2011-11-05 Peter Rosswtvenc: use ff_put_guid and remove local copy of this...
2011-11-05 Peter Rossasfenc: rename put_guid to ff_put_guid
2011-11-05 Peter Rosswtvenc: add @file comment
2011-11-05 Peter Rossfix whitespace nits
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake ff_mba_* arrays const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake another static array const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake fdct_r_row_sse2 const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake AMR tables of lookup filter tables const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake another PixelFormat list const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake sdl_overlay_pix_fmt_map static const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake PIX_FMT format list arrays const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake rgb_pixfmt_map const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerMake tab_frw_01234567_sse2 const.
2011-11-05 Reimar Döffingercolor_table array should be const.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerAdd const to static arrays where it was forgotten.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschdoc: fix typo in previous commit.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschdoc: document v4l and v4l2 aliases.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschdoc: fix a few typo in the filters section.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschv4l2: add libv4l2 support.
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschffprobe: use avio_size() instead of deprecated file_siz...
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschffprobe: fix const compiler warning.
2011-11-05 Clément BœschReplace remaining av_new_stream() with avformat_new_str...
2011-11-05 Clément Bœschj2kdec: fix a bunch of const compiler warnings.
2011-11-05 Clément BœschAPIChanges: fill missing dates and hashes.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerFix typo in warning message.
2011-11-05 Reimar DöffingerPut strings inside struct instead of extra indirection.
2011-11-05 Michael Niedermayerexamples/filtering: remove #include vsink_buffer.h...
2011-11-05 Michael Niedermayeraf_volume: exp10() is a GNU extension.
2011-11-05 Stefano Sabatiniaf_earwax: copy input buffer properties to output
2011-11-05 Mina Nagy Zakilavfi: add earwax audio filter, ported from Sox
2011-11-05 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: add volume filter
2011-11-05 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: increase number of maximum registered filters...
2011-11-05 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: issue error if maximum number of filters is...
2011-11-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-04 Jordi Ortizdwt: Code make up, removed gotos
2011-11-04 Jordi OrtizDirac: Added endif comments
2011-11-04 Jordi OrtizDirac: Specific struct initializers in AVCodec initiali...
2011-11-04 Jordi OrtizDirac: Removed goto + some code make up
2011-11-04 Jordi Ortizdwt: removed some warnings in make checkheaders
2011-11-04 Jordi OrtizDirac: Solved problem with make checkheaders
2011-11-04 Sebastien Zwickertconfigure: fixes vda compilation issue.
2011-11-04 Clément Bœschffmpeg: add -map_channel option.
2011-11-04 Derek BuitenhuisFix libutvideo wrapper name
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerffprobe: Print format specific variables of codecs.
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerswr: document how flushing works and bump minor version.
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerswr-test: test flushing
2011-11-04 Michael Niedermayerswr: Support flushing last samples out.
2011-11-04 Justin Rugglesbinkaudio: expand quant_table to accommodate all possib...
2011-11-04 Martin Storsjölibx264: Set the default of the rc_lookahead option...
2011-11-04 Martin Storsjöavcodec: Set flags2 default value depending on availability
2011-11-04 Diego Biurrunconfigure: declare dependency of h264_vaapi_hwaccel...
2011-11-04 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-03 Alex Conversevp6: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-03 Alex Converseavfilter: Don't copy garbage from the stack when settin...
2011-11-03 Michael Niedermayerlavf: fix null pointer dereference in rdt
2011-11-03 Michael Niedermayerid3v2enc: av_strcasecmp()
2011-11-03 Michael Niedermayerh264: favor coded_width in resolution chnaged checks
2011-11-03 Carl Eugen... Set frame_size for AMR_NB in mov.
2011-11-03 Carl Eugen... Do not use strcpy for "strings" starting with \0.
2011-11-03 Reimar DöffingerReplace all strcasecmp/strncasecmp usages.
2011-11-03 Michael Niedermayerlavc: Init AVFrame->opaque to AVCodecContext.opaque...
2011-11-03 Michael Niedermayerlavf: Do not set cur_dts to undetermined before first_d...
2011-11-03 Carl Eugen... Cosmetics: Reindent after last commit.
2011-11-03 Carl Eugen... Support new ALAC magic cookie in caf files.
2011-11-03 Martin Storsjöavcodec: Make sure codec_type is set by avcodec_get_con...
2011-11-03 Martin Storsjöavcodec: Remove a misplaced and useless attribute_depre...
2011-11-03 Anton Khirnovavconv: add -dump_attachment option.
2011-11-03 Anton Khirnovavconv: add -attach option.
2011-11-03 Anton Khirnovavconv: make negative mappings disable only streams...
2011-11-03 Justin Rugglesfmtconvert: fix int32_to_float_fmul_scalar() for window...
2011-11-03 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-11-02 Maxim Poliakovskireplacement Indeo 3 decoder
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsm demuxer: do not allocate packet twice.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesflvenc: use first packet delay as global delay.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesac3enc: doxygen update.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: return error codes instead of 0 for error conditions.
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: return meaningful error codes instead of -1
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: do not set channel layout for stereo
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: validate channel count
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: check for ff_fft_init() failure
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesimc: use DSPContext.bswap16_buf() to byte-swap packet...
2011-11-02 Stefano Sabatinivf_overlay: adopts FAST_DIV255 macro for calculating...
2011-11-02 Mark Himsleyvf_fade: fade to correct CCIR601/709 black level
2011-11-02 Meanmpegtsenc: EAC3 support
2011-11-02 John Brooksrtsp: add allowed_media_types option
2011-11-02 Meanvc1dec: Fix CODEC_FLAG_LOW_DELAY
2011-11-02 Michael Niedermayermpeg4videodec: export quarter_sample & divx_packed
2011-11-02 Justin Ruggleslibgsm: add flush function to reset the decoder state...
2011-11-02 Justin Ruggleslibgsm: simplify decoding by using a loop
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsm: log error message when packet is too small
2011-11-02 Justin Ruggleslibgsmdec: do not needlessly set *data_size to 0
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsmdec: do not needlessly set *data_size to 0
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsmdec: add flush function to reset the decoder state...
2011-11-02 Justin Ruggleslibgsmdec: check output buffer size before decoding
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsmdec: log error message when output buffer is too...
2011-11-02 Justin Rugglesgsm: use av_get_bytes_per_sample() in frame_bytes calcu...
2011-11-02 Justin RugglesCreate separate functions for the raw GSM demuxer.
2011-11-02 Michael Niedermayerid3v2enc: include strings.h for strcasecmp()
2011-11-02 Michael Niedermayeropt: remove attribute_deprecated from several functions...