Replace all remaining occurances of step/depth_minus1 and offset_plus1
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / mlvdec.c
2015-07-12 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'd80811c94e068085aab797f9ba35790529126f85'
2015-05-11 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mlvdec: Use AVFormatContext->open_cb()
2015-02-07 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavf/mlv: Only add streams that are supposed to contain...
2015-01-08 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mlvdec: Use avio_closep() to avoid leaving...
2015-01-08 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mlvdec: Simplify code by using avio_closep()
2014-12-17 Thomas Volkertwavdec: RIFX file format support
2014-10-26 Michael Niedermayeravformat/mlvdec: Check the return code from strftime()
2014-08-16 Reimar DöffingerUse new av_dict_set_int helper function.
2014-08-07 James Almerreplace calls to url_feof() with avio_feof()
2014-04-27 Peter Rossavformat/mlvdec: close any additional .Mxx files
2014-04-27 Peter Rossavformat/mlvdec: remove unused MlvContext.buffer
2014-04-27 Peter Rossavformat/mlvdec: print unsigned chunk size
2014-04-27 Peter Rossavformat/mlvdec: process ff_get_wav_header return value
2014-04-19 Peter RossMagic Lantern Video (MLV) demuxer