2011-06-08 Michael NiedermayerRevert "build: remove empty $(OBJS) target"
2011-06-08 Baptiste Coudurieraac: fix adts frame size mask, fix demuxer probing...
2011-06-08 Mina Nagy Zakilavfi: handle NULL lists in avfilter_make_format_list
2011-06-08 Carl Eugen... Fix "mixed declarations and code" warnings.
2011-06-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-08 Etienne Buiracrypto: fix potential double free
2011-06-08 Etienne Buiralibx264: fix double free
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: remove -debug option
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatiniffplay: remove -vismv option
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatinimpegvideo: use av_get_picture_type_char() in ff_print_d...
2011-06-07 Diego BiurrunRemove some non-compiling debug messages.
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunffplay: Fix non-compiling debug printf and replace...
2011-06-07 Daniel KangH264: x86 predict init cosmetics.
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunac3enc: Fix linking of AC-3 encoder without the E-AC...
2011-06-07 Justin RugglesMove E-AC-3 encoder functions to a separate eac3enc...
2011-06-07 Justin Rugglesac3enc: remove convenience macro, #define DEBUG
2011-06-07 Justin Rugglesac3enc: remove unused #define
2011-06-07 John Stebbinsvc1: re-initialize tables after width/height change.
2011-06-07 Justin RugglesAPIchanges: fill-in git commit hash for av_get_bytes_pe...
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatinisamplefmt: add av_get_bytes_per_sample()
2011-06-07 Michael Niedermayerlibvpxenc: add forgotten AVClass.
2011-06-07 Justin Rugglesiirfilter: fix biquad filter coefficients.
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: remove duplicate conversion routine in swScale().
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: add yuv2planar/packed function typedefs.
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: integrate yuv2nv12X_C into yuv2yuvX() function...
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: reindent x86 init code.
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: extract SWS_FULL_CHR_H_INT conditional into...
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: cosmetics.
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: remove alp/chr/lumSrcOffset.
2011-06-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: un-special-case yuv2yuvX16_c().
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunshorten: Remove stray DEBUG #define and corresponding...
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunvorbisdec: Restore mistakenly removed debug output.
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatiniv4l2: set default standard to NULL
2011-06-07 Michael Niedermayersws: make dither_scale const
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunconfigure: Document --enable-vdpau.
2011-06-07 Diego BiurrunReplace some av_log/printf + #ifdef combinations by...
2011-06-07 Diego BiurrunReplace some nonstandard DEBUG_* preprocessor directive...
2011-06-07 Diego Biurrunsvq1dec: Fix debug statements that referenced non-exist...
2011-06-07 Diego BiurrunReplace some printf instances in debug code by av_log.
2011-06-07 Stefano Sabatinishowfiltfmts: use av_get_pix_fmt_name()
2011-06-07 Diego Biurruninverse.c: Replace unnecessary intmath.h header by...
2011-06-07 Diego BiurrunDrop unnecessary directory prefixes from #include direc...
2011-06-07 Michael NiedermayerMakefile: critical build fix after the merge. make...
2011-06-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-07 Michael Niedermayerffplay: Fix -vismv
2011-06-07 Michael Niedermayermem: Trying to workaround posix_memalign() bug on OSX
2011-06-07 Mans Rullgardbuild: remove empty $(OBJS) target
2011-06-07 Mans Rullgardbuild: make rule for linking ff* apply only to these...
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinieval: add support for pow() function
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardbuild: rearrange some lines in a more logical way
2011-06-06 Baptiste Couduriers302m: fix resampling for 16 and 24bits.
2011-06-06 Mans RullgardARM: remove MUL64 and MAC64 inline asm
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardbuild: clean up .PHONY lists
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardbuild: move all (un)install* target aliases to toplevel...
2011-06-06 Luca Barbatoflvenc: propagate error properly
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardbuild: remove stale dependency
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardbuild: do not add CFLAGS-yes to CFLAGS
2011-06-06 Ronald S. Bultjeutils.c: fix crash with threading enabled.
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardconfigure: simplify source_path setup
2011-06-06 Mans Rullgardconfigure: remove --source-path option
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinipixdesc: remove duplicated header inclusion
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: use av_samples_alloc() in avfilter_default_get_a...
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinilavfi: prefer nb_samples over size in AVFilterBufferRef...
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinisamplefmt: switch nb_channels/nb_samples params order...
2011-06-06 Stefano Sabatinisamplefmt: change layout for arrays created by av_sampl...
2011-06-06 Anton Khirnovlavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.time_base.
2011-06-06 Anton Khirnovimg2: add framerate private option.
2011-06-06 Anton Khirnovimg2: add video_size private option.
2011-06-06 Anton Khirnovimg2: add pixel_format private option.
2011-06-06 Anton Khirnovtty: add framerate private option.
2011-06-06 Michael NiedermayerMove code for "ffmpeg: fix massive leak occurring when...
2011-06-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinilavf: remove reference to output-example in Makefile
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinivsrc_buffer: add flags param to av_vsrc_buffer_add_vide...
2011-06-05 Diego BiurrunRemove some unused scripts from tools/.
2011-06-05 Daniel KangAdd x86 assembly for some 10-bit H.264 intra predict...
2011-06-05 Luca Barbatov4l2: do not force NTSC as standard
2011-06-05 Reimar DöffingerAdd const to avfilter_get_video_buffer_ref_from_arrays...
2011-06-05 Diego BiurrunSkip tableprint.h during 'make checkheaders'.
2011-06-05 Diego BiurrunRemove unnecessary LIBAVFORMAT_BUILD #ifdef.
2011-06-05 Diego BiurrunDrop explicit filenames from @file Doxygen tags.
2011-06-05 Diego BiurrunSkip generated table headers during 'make checkheaders'.
2011-06-05 Anton Khirnovlavf,lavc: free avoptions in a generic way.
2011-06-05 Anton KhirnovAVOptions: add av_opt_free convenience function.
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinisdl: align option fields after last commit
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatiniffmpeg: fix massive leak occurring when seeking
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatiniffprobe: implement -i FILE option
2011-06-05 Diego Biurruntableprint: Restore mistakenly deleted common.h #includ...
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatiniffplay.texi: document -i FILE option
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinicmdutils: remove unnecessary OPT_DUMMY implementation
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinicmdutils: change the signature of the function argument...
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinisdl: use the filename for defining the window title...
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinitiff: print log in case of unknown / unsupported tag.
2011-06-05 Stefano Sabatinitiff: fix linesize for mono-white/black formats.
2011-06-05 Mans RullgardFix build of eval-test program
2011-06-05 Robert Swainconfigure: Document --enable-vaapi
2011-06-05 Michael Niedermayerswscale: override the lack of the accurate rounding...
2011-06-05 Michael Niedermayerswscale: factor should_dither out
2011-06-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-04 Justin Rugglesac3enc: extract all exponents for the frame at once