Kill some compiler warnings. Compiled code verified identical after changes.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / jpeg.c
2003-11-26 Roberto Togni- Add reget_buffer() function to AVCodecContext
2003-09-04 Michael NiedermayerCompile fix when no CONFIG_ENCODERS by (Glenn Maynard...
2003-04-21 Fabrice Bellarduse correct YUV format for JPEG
2003-02-11 Zdenek Kabelac* UINTX -> uintx_t INTX -> intx_t
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardfixed copy
2003-02-02 Fabrice Bellardadded jpeg image encoder and decoder (new YUV handling...
2002-12-04 Michael Niedermayercleanup
2002-11-25 Fabrice Bellardrenamed libav to libavformat