avfilter: add maskfun filter
[ffmpeg.git] / libavutil /
2019-01-11 Peter Rossintreadwrite: add AV_RL64A, AV_WL64A
2018-12-21 Mohammad IzadiAdd HDR dynamic metadata struct (for SMPTE 2094-40...
2018-12-19 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/internal: Replace an empty loop with "do {}".
2018-12-16 Peter Rossavutil/tests/random_seed: seeds[] is uint32_t, therefor...
2018-12-15 Paul B Maholavutil/avsscanf: do not use long double functions
2018-12-02 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Use correct function to enumerate...
2018-11-28 Peter Rossavpriv_tempfile: add djgpp fallback
2018-11-28 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Only release command queue if it...
2018-11-26 Mark Harrisavutil/mem: Fix invalid use of av_alloc_size
2018-11-24 Martin Vignaliavutil : add YUVA444P12 and YUVA422P12
2018-11-22 Paul B Maholavutil/avsscanf: do not use unsupported p suffix for...
2018-11-19 Paul B Maholavutil/avsscanf: use ptrdiff_t instead of off_t
2018-11-18 Andreas Rheinhardtavutil/mem: Correct documentation of av_fast_*alloc(z)
2018-11-18 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavu/avsscanf: Do not mix declaration and code.
2018-11-17 Philip Langdaleavutil/cuda_check: Make sure this passes make fate...
2018-11-16 Paul B Mahollavu: add locale-independent sscanf implementation
2018-11-15 Philip Langdaleavutil/hwcontext_cuda: Define and use common CHECK_CU()
2018-11-05 Martin Storsjölibavutil: Undeprecate the AVFrame reordered_opaque...
2018-11-01 Michael NiedermayerBump minor version for master after 4.1 branchpoint n4.2-dev
2018-11-01 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions for branching 4.1
2018-10-30 Jun Zhaolavu/frame: Add error report if av_image_fill_pointers...
2018-10-27 Michael Niedermayeravutil/pixdesc: Add av_write_image_line2(), av_read_ima...
2018-10-24 Michael Niedermayeravutil/integer: Fix integer overflow in av_mul_i()
2018-10-24 Josh de Kocklavu: bump version, add Changelog entry
2018-10-23 Devin Heitmuellerlavc/h264: create AVFrame side data from H.264 timecodes
2018-10-11 Zhong Lilavu/qsv: make a copy as libmfx alignment requirement...
2018-10-11 Zhong Lilavu/hwcontext_qsv: Add support for AV_PIX_FMT_BGRA.
2018-10-07 Marton Balintavutil/tests/parseutils: add some big duration tests
2018-10-07 Marton Balintavutil/parseutils: fix some overflows in duration calcu...
2018-10-07 Marton Balintavutil/opt: check for minimum and maximum values when...
2018-10-06 Mark ThompsonMerge commit '21733b39d0af5211d7b9f168ff3667ea86362e2b'
2018-10-03 Zhong Lilavu/qsv: fix a random hwupload failure regression
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Improve format mapping
2018-09-23 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Improve logging around quirk detection
2018-09-21 Jun Zhaolavu/frame: Add missing conversions from side data...
2018-09-14 Michael BunkFix typos
2018-09-14 James Almerx86/float_dsp: add ff_vector_dmul_{sse2,avx}
2018-09-12 Paul B Maholavutil: add float_dsp.vector_dmul
2018-09-11 James AlmerMerge commit '642fd4769becc2f4827f8375a3d9e8edd2f5df77'
2018-09-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'f89ec87afaf0d1abb6d450253b0b348fd554533b'
2018-09-09 Marton Balintavutil/file: allow mapping 0 byte files with av_file_map
2018-09-09 Shiyou Yinavutil/mips: [loongson] simplify macro TRANSPOSE_4H...
2018-09-09 gxwavcodec/mips: [loongson] optimize vp8 decoding in vp8dsp.
2018-09-04 Joe Olivasqsvvpp: Perform full init only when needed
2018-09-02 Shiyou Yinavcodec/mips: [loongson] reoptimize simple idct with...
2018-08-14 Jacob Trimbleavutil/encryption_info: Fix size calculation.
2018-08-11 Sergey Lavrushkinlibavutil: Adds gray floating-point pixel formats.
2018-08-05 Luca Barbatoframe: Simplify the video allocation
2018-08-01 James Almerx86/pixelutils: don't use the AVX2 functions on CPUs...
2018-08-01 James Almerx86/pixelutils: add missing preprocessor wrapper to...
2018-07-31 Jun Zhaoavutil/pixelutils: sad_32x32 sse2/avx2 optimizations.
2018-07-31 Jun Zhaolavutil/pixelutils: add sad_32x32 in pixelutils API.
2018-07-25 James Almeravutil/hwcontext_d3d11va: fix type arguments passed...
2018-07-20 Michael Niedermayeravutil/pixfmt: Document chroma plane size for odd resol...
2018-07-19 alexander schmidlavu/x86/cpu: Fix aesni detection
2018-07-11 Jun Zhaoavutil/pixelutils: correct the function name in comments
2018-06-28 Jun Zhaohwcontext_opencl: remove an unused variable
2018-06-28 Jun Zhaohwcontext_opencl: Remove the opencl_device_init in...
2018-06-28 Jun Zhaoconfigure: fix check for opencl_vaapi_intel_media.
2018-06-27 Jacob Trimblelibavutil/encryption_info: Add unit tests.
2018-06-27 Jacob Trimbleavutil/gitignore: Ignore integer test binary.
2018-06-27 Jacob Trimbleavutil/encryption_info: Fix documentation problem.
2018-06-24 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_opencl: Remove unused variable
2018-06-22 Jacob Trimblelibavutil/encryption_info: Allow multiple init info.
2018-06-21 Rostislav Pehlivanovhwcontext_opencl: use ff_hwframe_map_replace()
2018-06-21 Rostislav Pehlivanovhwcontext_internal: add ff_hwframe_map_replace
2018-06-17 Jun Zhaotests/bprint: Replace the number by macro for bprint...
2018-06-17 Jun Zhaoavutil/log: Replace the number by macro for bprint...
2018-06-15 Michael Niedermayeravutil/common: Fix undefined behavior in av_clip_uintp2_c()
2018-06-12 Derek Buitenhuispixdesc: Only check against valid entries when iteratin...
2018-06-07 Jun Zhaolavu/hwcontext_opecl: fix the build warning
2018-06-06 Ruiling Songlavu: add calling convention for OpenCL callback.
2018-06-06 Vittorio GiovaraUse the same name for stereo3d frame/packet side data
2018-05-24 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Fix mapping from DRM
2018-05-21 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Add test for device creation and derivation
2018-05-15 Mark Thompsonlavu/Makefile: Fix alignment and ordering
2018-05-15 Mark Thompsonhwcontext: Do not call device_init again when deriving...
2018-05-15 Marton Balintavutil/hwcontext_cuda: fix YUV420P cuda_get_buffer
2018-05-10 Haihao Xianghwcontext_vaapi: Add an assert in vaapi_map_from_drm()
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: use generic size and pointer...
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: add support for nvenc rgb formats
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: explicitly synchronize cuMemcpy...
2018-05-09 Timo Rothenpieleravutil/hwcontext_cuda: add CUstream in cuda hwctx
2018-05-05 Paul B Maholavutil: add gray14 pixel format
2018-05-03 Paul B Maholavfilter/drawutils: add support for full range
2018-04-30 Marton BalintUse AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_ALPHA for detecting transparency...
2018-04-30 Marton Balintavutil/pixdesc: add AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_ALPHA to AV_PIX_FMT...
2018-04-27 Mark Thompsonhwcontext_vaapi: Fix compilation with libva versions...
2018-04-26 Clément Bœschlavu/opt: add AV_OPT_FLAG_DEPRECATED
2018-04-26 Clément Bœschlavu/threadmessage: add av_thread_message_queue_nb_elems()
2018-04-19 Steve Lhommerandom_seed: use bcrypt instead of the old wincrypt API
2018-04-19 Jacob Trimbleavformat/mov: Increase support for common encryption.
2018-04-16 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions after release/4.0 branching n4.1-dev
2018-04-16 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions for branching release/4.0
2018-04-14 Steve Lhommeavutil/random_seed: use bcrypt instead of the old wincr...
2018-04-13 James AlmerMerge commit '8f144d9e3d5cb2ca92e5bdf7cc9f72effa1bd2ce'
2018-04-13 James AlmerMerge commit 'cca5e4f040971db6de0bfe6968f00c021d8a9c42'
2018-04-09 Diego BiurrunDrop Windows XP support remnants
2018-04-08 Maxym Dmytrychenkoqsv: adding Multi Frame Encode support
2018-04-03 wm4avutil/pixdesc: deprecate AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_PSEUDOPAL