lavc/libkvazaar: fix incompatible pointer type.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavformat / async.c
2016-04-21 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit 'fab8156b2f30666adabe227b3d7712fd193873b1'
2016-03-04 Derek Buitenhuisavformat: Add a protocol blacklisting API
2016-02-29 Derek BuitenhuisMerge commit '2758cdedfb7ac61f8b5e4861f99218b6fd43491d'
2016-02-02 Michael NiedermayerUpdate demuxers and protocols for protocol whitelist...
2015-11-13 Bryan Huhavformat/async: Fix bug where async could not recover...
2015-10-24 Ganesh Ajjanagaddeall: remove some casts of function pointer to void *
2015-10-14 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: cache some data for fast seek backward
2015-10-10 Zhang Ruifate/async: test error code from underlying protocol
2015-10-10 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: pass internal I/O error
2015-09-30 Matt Oliveravformat/async: Allow compilation with native threads.
2015-09-07 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: fix integer conversion warning
2015-09-06 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: replace strerror with av_err2str
2015-07-25 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: wake up main thread before exit backgro...
2015-07-24 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: move more code into locked area in...
2015-07-21 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: rename async_interrupt_callback to...
2015-07-21 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: fix interrupt_callback usage and return...
2015-07-21 Michael Niedermayeravformat/async: Add missing else
2015-07-21 Zhang Ruifate: add test for async protocol
2015-07-17 Zhang Ruiavformat/async: support filling with a background thread.