2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinilavd/caca: create display *after* checking dither options
2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinilavd/caca: provide more meaningful feedback if fails...
2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinilavd/caca: rename "colors" option to "color"
2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinilavd/caca: sort arguments for -list_dither
2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinilavd/caca: extend error message for -list_dither option
2012-07-22 Stefano Sabatinidoc/outdevs: extend documentation for caca -list* options
2012-07-22 Steven RobertsonFix yuv4mpeg parsing of 'mono16' files.
2012-07-22 Michael Niedermayeratrac3: switch to av_assert
2012-07-22 Michael Niedermayerkbdwin: switch to av_assert
2012-07-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-22 Paul B Maholtscc: employ more meaningful return values
2012-07-22 Michael Niedermayerpthread: mark lockless thread synchronization variables...
2012-07-21 Ronald S. Bultjex86: swscale: Place inline assembly code under appropri...
2012-07-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayervf_overlay: prevent premature freeing of cur_buf
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayervf_overlay: use unref_bufferP()
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayersink_buffer: prevent prematurely freeing of cur_buf
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayervf_thumbnail: prevent premature freeing of ref
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayervf_colormatrix: avoid using out_buf
2012-07-21 Ronald S. Bultjertsp: remove terminal comma in FF_RTP_FLAG_OPTS macro.
2012-07-21 Reimar Döffingerzerocodec: fix direct rendering.
2012-07-21 Samuel Pitoisetconfigure: Remove redundant RTMPT/RTMPTS dependencies
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: add filtering of host cflags/ldflags
2012-07-21 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegdec: set cp_reduce value only once
2012-07-21 Paul B Maholiff: pass context to av_log_ask_for_sample
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: initialise all flag filters at the same...
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: add filtering of linker flags
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: name some variables more consistently
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: remove filter_cppflags
2012-07-21 Mans Rullgardconfigure: set icc_version where it is needed
2012-07-21 Diego Biurrunmpegenc: remove disabled code
2012-07-21 Paul B Maholiff: remove dupe ID_ANNO definition
2012-07-21 Stefano Sabatinidoc/outdevs: fix @code{} syntax in caca device docs
2012-07-21 Stefano SabatiniChangelog: add entry for the caca device
2012-07-21 Michael Niedermayeralacdec: fix packed sample output with 5.1
2012-07-21 Piotr Bandurskiriff: add G723_1 wav tag
2012-07-21 Marton Balintac3dec: set decode_error_flags field in ac3 codec
2012-07-21 Marton Balintavcodec: add decode_error_flags field to AVFrame
2012-07-21 Paul B Mahollibcaca output device
2012-07-21 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-20 Paul B Maholtiertexseq: remove redundant string from log message
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovlavfi: unref AVFilterLink.out_buf in ff_end_frame().
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgev4l2: remove call to v4l2_fd_open.
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovlavfi: unref AVFilterLink.cur_buf in ff_end_frame().
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvsrc_testsrc: avoid an unnecessary avfilter_ref_buffer().
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_slicify: clear AVFilterLink.cur_buf in start_frame().
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_settb: simplify start_frame().
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_fieldorder: don't give up its own reference to the...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_pad: don't give up its own reference to the output...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_overlay: don't access a buffer reference that's...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_drawtext: don't give up its own reference to the...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_gradfun: don't store two pointers to one AVFilterBuf...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_delogo: don't store two pointers to one AVFilterBuff...
2012-07-20 Anton Khirnovvf_aspect: clear AVFilterLink.cur_buf in start_frame().
2012-07-20 Robert Nagylavfi: add avfilter_unref_bufferp()
2012-07-20 Paul B Maholexr: display warning if multiple compression attributes...
2012-07-20 Paul B Maholexr: merge common code
2012-07-20 Paul B Maholexr: compression attribute is mandatory
2012-07-20 chinshoucmdutils/alloc_buffer: fix typo
2012-07-20 Joseph Artsimovichdnxhd: Fix 10-bit DNxHD quant matrices
2012-07-20 Michael Niedermayerudp: fix compilation when HAVE_PTHREAD_CANCEL isnt...
2012-07-20 Michael Niedermayeralac: drop packed sample output support with the next...
2012-07-20 Luca Barbatolibopenjpeg: introduce lowres and lowqual private options
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgelavfi: add FF_*LINK_IDX convenience macros.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgelavc: set best_effort_timestamp for audio too.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgelavfi: make copy_buffer_ref common.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgelavf: make cmdutils's check_stream_specifier public.
2012-07-20 Stefano Sabatinidoc/avtools-common-opts: fix a few typos in the "Stream...
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgefaq: explain dependency problems with static libs.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgematroska: add support for Opus.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgelavc: Opus decoder using libopus.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgeoggdec: add support for Opus codec.
2012-07-20 Nicolas Georgeffmpeg: probe buffersinks once more after EOF.
2012-07-20 Anton KhirnovFATE: add a test for flac cover art.
2012-07-20 Michael Niedermayeralacdec: several players have problems with planar...
2012-07-20 Michael Niedermayerffplay: fix warning that i just mistakenly introduced
2012-07-20 Michael Niedermayerffplay: fix planar audio
2012-07-20 Justin Rugglescafdec: allow larger ALAC magic cookie
2012-07-20 Justin Rugglesalac: fix channel pointer assignment for 24 and 32-bit
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinilavd/sdl: use verb in options help message
2012-07-19 Nicolas Georgelavf: count skipped samples for initial timestamps.
2012-07-19 Nicolas Georgelavc: update pkt_duration for skipped samples.
2012-07-19 Nicolas GeorgeRevert "ffmpeg: set pkt_timebase"
2012-07-19 Nicolas Georgelavf: set pkt_timebase at the same time as stream-...
2012-07-19 Nicolas Georgelavc: warn when impossible to adjust timestamps for...
2012-07-19 Nicolas Georgelavc: add debug info about skipped samples.
2012-07-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinilavf/udp: warn in case the circular_buffer_size or...
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinidoc/protocols: add a note regarding the circular RX...
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinidoc/protocols: apply misc fixes to the UDP protocol...
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinidoc/protocols: extend/clarify documentation for the...
2012-07-19 Stefano Sabatinidoc/protocols: document "fifo_size" and "overrun_nonfat...
2012-07-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: cosmetics: general pretty-printing and comment...
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: calculate buffer size outside the loop in allocat...
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: change some data types to plain int
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: cosmetics: rename some variables and function...
2012-07-19 Andrew D'Addesioalac: multi-channel decoding support
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: split element parsing into a separate function
2012-07-19 Justin Rugglesalac: support a read sample size of up to 32