2017-11-27 James Almeravcodec/mpeg4videodec: fix preprocessor check for the...
2017-11-26 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Implement vp8 hwaccel
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi_decode: Ignore the profile when not useful
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Add VP8 decode hwaccel
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonvp8: Add hwaccel hooks
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Make the decode profile matching more explicit
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonffmpeg: Use codec hardware config to configure hwaccels
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Mark all AVHWAccel structures as const
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Delete all fake hwaccels
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Remove register mechanism for hwaccels
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Deprecate av_hwaccel_next() and av_register_hwaccel()
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Use hardware config information in ff_get_format()
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add hardware config metadata for decoders support...
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add codec metadata to indicate hardware support
2017-11-26 Michael Niedermayeravformat/aacdec: Fix leak in adts_aac_read_packet()
2017-11-26 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflow in COMPOSE_FIDE...
2017-11-26 Derek Buitenhuisvorbisenc: Check the return value of av_frame_clone
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsondoc/ffmpeg: Document opencl for -init_hw_device
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsondoc/fftools: Remove documentation for old -opencl_bench...
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonnvenc: Include config.h before checking for D3D11 support
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Do not assume that sw_format is transf...
2017-11-26 Derek Buitenhuish264_picture: Actually return error during alloc failure
2017-11-26 Paul B Maholavfilter: add lv2 wrapper filter
2017-11-26 Rostislav Pehlivanoverror_resilience: remove avpriv_atomic usage
2017-11-26 Rostislav Pehlivanovlibavcodec/utils.c: simplify avcodec locking with atomics
2017-11-26 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc/utils.c: use C11 atomics for entangled thread...
2017-11-26 James Almeravformat/mov_esds: check return value of ff_mp4_read_de...
2017-11-26 James Almeravformat/isom: return proper error values in ff_mp4_rea...
2017-11-25 Martin Vignalifate/hapAlphaOnly : add test for hap alpha only decoding
2017-11-25 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : use gray8 for HapAlphaOnly decoding...
2017-11-25 Martin Vignaliavcodec/texturedsp : add rgtc1u gray decoding
2017-11-25 Jan Ekströmhwcontext_d3d11va: properly reset values after release...
2017-11-25 Mikulas Patockaavcodec/fft: fix INTERL macro on 3dnow
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Reset internal command queue on devic...
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_d3d11: Log adapter details on device creation
2017-11-25 James Almerconfigure: remove superfluous cuvid and nvdec checks
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsondoc/APIchanges: Fix lavu versions for OpenCL changes
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonlavu/pixfmt: Remove gap in the middle of enum AVPixelFormat
2017-11-25 Mark ThompsonMerge commit '136e7cf64ce9e78de7158d6720539d51cb96b743'
2017-11-25 Richard Lingavfilter: add normalize filter
2017-11-25 Mikulas Patockaffmpeg libopusdec: fix missing include file in libopusdec.c
2017-11-25 John Stebbinslavf/mov: fix crash in mov_read_sidx
2017-11-25 Karthick Javformat/dashenc: Associate mpd extension with dash...
2017-11-25 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/sbrdsp_fixed: Fix integer overflow
2017-11-24 James Almeravformat/utils: fix mixed declarations and code
2017-11-24 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Round up odd width/height values
2017-11-24 James Almeravformat/ttaenc: add tta_init()
2017-11-24 James Almeravformat/ttaenc: buffer packets directly
2017-11-24 Dale Curtisavcodec/vorbis: 1 << 31 > int32_t::max(), so use 1u...
2017-11-24 Dale Curtisavformat/utils: Prevent undefined shift with wrap_bits...
2017-11-24 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_amix: make use of av_asprintf()
2017-11-24 Paul B Maholavfilter: add mix filter
2017-11-24 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_ladspa: remove duplicate code lines
2017-11-24 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/j2kenc: Only allocate cblk.data once
2017-11-23 Karthick Javformat/hlsenc: Added option to add EXT-X-INDEPENDENT...
2017-11-23 Karthick Javformat/hlsenc: Refactor an inconsistent variable...
2017-11-23 Karthick Javformat/hlsenc: Minor fix in setting http options...
2017-11-23 James Almeravfilter/Makefile: skip building opencl.h when opencl...
2017-11-23 Lou Logandoc/filters: mention (a)loop defaults
2017-11-23 Werner Robitzadoc/filters.texi: explain infinite looping
2017-11-23 Martin Vignaliavcodec/x86/exrdsp : use ymm constant for pb_80
2017-11-23 Derek BuitenhuisRevert "udp: fix compilation when HAVE_PTHREAD_CANCEL...
2017-11-23 Li, Zhongqsv/hevcdec: Load hw plugin by default on non-windows os
2017-11-23 Carl Eugen... lavf/mov: Read aspect ratio from AVID jpeg2000 mov...
2017-11-23 Rostislav Pehlivanovopus_pvq: fix crashing on analysis of mono
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsontools/cl2c: Add a copyright header
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu,lavfi,ffmpeg: Remove experimental OpenCL API
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Perform usual uninitialisation on derived...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonvf_hwmap: Pass mapping mode when deriving frames contex...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavfi: Add OpenCL unsharp mask filter
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavfi: Add OpenCL overlay filter
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavfi: Add infrastructure for building OpenCL source...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavfi: Add some common code for OpenCL filtering
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: DRM to OpenCL mapping for ARM
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: D3D11 to OpenCL mapping
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: DXVA2 to OpenCL mapping
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: QSV to OpenCL mapping for Intel Media SDK
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: VAAPI to OpenCL mapping for Intel...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu: OpenCL hwcontext implementation
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu: Add OpenCL hardware pixfmt
2017-11-22 Jim DeLaHuntdoc: Add FAQs about running in background (rev 2)
2017-11-22 Dale Curtisavformat/mov: Increment stsd_count while processing...
2017-11-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/jpeg2000: Dynamically allocate codeblock data
2017-11-21 Karthick Javdevice/decklink_dec: autodetect the video input format
2017-11-21 Karthick Javdevice/decklink: refactor ff_decklink_set_format...
2017-11-21 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mpeg4videodec: Check also for negative versions...
2017-11-21 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_asetnsamples: add missing error check
2017-11-21 James Almercheckasm/utvideodsp: zero initialize the entire buffer
2017-11-21 James Almercheckasm/utvideodsp: fix mixed declarations and code
2017-11-21 James Almerx86/utvideodsp: reuse shared constants
2017-11-21 James Almerx86/constants: make pb_80 32 byte wide
2017-11-21 Paul B Maholavfilter/avf_avectorscope: add swap and mirror options
2017-11-21 Martin Vignalifate/hapdec : add test for hapqa decoding
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : add support for hapqa decoding
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : indent after previous commit
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : reorganize code before adding multi...
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdspenc : add diff_int16 AVX2 func
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdspenc : reorganize diff_int16
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdsp : add add_int16 AVX2 func
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdsp : reorganize add_int16 asm