2011-09-23 Carl Eugen... Use a colon in the stream description, this matches...
2011-09-23 Anton Khirnovavconv: actually set InputFile.rate_emu
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayerflvdec: Inject in stream extradata, into the stream.
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayerh264dec: Decode in stream avc extradata.
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayerh264: pass buffer & size to ff_h264_decode_extradata()
2011-09-23 Robert KrügerMinor documentation clarification regarding AVStream...
2011-09-23 Michael Niedermayeraacdec: disable locking code for parse_adts_frame_heade...
2011-09-23 Luca Barbatoratecontrol: update last_qscale_for sooner
2011-09-23 Kieran KunhyaFix unnecessary shift with 9/10bit vertical scaling
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunprores: mark prores as intra-only in libavformat/utils...
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunprores: return more meaningful error values
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunprores: improve error message wording
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunprores: cosmetics: prettyprinting, drop useless parentheses
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunprores: lowercase AVCodec name entry
2011-09-22 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: do not set limitations on fontsize
2011-09-22 Michael Niedermayerforgot git add prores_*c
2011-09-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-09-22 Aaron Colwellmatroskadec: Fix seeking for matroska files with CUES...
2011-09-22 Janne GrunauAdd LATM demuxer
2011-09-22 Justin Rugglesavplay: flush audio decoder with empty packets at EOF...
2011-09-22 Justin Ruggles8svx/iff: fix decoding of compressed stereo 8svx files.
2011-09-22 Justin Ruggles8svx: log an error message if output buffer is too...
2011-09-22 Justin Ruggles8svx: check packet size before reading the initial...
2011-09-22 Justin Ruggles8svx: output 8-bit samples instead of 16-bit.
2011-09-22 Justin Ruggles8svx: split delta decoding into a separate function.
2011-09-22 Alex Conversemp4: Don't read an empty Decoder Config Descriptor
2011-09-22 Michael Niedermayerlavf/utils: only complain about aspect missmatch when...
2011-09-22 Michael Niedermayermpeg4videoenc: remove forgotten return -1
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunfate.sh: Ignore errors from rm command during cleanup.
2011-09-22 Diego Biurrunfate.sh: Run git-pull in quiet mode to avoid console...
2011-09-22 Michael Niedermayermpeg4videoenc: guess a good aspect when we cant store...
2011-09-22 Maxim PoliakovskiApple ProRes decoder
2011-09-22 Carl Eugen... Cosmetics: Fix typo.
2011-09-22 Martin Storsjörtmp: Make the input FLV parser handle data cut at...
2011-09-22 Laurent Aimarrv34: Check for invalid slices offsets
2011-09-22 Anton Khirnoveval: test isnan(sqrt(-1)) instead of just sqrt(-1)
2011-09-22 Lou Loganpresets: use private options in libx264-ipod ffpresets
2011-09-22 Jonne Ahnerprores: skip alpha if present
2011-09-21 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: remove useless and misnamed intermediary...
2011-09-21 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: fix background box coloring with RGB forma...
2011-09-21 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: prefer int over unsigned int
2011-09-21 Stefano Sabatinivf_drawtext: use @itemize environment for showing examp...
2011-09-21 Laurent AimarCheck for huffman tree building error in vp6 decoder.
2011-09-21 Laurent AimarRelease old pictures after a resolution change in vp5...
2011-09-21 Laurent AimarCheck for missing reference in vp5/6 decoder.
2011-09-21 Laurent AimarCheck for invalid slices offsets in RV30/40 decoder.
2011-09-21 Laurent AimarCheck output buffer size in nellymoser decoder.
2011-09-21 Clément Bœschffprobe: remove misplaced and pointless comment.