2017-11-22 Jim DeLaHuntdoc: Add FAQs about running in background (rev 2)
2017-11-22 Dale Curtisavformat/mov: Increment stsd_count while processing...
2017-11-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/jpeg2000: Dynamically allocate codeblock data
2017-11-21 Karthick Javdevice/decklink_dec: autodetect the video input format
2017-11-21 Karthick Javdevice/decklink: refactor ff_decklink_set_format...
2017-11-21 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mpeg4videodec: Check also for negative versions...
2017-11-21 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_asetnsamples: add missing error check
2017-11-21 James Almercheckasm/utvideodsp: zero initialize the entire buffer
2017-11-21 James Almercheckasm/utvideodsp: fix mixed declarations and code
2017-11-21 James Almerx86/utvideodsp: reuse shared constants
2017-11-21 James Almerx86/constants: make pb_80 32 byte wide
2017-11-21 Paul B Maholavfilter/avf_avectorscope: add swap and mirror options
2017-11-21 Martin Vignalifate/hapdec : add test for hapqa decoding
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : add support for hapqa decoding
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : indent after previous commit
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/hapdec : reorganize code before adding multi...
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdspenc : add diff_int16 AVX2 func
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdspenc : reorganize diff_int16
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdsp : add add_int16 AVX2 func
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdsp : reorganize add_int16 asm
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/huffyuvdsp(enc) : move duplicate macro to a...
2017-11-21 Martin Vignalicheckasm : add test for huffyuvdsp add_int16
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/x86/utvideodsp.asm : cosmetic
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/utvideodsp : add avx2 version for the dsp
2017-11-21 Martin Vignaliavcodec/x86/utvideodsp : make macro for func
2017-11-21 Martin Vignalicheckasm : add utvideodsp test
2017-11-21 Jun Zhaoffmpeg: add return value check to supress the build...
2017-11-21 Karthick Javformat/dashenc: Added configuration to override HTTP...
2017-11-21 Jacob Trimbleavformat/mov: Propagate errors in mov_switch_root.
2017-11-21 Dale CurtisClose ogg stream upon error when using AV_EF_EXPLODE.
2017-11-21 Dale CurtisFix undefined shift on assumed 8-bit input.
2017-11-21 James Zernlibvpxenc: remove pre-1.4.0 checks
2017-11-21 James Zernlibvpxdec: remove pre-1.4.0 checks
2017-11-21 James Zernlibvpx: remove pre-1.4.0 checks
2017-11-21 James Zernconfigure: require libvpx-1.4.0 for vp[89] support
2017-11-20 James Almerx86/jpeg2000dsp: add ff_ict_float_{fma3,fma4}
2017-11-20 James Almercheckasm/jpeg2000dsp: add test for ict_float
2017-11-20 James Almercheckasm/jpeg2000dsp: refactor rct_int test
2017-11-20 Marton Balintavformat/avio: remove must_flush from AVIOContext
2017-11-20 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/hevcdsp_template: Fix invalid shift in put_hevc...
2017-11-20 Aman Guptalibavcodec/videotoolbox: fix decoding of h264 streams...
2017-11-20 Steven LiuRevert "tests/fate: addition of test case for hls varia...
2017-11-20 Mark Thompsoncompat/cuda: Pass a logging context to load functions
2017-11-20 Zhong Lilavf/qsv_vpp: check the return value of ff_formats_ref()
2017-11-20 Zhong Lilavf/qsv_overlay: check the return value of ff_formats_...
2017-11-20 Zhong Lilavu/qsv: remove unused variable
2017-11-20 Jun Zhaohwcontext_vaapi: add the fourcc of I420 format map.
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg4 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg1 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Refactor common nvdec hwaccel logic
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/avfiltergraph: pass correct audio/video flags
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_afftfilt: add missing error check
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_headphone: add missing error check
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_afir: add missing error check
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_surround: add missing error check
2017-11-20 Carl Eugen... lavf/mov: Do not mix variable declaration and code.
2017-11-20 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_extrastereo: fix filtering when clipping...
2017-11-20 Steven Liuavformat/hlsenc: use FFABS to instead of abs
2017-11-20 Steven Liuavformat/swfenc: use FFABS to instead of abs
2017-11-20 Steven Liuavformat/mxf: use FFABS to instead of abs
2017-11-20 Steven Liuavformat/mp3dec: use FFABS to instead of abs
2017-11-20 Vishwanath... tests/fate: addition of test case for hls variant strea...
2017-11-20 Vishwanath... avformat/hlsenc: creation of hls master playlist file
2017-11-20 Vishwanath... avformat/hlsenc: creation of hls variant streams in...
2017-11-20 Dave Riceavformat/movenc: write clap atom for uncompressed yuv...
2017-11-20 Dave Riceavformat/movenc: correct ImageDescription for uncompres...
2017-11-20 pkvietffmpeg: add ui64 type to SpecifierOpt
2017-11-20 James Almeravcodec: remove unnecessary AVPacketSideDataType enum...
2017-11-20 Carl Eugen... doc/codecs.texi: Remove documentation of removed codec...
2017-11-19 James AlmerMerge commit '3152058bf1dca318898550efacf0286f4836cae6'
2017-11-19 James Almerconfigure: fix module dependencies on zlib
2017-11-19 Paul B Maholavfilter/af_surround: add some more layouts
2017-11-19 Paul B Maholavfilter: fix indentation
2017-11-19 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Don't use dllexport, only dllimport when...
2017-11-19 Gyan Doshiavformat/subfile: allow to extract till EOF
2017-11-19 Michael Roitzschlavfi/af_pan: fix sign handling in channel coefficient...
2017-11-19 James Darnleyconfigure: add audio_frame_queue dependency for aptx...
2017-11-19 Paul B Maholavfilter: add acontrast filter
2017-11-19 James Cowgillavformat/dashenc: fix min_seg_duration option size
2017-11-19 Vitaly _Vi... ffmpeg: Allow "-to" on input files in addition to "-t"
2017-11-19 DHEffmpeg_filter: use nb_threads=1 on unused filtergraph
2017-11-18 James Almeravformat: remove unnecessary AVStreamParseType enum...
2017-11-18 Carl Eugen... lavf/tcp: Fix the type of the optlen argument to getsoc...
2017-11-18 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg2 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-18 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Fix reference data type for nvdec vc1 hwaccel
2017-11-18 Jim DeLaHuntIgnore libavcodec/tests/mpeg12framerate, a test program
2017-11-18 John Stebbinslavf/mov: don't read outside frag_index bounds
2017-11-18 Dale CurtisUse ff_thread_once for fixed, float table init.
2017-11-18 Dale CurtisFix leak of frame_duration_buffer in mov_fix_index().
2017-11-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/mlpdsp: Fix undefined shift ff_mlp_pack_output()
2017-11-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/zmbv: Check that the buffer is large enough...
2017-11-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflow in COMPOSE_DD13...
2017-11-18 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/wmv2dec: Check end of bitstream in parse_mb_ski...
2017-11-18 Carl Eugen... lavc/dnxhddata: Improve help output, mention yuv444p10...
2017-11-17 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: check pop_context return value
2017-11-17 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: fix double defined GUID on cygwin
2017-11-17 Timo Rothenpielerhwcontext_d3d11va: add missing stdint.h include
2017-11-17 Kieran Kunhyalibavcodec/h264_sei: Don't log random user data. This...
2017-11-17 James Zernlavc/libvpxenc: add tune-content option
2017-11-17 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/snowdec: Check for remaining bitstream in decod...