avcodec/utvideodec: Check subsample factors
[ffmpeg.git] / libavutil /
2018-02-23 Gyan Doshiavutil/timecode: fix starting frame number for 59.94 fps
2018-02-21 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Fix frames context creation with exter...
2018-02-21 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Add more surface formats
2018-02-17 Michael Niedermayeravutil/common: Fix integer overflow in av_clip_uint8_c...
2018-02-15 James Almeravutil/crypto: change length parameter to size_t on...
2018-02-13 wm4avutil/opt: remove ABI hacks
2018-02-12 James AlmerMerge commit '4cf84e254ae75b524e1cacae499a97d7cc9e5906'
2018-02-12 James AlmerMerge commit '2eb396b175e55e515aa6a13c5b1789a2a18d3935'
2018-02-06 Diego BiurrunDrop some unnecessary config.h #includes
2018-02-04 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Fix memory leak on derived frame allocation...
2018-02-04 Jun Zhaohwcontext: Fix documentation for av_hwdevice_ctx_alloc()
2018-01-25 Mark ThompsonMerge commit '85e10c0a9321bfe0d2afe0f3983ab6a8df6e3fba'
2018-01-23 Jacob Trimbleavutil/aes_ctr: Add method to set 16-byte IV.
2018-01-20 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Drop cpuflags_slowctz
2018-01-20 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Correctly set mmreg variables
2018-01-20 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Support creating global symbols from local...
2018-01-20 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Use .rdata instead of .rodata on Windows
2018-01-20 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: Enable AVX emulation for floating-point pseudo...
2018-01-16 Mark ThompsonMerge commit 'e23190269fb6e8217d080918893641ba3e0e3556'
2018-01-16 Martin Storsjöintreadwrite: Use __unaligned in MSVC for ARM64 as...
2018-01-16 wm4hwcontext_d3d11va: implement av_hwdevice_get_hwframe_co...
2018-01-15 wm4hwcontext_vdpau: implement av_hwdevice_get_hwframe_cons...
2018-01-11 James Almeravutil/mastering_display_metadata: fix copyright header...
2018-01-05 Anton KhirnovIt has been replaced by C11 stdatomic.h and is now...
2018-01-04 James Almeravutil/log: use thread wrappers for the locking functio...
2018-01-04 wm4hwcontext_dxva2: initialize D3DDISPLAYMODEEX correctly
2018-01-04 Humberto Ribeirolibavutil/hwcontext_dxva2: Add check for possible error...
2018-01-04 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/mem: Allow allocations close to max_alloc_size...
2018-01-01 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/mem: Do not realloc in av_fast_realloc() if size...
2017-12-29 Zhong Lilavu/qsv: add log message for libmfx version
2017-12-26 wm4lavc: replace and deprecate the lock manager
2017-12-26 wm4w32pthreads: always use Vista+ API, drop XP support
2017-12-25 James Almerx86inc: set the correct amount of simd regs in x86_64...
2017-12-24 Henrik Gramnerx86inc: AVX-512 support
2017-12-24 James Darnleyavutil: add alignment needed for AVX-512
2017-12-24 James Darnleyavutil: detect when AVX-512 is available
2017-12-24 James Darnleyavutil: add AVX-512 flags
2017-12-17 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/lavc/lavf/lavfi: Do not use type modifier %zu...
2017-12-15 Aman Guptalavu/hwcontext: add AV_HWDEVICE_TYPE_MEDIACODEC
2017-12-04 Andrew D'Addesiolibavutil: Add saturating subtraction functions
2017-12-02 Thomas Köppeavutil/mem: Add DECLARE_ASM_ALIGNED macro for DJGPP...
2017-12-02 Martin Vignaliavutil/x86util : add macro for loading a 128 bits const...
2017-11-30 James AlmerMerge commit '99e9697e3a12ab4a6638a36b95edafd6a98f9eaa'
2017-11-28 Vittorio Giovarastereo3d: Support view type for frame sequence type
2017-11-28 Rodger Combslavu/hwcontext_opencl.h: fix build on macOS
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Do not assume that sw_format is transf...
2017-11-25 Jan Ekströmhwcontext_d3d11va: properly reset values after release...
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Reset internal command queue on devic...
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_d3d11: Log adapter details on device creation
2017-11-25 Mark Thompsonlavu/pixfmt: Remove gap in the middle of enum AVPixelFormat
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu,lavfi,ffmpeg: Remove experimental OpenCL API
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Perform usual uninitialisation on derived...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: DRM to OpenCL mapping for ARM
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: D3D11 to OpenCL mapping
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: DXVA2 to OpenCL mapping
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: QSV to OpenCL mapping for Intel Media SDK
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: VAAPI to OpenCL mapping for Intel...
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu: OpenCL hwcontext implementation
2017-11-22 Mark Thompsonlavu: Add OpenCL hardware pixfmt
2017-11-20 Mark Thompsoncompat/cuda: Pass a logging context to load functions
2017-11-20 Zhong Lilavu/qsv: remove unused variable
2017-11-20 Jun Zhaohwcontext_vaapi: add the fourcc of I420 format map.
2017-11-19 James AlmerMerge commit '3152058bf1dca318898550efacf0286f4836cae6'
2017-11-17 Timo Rothenpielerhwcontext_d3d11va: add missing stdint.h include
2017-11-14 Dale CurtisAvoid corrupting diagnostic state with _Pragma changes.
2017-11-13 Muhammad Faizavutil/crc: use ff_thread_once at av_crc_get_table
2017-11-13 Thomas KöppeFix missing used attribute for inline assembly variables
2017-11-12 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Fix build with libva 2.0
2017-11-12 James AlmerMerge commit '0af8a72174108b9bb482f1073a1e9a3bc258af51'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit '69ac24e556c6fbc7138be5a60d0b90d2a5676c3d'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit '7ac092d05de487d088bc96ab4a7bd6207fbfa98c'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'b46900914a1f25ce8dbf49d7c53766ff1f18b60f'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit '09c98327b9f25c6c1716c0ee82ce09d8b484887a'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'ccbb31c14b766ef666ef2daa8c467e478183a957'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'accb06120c13a4ead442464d96f2fa318fa07a4e'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'abf1c058d1bd0ed1b820ea5e501a4484756f00b0'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'e41daa62465036ad36ad0bd14e4936e848d7f07e'
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit '7b7760ad6efb7b96122aa7133ad21e22653ae222'
2017-11-10 Michael Niedermayeravutil/frame: Add private_ref to AVFrame
2017-11-09 Gyan Doshilavu/timecode: clarify error msg for timecode_rate
2017-11-08 Greg Wesselsavutil/hwcontext_d3d11va: Fix leak when wrapping textur...
2017-11-06 Martin Vignaliavutil/pixdesc: remove reference to avcodec_get_chroma_...
2017-11-05 Michael Niedermayeravutil/softfloat: Add FLOAT_MIN
2017-11-01 James AlmerMerge commit 'd76479c5020ca43e67d47ba3767146b192dc4782'
2017-11-01 James AlmerMerge commit '97cfe1d8bd1968143e2ba9aa46ebe9504a835e24'
2017-11-01 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/murmur3: Enforce usual function attribute order.
2017-10-30 James AlmerMerge commit '59cee42d7d22530e66a155305389e29679b11f78'
2017-10-30 James AlmerMerge commit '04b0f0e371ff81b682274b574fb465ba4395c09f'
2017-10-29 James Almeravutil/frame: deprecate getters and setters for AVFrame...
2017-10-26 James AlmerMerge commit '193b09189004ede4a6998e69192d1a9f63602088'
2017-10-26 James AlmerMerge commit '10f4511f14a4e830c0ed471df4cd1cc2a18a481a'
2017-10-25 Kaustubh Rasteavcodec/mips: Improve hevc bi weighted hv mc msa functions
2017-10-25 Dale CurtisDon't use _tzcnt instrinics with clang for windows...
2017-10-25 Diego Biurrunbuild: Drop support for legacy TI ARM compiler
2017-10-24 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Set message callbacks on internally...
2017-10-24 James AlmerMerge commit '1bd986ed4b0e95ded368a8eeb5c044853c090f9b'
2017-10-24 Martin Storsjöarm: Check for have_vfp_vm instead of !have_vfpv3 for...
2017-10-23 James AlmerMerge commit '35cf146a33ce41a1adb6c9bd5a0827eacb1b6bfc'
2017-10-23 James AlmerMerge commit '619a433eca2c5655c41b799e0b06380020fb1498'
2017-10-23 James AlmerMerge commit 'dd343fd986459f467a2d1d70c26101dff1d47d68'