2012-07-25 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-25 Michael Niedermayerlibvpxenc: switch to av_assert
2012-07-25 Michael Niedermayerintrax8: asserts cleanup
2012-07-25 Samuel Pitoisetrtmp: Add a new option 'rtmp_pageurl'
2012-07-25 Samuel Pitoisetdoc: Update the description of the rtmp_tcurl option
2012-07-25 Samuel Pitoisetrtmp: Make the description of the rtmp_tcurl option...
2012-07-25 Kieran Kunhyalibfdk-aacenc: add LATM/LOAS encapsulation support
2012-07-25 Jordi Ortizsctp: add port missing error message
2012-07-25 Jordi Ortiztcp: add port missing error message
2012-07-25 Michael Niedermayerhls: call avformat_find_stream_info()
2012-07-25 Michael Niedermayerav_find_stream_info: skip flushing codecs and estimatin...
2012-07-25 Michael Niedermayerfate: update avui test due to
2012-07-25 Stefano Sabatiniffprobe: use av_guess_sample_aspect_ratio() for guessin...
2012-07-25 Stefano Sabatinilavf/avformat.h: fix verb person for av_guess_sample_as...
2012-07-25 Stefano Sabatinilavfi/avfilter.h: add doxy for AVFilterLink.out_buf
2012-07-25 Stefano Sabatinilavfi/avfilter.h: add doxy for AVFilterLink.cur_buf
2012-07-25 Carl Eugen... Fix avui stream-copy.
2012-07-25 Diego Biurrunavfilter: Fix printf format string conversion specifier
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayerlavf: Set pos for all packets of AVSTREAM_PARSE_FULL_RA...
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayerimgconvert: Implement avcodec_find_best_pix_fmt_of_list()
2012-07-24 Piotr Bandurskiriff: make the G723.1 in wav output compatible with...
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayerlavf: factor AVStream st out
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayerparse_packet: reset pkt->pos after it has been used
2012-07-24 Michael Bradshawlibopenjpegenc: set numresolution max to INT_MAX
2012-07-24 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-24 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: keep packet/frame availability in global struct...
2012-07-24 Piotr Bandurskiriff: fix remuxing of G723_1 in wav
2012-07-24 Martin Storsjörtmp: Add credit/copyright to librtmp authors for parts...
2012-07-24 Michael NiedermayerRevert "lavf: count skipped samples for initial timesta...
2012-07-24 Samuel Pitoisetrtmp: Move the CONFIG_ condition into the if conditions
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayeriffdec: Fix integer overflow.
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayervc1dec: dont apply the loop filter on fields
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayervc1dec: dont attempt error concealment on field pictures.
2012-07-24 Michael Niedermayerec: print picture type with concealment error message.
2012-07-24 Diego Biurrunaac: Mention abbreviation as well in long_name
2012-07-23 Alexander Strassertools/bisect-create: Support "bisect run"
2012-07-23 yangdsputil_mmx: fix incorrect assembly code
2012-07-23 Diego Biurrunbuild: Skip compiling rtmpdh.h if ffrtmpcrypt protocol...
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerrtmpproto: fix compilation without optimizations
2012-07-23 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Add a dependency on https for rtmpts
2012-07-23 Diego Biurrundoc: Add Git configuration section
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayercavsdec: switch to av_assert
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerlibavcodec/bitstream: switch to av_assert
2012-07-23 Paul B Maholcosmetics: iff: split very long line
2012-07-23 Carl Eugen... Fix typo in v410 decoder.
2012-07-23 Martin Storsjöconfigure: Add a dependency on https for rtmpts
2012-07-23 Adriano Pallavicinortp: Only choose static payload types if the sample...
2012-07-23 Paul B Maholcosmetics: iff: fix typo
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgevf_deshake: set cur_buf to NULL.
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerfate: enable fate-vc1_sa10143
2012-07-23 Paul B Maholvf_colormatrix: add missing semicolon
2012-07-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-23 Justin Rugglesswr: resampling: add filter type and Kaiser window...
2012-07-23 Derek Buitenhuisv410dec: Implement explode mode support
2012-07-23 Reimar Döffingerzerocodec: fix direct rendering.
2012-07-23 Clément Bœschwav: init st to NULL to avoid a false-positive warning.
2012-07-23 Hendrik Leppkeswavpack: set bits_per_raw_sample for S32 samples to...
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgesrc_movie: implement multiple outputs.
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgebuffersrc: use avfilter_get_buffer_ref_from_frame.
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgelavfi: add avfilter_get_buffer_ref_from_frame.
2012-07-23 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: refactor NAL decode loop
2012-07-23 Peter Rosstls: user documentation
2012-07-23 Samuel PitoisetRTMPTE protocol support
2012-07-23 Samuel PitoisetRTMPE protocol support
2012-07-23 Samuel Pitoisetrtmp: Add ff_rtmp_calc_digest_pos()
2012-07-23 Samuel Pitoisetrtmp: Rename rtmp_calc_digest to ff_rtmp_calc_digest...
2012-07-23 Stefano Sabatinilavfi/showwaves: do not set on outlink->out_buf the...
2012-07-23 Peter Rossiff: set ham palette alpha to 0xFF
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayervf_overlay: fix missed return
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgelavfi: change "transmedia" into "multimedia".
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgelavfi: add concat filter.
2012-07-23 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: select input file based on output time.
2012-07-23 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: add missing HAVE_INLINE_ASM check.
2012-07-23 Ronald S. Bultjelavfi: place x86 inline assembly under HAVE_INLINE_ASM.
2012-07-23 Mashiat Sarker... vc1: Add a test for interlaced field pictures
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerlibschroedingerenc: remove assert related to the old...
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerlibvorbisenc: switch to av_assert
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerlibschroedingerenc: switch to av_assert
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerg723.1dec: Make postfilter user switchable
2012-07-23 Michael Niedermayerg723.1: various cosmetics and changes that should have...
2012-07-22 Diego Biurrunswscale: Mark all init functions as av_cold
2012-07-22 Diego Biurrunswscale: x86: Drop pointless _mmx suffix from filenames
2012-07-22 Ronald S. Bultjelavf: use conditional notation for default codec in...
2012-07-22 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: place inline assembly bilinear scaler under...
2012-07-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'dwbuiten/master'
2012-07-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-22 Derek Buitenhuiswav: Add check for 'fmt' tag in SMV code
2012-07-22 Justin Rugglesdsputil: ppc: cosmetics: pretty-print
2012-07-22 Jason Garrett... dsputil: x86: add SHUFFLE_MASK_W macro
2012-07-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '1470ce21cec5ee26e106e2a884c26bbf84e5aaea'
2012-07-22 Mans Rullgardconfigure: respect CC_O setting in check_cc
2012-07-22 Peter Rosstls: TLS/SSL server
2012-07-22 Peter Rosstls: parse uri path options to underlying tcp URLContext
2012-07-22 Peter Rosstls: verify option
2012-07-22 Peter Rosstls: cafile, cert, key options
2012-07-22 Nicolas Georgeoverlay: clear cur_buf on main input link.
2012-07-22 Anton KhirnovFATE: fix the asyncts test
2012-07-22 Peter Rossav_url_split: dont let '/' char whallop '?' char
2012-07-22 Nicolas Georgedoc: declare encoding for texi2html.
2012-07-22 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop gcc-specific warning flag from header compi...