2011-02-12 Stefano SabatiniFix script command in a FAQ entry
2011-02-12 Stefano SabatiniAllow "make clean" to clean files in tools
2011-02-12 Stefano SabatiniAdd lavfi-showfiltfmts and graph2dot to $(TOOLS)
2011-02-12 Baptiste CoudurierFix qtrle regression test, actually test qtrle.
2011-02-12 Martin Storsjörtsp/rdt: Assign the RTSPStream index to AVStream->id
2011-02-12 Justin RugglesAdd check for Athlon64 and similar AMD processors with...
2011-02-12 Mans Rullgardconfigure: remove early check_deps $ARCH_EXT_LIST
2011-02-12 Mans RullgardVP8: ARM optimised decode_block_coeffs_internal
2011-02-12 Mans RullgardARM optimised vp56_rac_get_prob()
2011-02-12 Stefano SabatiniUpdate overlay documentation after movie syntax update.
2011-02-12 Peter Rossbink: reindent after last commit
2011-02-12 Peter RossBink version 'b' video decoder
2011-02-12 Anton Khirnovlavf: deprecate AVFormatContext.index_built
2011-02-12 Michael NiedermayerClarify that pts_correction* fields are internal to...
2011-02-12 Carl Eugen... Set maximum lowres value for the MJPEG decoder to 3.
2011-02-11 Nicolas Georgeffplay: stats: do not dereference NULL video
2011-02-11 Jason Garrett... VP8: optimized mv prediction and decoding
2011-02-11 Justin Rugglesac3enc: Remove unneeded clipping of shift amount.
2011-02-11 Justin Rugglesac3enc: remove right shifting from lshift_tab() and...
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: deobfuscate reading video properties size
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: split asf_read_header()
2011-02-11 Peter Rosswtv: mark streams intended for hearing or visual impair...
2011-02-11 Peter Rossmake av_find_best_stream() ignore streams marked with...
2011-02-11 Mans RullgardRemove final semicolon from some macros
2011-02-11 Ronen Mizrahidvbsubenc: Fix placement of the object version
2011-02-11 Janne Grunaudocument passing the fate samples location via make...
2011-02-11 Janne Grunaudvbsubdec: check against buffer overreads
2011-02-11 Reimar DöffingerDo not fail DVB sub decoding because of a few padding...
2011-02-11 Justin RugglesAdd x86-optimized versions of exponent_min().
2011-02-11 Mans RullgardRemove incorrect return statement from avcodec_thread_f...
2011-02-11 Mans Rullgardivi_dsp: remove semicolons after function definitions
2011-02-11 Mans Rullgardmov: remove stray semicolon
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: skip the stream bitrate list
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: use an ASFContext array for storing stream...
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: move DAR list to ASFContext
2011-02-11 David Friesudp: Enable address reuse by default for multicast
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasfdec: remove some write-only values from the context
2011-02-11 Mans RullgardFix build with threading disabled
2011-02-11 Mans Rullgardw32thread: add missing #include thread.h
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasf: split ASFContext into muxer and demuxer parts.
2011-02-11 Reimar Döffingercheck sample_fmt in avcodec_open
2011-02-11 Vladimir Pantelicmpegts: remove unused macro MAX_SCAN_PACKETS
2011-02-11 Alexander Strangevp3: Frame-based multithreading support
2011-02-11 Ronald S. BultjeAdd missing git rev hash.
2011-02-11 Alexander StrangeDeprecate avcodec_thread_init()
2011-02-11 Ronald S. BultjeAdd missing git rev hash.
2011-02-11 Alexander StrangeFrame-based multithreading framework using pthreads
2011-02-11 Ronald S. BultjeAdd missing git revision hask.
2011-02-11 Anton Khirnovasf: make ff_guidcmp inline and move it to asf.h
2011-02-09 Jason Garrett... Update qmin/qmax values for libx264 presets
2011-02-09 Jason Garrett... Fix broken vbv_buffer_init handling in libx264.c
2011-02-09 Jason Garrett... VP8: idct_mb optimizations
2011-02-09 Ronald S. BultjeFix ff_emu_edge_core_sse() on Win64.
2011-02-09 Anssi Hannulalavf: rename ff_probe_input_buffer to make it public
2011-02-09 Anssi Hannulalavf: simplify pb parameter of ff_probe_input_buffer
2011-02-09 Anssi Hannulalavf: update ff_probe_input_buffer documentation
2011-02-09 Reimar Döffingeroggdec: Fix incorrect assumption about header/data...
2011-02-09 François RevolFix HOSTLIBS on Haiku
2011-02-09 Reinhard TartlerDocumentation updates for the git migration
2011-02-09 Stefan Kostlogging: downgrade recoverable errors to warnings
2011-02-09 Janne Grunauadd APIChanges entry for fe9a3fb
2011-02-09 Janne Grunauh264: define FF_PROFILE_H264_HIGH_444 to the correct...
2011-02-09 Stefano Sabatinilibavfilter: add video movie source
2011-02-09 Stefano SabatiniApply misc fixes to the image2 muxer documentation.
2011-02-09 Stefano SabatiniAdd documentation for the framecrc muxer.
2011-02-09 Stefano SabatiniAdd documentation for the crc muxer.
2011-02-09 Stefano SabatiniDocument null muxer.
2011-02-09 Mans RullgardVP8: ARM NEON optimisations for dsp functions
2011-02-09 KostyaRemove Xan WC4 cruft from xan.c
2011-02-09 Kostya ShishkovXan4 decoder
2011-02-09 Reimar Döffingermatroskadec: add generic element length validation.
2011-02-09 Ronald S. BultjeFix compile warning.
2011-02-09 Anton Khirnovavidec: simplify read_gab2_sub
2011-02-09 Anton Khirnovlavf: move internal functions from avformat.h to internal.h
2011-02-09 Reimar DöffingerMake av_set_pts_info keep previous time base if new...
2011-02-09 Sascha Sommerpass QDMC extradata to the decoder
2011-02-09 Anssi Hannulaconfigure: check yasm/nasm for working pextrd opcode
2011-02-08 Alexander Strasservorbis dec: Remove obsolete comment
2011-02-08 Alexander Strasservorbis dec: cosmetics: Indent CPP cond properly
2011-02-08 Alexander Strasservorbis dec: cosmetics: Indent consistently
2011-02-08 Alexander Strasservorbis dec: cosmetics: Indent after scope deletion
2011-02-08 Alexander Strasservorbis dec: Delete useless scopes
2011-02-07 Nicolas GeorgeImplement guessed_pts in avcodec_decode_video2
2011-02-07 Jindrich Makovickadvdsubdec.c: prevent input buffer overflow
2011-02-06 Diego Elio... Make inter_rvlc and intra_rvlc static tables.
2011-02-06 Ronald S. BultjeFill in missing date.
2011-02-06 Ronald S. BultjeUpdate MINOR and set git rev for non-blocking flag...
2011-02-06 Anton KhirnovReplace remaining occurrences of deprecated CH_* with...
2011-02-06 Nicolas GeorgeNon-blocking protocol: TCP
2011-02-06 Nicolas GeorgeNon-blocking protocol: core wrapper functions
2011-02-06 Nicolas GeorgeNon-blocking protocols: flag and documentation
2011-02-06 Kieran KunhyaSet channel_layout for mpegaudio
2011-02-06 Anton Khirnovmp3enc: write ISO8859-1 instead of UTF-16 when possible
2011-02-06 Peter Rossreindent after last commit
2011-02-06 Peter Rosswtv: do not use flag in stream_guid chunk to determine...
2011-02-06 Alexander Strangevp3: Move table allocation code into a new function
2011-02-06 Alexander Strangevp3: Factor out expression
2011-02-06 James Zerncmdutils: fix codec-specific options from preset
2011-02-06 James Zerncmdutils: fix opt_values leak