2020-07-12 Philip Langdaleavutil/hwcontext_vdpau: Correctly initialise pixfmts
2020-07-12 Moritz Barsnickavformat/mov: fix missing line break in messages
2020-07-12 James Almercheckasm/vf_blend: use the correct depth parameters...
2020-07-12 James Almerx86/vf_blend: fix warnings about trailing empty parameters
2020-07-12 James Almerx86/h264_deblock: fix warning about trailing empty...
2020-07-12 Henrik Gramneravutil/x86inc: fix warnings when assembling with Nasm...
2020-07-12 Jun Zhaolavf/udp: fix the comments for default UDP socket recvb...
2020-07-12 Jun Zhaolavfi/setpts: fix setpts/asetpts option dump error
2020-07-11 Ben Claytonlibavfilter/glslang: Remove unused header
2020-07-10 Paul B Maholavfilter/vf_chromanr: move thres calculation to filter_...
2020-07-10 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/sdp: Fix potential write beyond end of buffer
2020-07-10 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/mm: Check for existence of audio stream
2020-07-10 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/tiff: Check input space in dng_decode_jpeg()
2020-07-10 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mjpeg_parser: Adjust size rejection threshold
2020-07-10 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/cbs_jpeg: Fix uninitialized end index in cbs_jp...
2020-07-10 ManojGuptaBondaavcodec/hevcdec: Add VDPAU to list of supported formats
2020-07-10 ManojGuptaBondalavc/vdpau_hevc: add function to find exact vdp_profile...
2020-07-09 Limin Wangavcodec/mpeg12dec: add timecode metadata
2020-07-09 Limin Wangavcodec/h264_slice: add timecode metadata
2020-07-09 Limin Wangavcodec/h264_slice: replace cur->f with out for better...
2020-07-09 Limin Wangavcodec/hevcdec: add timecode metadata
2020-07-09 Lynneswscale/tests: check return value of sws_scale
2020-07-09 Lynneaarch64/yuv2rgb_neon: fix return value
2020-07-09 Siyuan Huanglibavformat/dashenc.c: Support mpd update period
2020-07-09 Ting Futests/dnn/mathunary: fix the issue of NAN
2020-07-08 James Zernavcodec/libaomenc: fix build w/libaom v1.0.0
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavfilter/vf_showinfo: add dump_s12m_timecode() helper...
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavfilter/vf_showinfo: check sd->size before reference...
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavformat/gifdec: -1 -> AV_BPRINT_SIZE_UNLIMITED
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavcodec/dvbsubdec: Cosmetics
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavcodec/dvbsubdec: prefer to use variable instead of...
2020-07-08 Limin Wangavcodec/dvbsubdec: simplify code by using OFFSET()...
2020-07-08 Paul B Maholavfilter: add chromanr video filter
2020-07-07 Zhao Zhiliavformat/mov: Fix unaligned read of uint32_t and endian...
2020-07-07 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/apedec: Fix undefined integer overflow with...
2020-07-07 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/loco: Fix integer overflow with large values...
2020-07-07 Michael Niedermayeravformat/smjpegdec: Check the existence of referred...
2020-07-07 Anton Khirnovpthread_frame: change the criterium for updating thread...
2020-07-07 Anton Khirnovcodec_desc: drop the INTRA_ONLY property from TAK
2020-07-07 Steven Liutests/fate/hlsenc: add testcase of ac3 surround sound...
2020-07-07 Steven Liuavformat/hlsenc: check fragment size plus start_pos...
2020-07-07 Valery Kotavfilter/vf_edgedetect: properly implement double_thres...
2020-07-07 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/h26[45]_metadata_bsf: Use separate contexts...
2020-07-07 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/cbs: Remove unused function parameters
2020-07-06 Jean-Baptiste... Speedhq: Decode field 2 correctly
2020-07-06 Oliver Woodmanavcodec/h264: support sps/pps AV_PKT_DATA_NEW_EXTRADATA
2020-07-06 Reimar Döffingerdnn_backend_native: Add overflow check for length calcu...
2020-07-06 Andrey Semashevlibavformat/hlsenc: Remove duplicate close of the outpu...
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for atanh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add atanh support
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for acosh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add acosh support
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for asinh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add asinh support
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for tanh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add tanh support
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for cosh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add cosh support
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn-layer-math-unary-test: add unit test for sinh
2020-07-06 Ting Fudnn_backend_native_layer_mathunary: add sinh support
2020-07-05 Gautam Ramakrishnanlibavcodec/jpeg2000dec.c: Enable image offsets
2020-07-05 Gautam Ramakrishnanlibavcodec/jpeg2000dec: Enhance pix fmt selection
2020-07-05 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/tiff: Check frame parameters before blit for DNG
2020-07-05 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mjpegdec: Limit bayer to single plane outputtin...
2020-07-05 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/pnmdec: Fix misaligned reads
2020-07-05 Linjie Fulavc/qsvenc_hevc: add qmax/qmin support for HEVC encoding
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/h264_metadata_bsf: Fix invalid av_freep
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Cosmetics
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Use st->priv_data to store array
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Don't read only one byte at a time
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Don't allocate arrays separately
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Improve timestamps
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Stop caching and copying audio frames
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Check audio frame size
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Avoid potential inifinite loop on...
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavformat/smacker: Don't increase packet counter prematurely
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/dvdsub_parser: Remove empty init function
2020-07-04 Andreas Rheinhardtavcodec/dvbsub_parser: Don't allocate buffer separately
2020-07-04 Kieran Kunhyacfhd: Add tag names
2020-07-03 Gautam Ramakrishnanlibavformat/img2dec: Added pgx demuxer
2020-07-03 Gautam Ramakrishnanlibavcodec/pgxdec: Add PGX decoder
2020-07-02 Lu Jiaoavcodec/amfenc_hevc: set default gops_per_idr 1
2020-07-02 Milos Zivkovicavdevice/decklink_dec: add support for extracting and...
2020-07-02 Kyle Swansonconfigure: remove libvmaf from EXTERNAL_LIBRARY_VERSION...
2020-07-02 Derek Buitenhuisffprobe: Allow unknown format private AVOptions
2020-07-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mv30: Fix integer overflows in idct2_1d()
2020-07-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/hcadec: Check total_band_count against imdct_in...
2020-07-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/scpr3: Fix out of array access with dectab
2020-07-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/tiff: Do not overrun the array ends in dng_blit()
2020-07-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dstdec: Replace AC overread check by sample...
2020-07-02 Marvin Scholzavformat/icecast: Add option to use TLS connection
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/hlsenc: simplify code to pass s directly
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/hlsenc: fix av_bprint_finalize() usage
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/hlsenc: use proper error codes
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/au: check return value of au_read_annotation()
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/au: check return value of av_bprint_finalize()
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavutil/opt: check return value of av_bprint_finalize()
2020-07-02 Limin Wangavformat/dump: add a \n for end of ERROR log
2020-07-02 Limin WangFATE: fix colorbalance fate test failed on x86_32
2020-07-02 Joe RattermanReplace 'FontName' with 'Fontname' in the documentation.