2006-09-03 Diego BiurrunAdd license from zlib.h instead of referring to it.
2006-09-03 Kostya ShishkovAltiVec version of put_no_rnd_h264_chroma_pixels_tab...
2006-09-02 Måns Rullgårdremove redundant declarations
2006-09-02 Kostya ShishkovDrop put_vc1_qpel_pixels_tab as they won't be needed...
2006-09-02 Kostya ShishkovReplace usage of put_*_vc1_qpel_pixels_tab with put_...
2006-09-02 Kostya ShishkovNew function for chroma MC (will be used in VC-1)
2006-09-01 Loren Merrittsnow cosmetics: merge the sliced and non-sliced version...
2006-09-01 Loren Merrittfix snow 1pass rc: the qlog used and the one written...
2006-08-31 Luca BarbatoAlign the input buffer in ffplay, introduce a public...
2006-08-31 Diego BiurrunRemove superfluous variable setting, the script will...
2006-08-31 Ramiro PollaThe fail test needs to be outside of the GPL test,...
2006-08-31 Diego BiurrunSome gcc versions dislike version.h to appear in the...
2006-08-31 Luca BarbatoProper fix for the corner case that would have been...
2006-08-31 Luca BarbatoRevert previous commit
2006-08-31 Luca BarbatoFix float_to_int16, unaligned case, broken by the previ...
2006-08-31 David ConradFix for AVI files with odd sized 'movi' list
2006-08-31 Kostya ShishkovNew qpel MC functions conforming to VC-1 standard.
2006-08-31 Kostya ShishkovSpelling
2006-08-31 Kostya ShishkovMotion compensation for luma always use halfpel precision.
2006-08-31 Panagiotis... Fix linking when the FFM muxer/demuxer is disabled.
2006-08-30 Diego BiurrunWork around Solaris tr not understanding "tr a-z A...
2006-08-30 Michael Niedermayerprint warnings if
2006-08-30 Michael Niedermayerfix b pyramid in mp4 muxing if no dts are provided...
2006-08-30 Benjamin LarssonPPM vhook documentation, by Victor Paesa.
2006-08-30 Benjamin LarssonAdded -map usage to docs.
2006-08-30 Benjamin LarssonAdded Maintainers entry
2006-08-30 Víctor PaesaRe-Add support for PNG or PNM as watermark images,...
2006-08-30 Guillaume PoirierUse libswscale in fish vhook.
2006-08-30 Michael Niedermayerclarify
2006-08-30 Michael Niedermayermake the C code of the swscaler which i wrote LGPL
2006-08-29 Nico Sabbiinstall opt.h
2006-08-29 Ramiro PollaUse av_malloc instead of plain malloc where appropriate
2006-08-29 Allan Sandfeld... add support for information in CDXA format
2006-08-29 Guillaume PoirierAdd missing file from commit r6122 (AVISynth support)
2006-08-29 Steve L'HommeAVISynth support, patch by Steve Lhomme % slhomme A...
2006-08-29 Loren Merrittslightly faster deblock
2006-08-28 Aurelien Jacobsuse the A32_BITSTREAM_READER by default on ARM (faster)
2006-08-28 Aurelien JacobsALT_BITSTREAM_READER_LE is obviously not needed for...
2006-08-28 Aurelien Jacobsforce usage of ALT_BITSTREAM_READER where needed
2006-08-28 Aurelien Jacobsmove some functions to bitstream.h to avoid conflicts
2006-08-28 Michael Niedermayerfix buffer handling
2006-08-28 Luca AbeniMinimal support for the new pixel formats in libavcodec
2006-08-28 Víctor Paesaconvert null vhook to libswscale
2006-08-28 Loren Merrittmmx implementation of deblocking strength decision.
2006-08-28 Luca AbeniAdd some new pixel formats to libavutil
2006-08-27 Michael Niedermayeroverread AV_LOG_ERROR -> AV_LOG_DEBUG
2006-08-27 Nico Sabbiscan s->probesize packets instead of MAX_SCAN_PACKETS...
2006-08-27 Nico Sabbiadded option probesize; at the moment only used by...
2006-08-27 Nico Sabbiinitial support for AVOption in AVFormatContext
2006-08-27 Michael Niedermayerfix low bitrate mp3
2006-08-27 Loren Merritttweak cabac. 0.5% faster h264.
2006-08-27 Michael Niedermayercheck the validity of the amount of the remaining bytes...
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayerunused var
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayerdont copy frame if the whole mp1/2/3 frame is available...
2006-08-26 Aurelien JacobsFix A32_BITSTREAM_READER compilation on x86
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayermake mpa_decode_header() 10 times faster
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayeranother silly typo which surprisingly neither valgrind...
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayer10l found by valgrind
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayerremove duplicated parser, people who pass random gibble...
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayer2nd try of skip_bits_long() for the ALT reader
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayermake A32 reader align its ptr during init no matter...
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayer3rd try :)
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayer2nd try for a skip_bits_long() for the A32 reader
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayermove align_get_bits() to .h to avoid conflicts between...
2006-08-26 Michael Niedermayerprevent bitstream reader to be overriden
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayersupport some totally broken ODML variant
2006-08-25 Ramiro PollaThe FFLDFLAGS for MinGW are only meant for the shared...
2006-08-25 Diego BiurrunFFMPEG_VERSION was moved to version.h.
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayeravoid branch
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayermove variable declarations so that their scope is smaller
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayermove the +400 out of the innermost loop
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayeravoid reading exponent twice
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayerreduce size of vlc table, thats slightly faster here
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayertry to avoid l3_unscale() by using a table
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayerreplace l3_unscale(1, exponents[pos]) by LUT
2006-08-25 Michael Niedermayermaybe fixing the segfault on ARM
2006-08-24 Aurelien Jacobscook shouldn't try to enforce the bitstream reader...
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurierfix mac3audio.mov, pcm_s8 and pcm_u8 can only have...
2006-08-24 Baptiste Couduriercorrect uid, and enable JPEG 2000 detection
2006-08-24 Nigel PearsonUse add_cflags/add_ldflags/add_extralibs instead of...
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurieradd codec id and tag for JPEG 2000
2006-08-24 Michel BardiauxUpdate the FAQ with the current status of image formats.
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayer10l typo
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayeravoid a few if(x==0) checks in the inner loops
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurierwide atom is only defined in mov, use free for mp4/3gp
2006-08-24 Baptiste Couduriermove amr parameters adjusting like other codecs
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayerfix non ALT bitstream reader
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurierdont set width/height for h261/h263/mpeg4 since they...
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayeroptimize reorder_block() though this function seems...
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurierput dv demuxing code around ifdef
2006-08-24 Baptiste Coudurierput dv demuxing code around ifdef
2006-08-24 Baptiste Couduriersupport vdva fourcc (dv + dv audio in mov)
2006-08-24 Brian Bricefix ODML AVI Duration for files > 2GB
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayerdont copy the whole GetBitContext around
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayerfaster handling of zero coeffs in the low freq decode
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayeroptimizing high freq decode
2006-08-24 Michael Niedermayeruse memset() instead of slow c loops
2006-08-23 Michael Niedermayersimplify
2006-08-23 Aurelien Jacobsfix arm asm compilation in mpegaudiodec