swscale: make yuv2interleavedX more asm-friendly
[ffmpeg.git] / libswscale / output.c
2020-06-14 Nelson Gomezswscale: make yuv2interleavedX more asm-friendly
2020-06-12 Fei Wangswscale: Add swscale input/output support for X2RGB10LE
2020-05-05 Mark Reidlibswscale: add output support for AV_PIX_FMT_GBRAPF32
2020-04-04 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix integer overflow in yuv2rgb_write_f...
2020-04-04 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix integer overflow in alpha computati...
2020-01-22 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix several invalid shifts in yuv2rgb_f...
2019-10-16 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Avoid 64bit in Alpha in yuv2ya16_X_c_te...
2019-10-16 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Correct Alpha in yuv2ya16_X_c_template()
2019-10-16 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Implement Luma computation from yuv2ya1...
2019-09-26 Paul B Maholswscale/output: fix signed integer overflow for ya16
2019-09-06 Linjie Fuswscale/output: fix some code indentations
2019-05-12 Philip Langdaleswscale: Add support for NV24 and NV42
2019-03-27 Lauri Kasanenswscale: Remove duplicated code
2018-10-18 Martin Vignaliswscale : add YA16 LE/BE output
2018-08-14 Sergey Lavrushkinlibswscale: Adds conversions from/to float gray format.
2018-03-02 Philip Langdaleswscale: Add p016 output support and generalise yuv420p...
2017-08-05 James Cowgillswscale: fix gbrap16 alpha channel issues
2016-12-01 Paul B Maholswscale: add gbr(a)p16 output support
2016-11-09 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Add GBRAP10 output
2016-11-09 Luca Barbatoswscale: Add the GBRAP12 output
2016-11-09 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix alpha shift in yuv2gbrp_full_X_c()
2016-11-09 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Drop is9_OR_10BPS() use, its name is not correct
2016-08-31 Timo Rothenpielerswscale: add support for P010LE/BE output
2016-08-23 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix rounding offset in yuv2gbrp_full_X_c()
2016-06-21 Clément BœschMerge commit '41ed7ab45fc693f7d7fc35664c0233f4c32d69bb'
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2016-05-03 Diego BiurrunDrop pointless assert.h #includes
2016-03-31 Pedro Arthurswscale: cleanup unused code
2016-02-10 Michael Niedermayersws/output: fix ordered dither threshold for mono output
2016-01-14 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Assert that yalpha and uvalpha are...
2015-09-19 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeswscale/output: fix undefined left shifts of negative...
2015-09-08 Hendrik LeppkesReplace all remaining occurances of step/depth_minus1...
2015-09-08 Hendrik LeppkesMerge commit '2268db2cd052674fde55c7d48b7a5098ce89b4ba'
2015-09-07 Vittorio Giovaralavu: Drop the {minus,plus}1 suffix from AVComponentDes...
2015-07-25 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix "warning: assignment from incompati...
2015-07-24 Paul B Maholswscale: ayuv64le output support
2015-07-03 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: fix input indexing in yuv2ya8_2_c()
2015-07-03 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: fix null pointer dereference in yuv2ya8...
2015-07-02 Paul B Maholswscale: implement YA8 output
2015-06-16 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Add rgba64/rgb48/bgra64/bgr48 output...
2015-06-16 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Factorize rgb48 and 64bit code
2015-03-25 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: Fix undefined shifts
2015-02-21 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Use av_clip_uintp2()
2015-01-14 Paul B Mahollibswscale: GBRAP input & output and GBRAP16 input...
2014-04-09 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '92b099daf4b8ef93513e38b43899cb8458a2fde3'
2014-04-07 Vittorio Giovaraswscale: support converting YVYU422 pixel format
2014-04-02 Michael Niedermayerswscale: add full bgra64 support
2014-03-25 Øyvind Kolåsswscale: add two spatially stable dithering methods
2013-08-16 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'aa2ba8c99e5708884a56aea9c1d96e014866f8a3'
2013-08-15 Michael Niedermayersws: add dither enum
2013-08-15 Diego Biurrunswscale: Move extern declarations for tables to swscale...
2013-05-19 Paul B Maholswscale/output: silence warning about undefined 'ASSERT...
2013-05-19 Paul B Maholswscale/output: remove unused header
2013-05-18 Michael Niedermayersws/output: yuv2rgb_write() assert that alpha has the...
2013-05-17 Michael Niedermayersws/output: init A1/A2 so that rgba64 ends with 0xffff...
2013-05-15 Michael Niedermayerreplace remaining PIX_FMT_* flags with AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_*
2013-05-14 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: silence compiler warnings about uniniti...
2013-05-12 Michael Niedermayersws/output: remove offset/coef for alpha in rgba64
2013-05-12 Paul B Maholswscale: RGBA64 output
2013-05-10 Michael Niedermayersws/output/yuv2gbrp_full_X_c(): silence warning about...
2013-05-09 Michael Niedermayersws/output: silence warnings about uninitialized use...
2013-05-08 Paul B Mahollibswscale: GBRAP input & output and GBRAP16 input...
2013-04-14 Michael Niedermayerswscale/output: fix alpha scale in the new functions
2013-04-14 Michael Niedermayersws/output: add yuv2rgb_full_1_c_template()
2013-04-14 Michael Niedermayersws/output: add +yuv2rgb_full_2_c_template()
2013-04-14 Michael Niedermayersws/output: factor yuv2rgb_write_full() out
2013-02-10 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'd6d5ef5534d582f9dbaf18ac2605cf5bb72cd821'
2013-02-09 Michael Niedermayersws: GBRP9, GBRP10, and GBRP16 output support
2013-01-28 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '05b0998f511ffa699407465d48c7d5805f746ad2'
2013-01-27 Michael Niedermayerswscale: GBRP output support
2013-01-26 Michael Niedermayersws: GBRP9, GBRP10 GBRP12 GBRP14 output support
2013-01-26 Michael Niedermayersws: GBRP output support
2013-01-19 Michael Niedermayersws: fix ED mono dither black level
2013-01-19 Michael Niedermayersws: rgb/bgr 4/8 error diffusion dither
2013-01-18 Michael Niedermayersws: Support error diffusion dither for mono output
2012-12-01 Michael Niedermayerswscale: fix 12 and 14 bit YUV planar output with scaling.
2012-10-12 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '9953ff3cd844eb5f6d8dfce98cad94b78a0fc7dc'
2012-10-12 Anton Khirnovsws: do not use av_pix_fmt_descriptors directly.
2012-10-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '716d413c13981da15323c7a3821860536eefdbbb'
2012-10-08 Anton KhirnovReplace PIX_FMT_* -> AV_PIX_FMT_*, PixelFormat -> AVPix...
2012-09-10 Michael Niedermayersws/output: use unsigned variables where harmless overf...
2012-07-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-07-22 Diego Biurrunswscale: Mark all init functions as av_cold
2012-07-17 Michael Niedermayeryuv2rgb: implement 15/16bit ordered dither
2012-07-17 Michael Niedermayersws: extend dither tables by 1 line so simpler arithmet...
2012-04-15 Michael Niedermayersws: remove cliping in yuv2rgb code.
2012-04-15 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-14 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: clip before assigning tables in RGB output...
2012-04-14 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: fix off-by-one in second coefficient in biline...
2012-04-14 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-13 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: handle last pixel if lines have an odd width.
2012-04-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-04-04 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: handle complete dimensions for monoblack/white.
2012-03-08 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-03-07 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: clip unscaled output intermediates.
2012-03-04 Michael NiedermayerFix alpha overflow when converting from RGBA64 to RGBA.
2012-02-18 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2012-02-17 Ronald S. Bultjeswscale: make monowhite/black RGB-independent.
2012-02-14 Michael Niedermayerswscale: yuv2422_2_c_template() add cliping.
2012-02-14 Michael Niedermayerswscale: Add cliping to yuv2422_1_c_template()