Init s->cdlms[][].recent to order - 1
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec /
2011-11-29 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Init s->cdlms[][].recent to order - 1
2011-11-29 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Add a size argument to dump_int_buffer()
2011-11-29 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Get rid of logging that are not required anymore
2011-11-29 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Fix some int vs. int16_t confusion
2011-11-21 Mashiat Sarker Sha... call revert_cdlms()
2011-11-21 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Fix some loop conditions to prevent overreads
2011-11-21 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Initialize pred in lms_predict()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Clean-up
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... dump_int_buffer() to dump samples from a buffer
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement revert_cdlms()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Doxy for reset_codec()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Store transient state and position of transient area
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement use_high_update_speed() and use_normal_update...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Initialize num_logged_tiles and remove unnecessary...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Log index for each line of output
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Log tile size
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Output decoded residues
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Replace placeholders with actual calls to clear_codec_b...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement lms_update()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement lms_predict()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement reset_codec()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Add missing syntax elements to WmallDecodeCtx
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Add .recent syntax element to cdlms struct
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Implement clear_codec_buffers()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Add buffers to context necessary for reverting cdmls...
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Use avpriv_copy_bits() instead of ff_copy_bits()
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Cosmetics
2011-11-20 Mashiat Sarker Sha... Add missing ff_ before the AVCodec struct for wmalossless
2011-11-20 Andreas Ömanwmall: Working bitstream parser
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: move some AVCodecContext fields to an internal...
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: use av_opt_set() instead of deprecated av_set_...
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: fix some const warnings
2011-11-19 Justin Rugglesavcodec: remove pointless AVOption, internal_buffer_count
2011-11-18 Luca Barbatocinepack: return non-generic errors
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: remove redundant coordinate checks
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: check strip_size
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak, simplify, use AV_RB24()
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: simplify, use FFMIN()
2011-11-18 Michael Niedermayercinepak: Fix division by zero, ask for sample if encode...
2011-11-17 Alex Conversevp5: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-17 Thierry Foucuvp6: Fix illegal read.
2011-11-16 Martin Storsjömpegaudiodec: Don't use a nonexistent log context for...
2011-11-16 Mike Melansoncinepak: Add another special case so that it can handle...
2011-11-16 Kostya Shishkovlagarith: add some RGBA decoding support
2011-11-16 Nathan Caldwelllagarith: Add correct line prediction for RGB
2011-11-15 Justin Rugglescosmetics: indentation
2011-11-15 Justin Rugglesmpegaudiodec: init static tables in AVCodec.init_static...
2011-11-14 Mans Rullgardbinkvideo: simplify and remove invalid shifts
2011-11-14 Sebastien Zwickerthwaccel: OS X Video Decoder Acceleration (VDA) support.
2011-11-11 Janne Grunauvble: remove vble_error_close
2011-11-11 Derek BuitenhuisVBLE Decoder
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglestta: use an integer instead of a pointer to iterate...
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglesshorten: do not modify samples pointer when interleaving
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglesmpc7: only support stereo input.
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglesdpcm: do not try to decode empty packets
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglesdpcm: remove unneeded buf_size==0 check.
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglestwinvq: add SSE/AVX optimized sum/difference stereo...
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglesvqf/twinvq: pass vqf COMM chunk info in extradata
2011-11-11 Justin Rugglestwinvq: check for allocation failure in init_mdct_win()
2011-11-10 Alex Conversempc7: Fix memset call in mpc7_decode_frame function
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesatrac1: use correct context for av_log()
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesapedec: consume the whole packet when copying to the...
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesapedec: do not needlessly copy s->samples to nblocks.
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesapedec: check output buffer size after calculating...
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesapedec: remove unneeded entropy decoder normalization.
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglestruespeech: use memmove() in truespeech_update_filters()
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesvorbisdec: remove AVCODEC_MAX_AUDIO_FRAME_SIZE check
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesvorbisdec: remove unneeded buf_size==0 check
2011-11-10 Justin Rugglesvorbisdec: return proper error codes instead of made...
2011-11-10 Laurent Aimarsunrast: Check for invalid/corrupted bitstream
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglesavcodec: add support for planar signed 8-bit PCM.
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglesra144enc: add sample_fmts list to ff_ra_144_encoder
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessmackaud: use uint8_t* for 8-bit output buffer type
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessmackaud: clip output samples
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessmackaud: use sign_extend() for difference value instea...
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessipr: use a function pointer to select the decode_frame...
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessipr: set mode based on block_align instead of bit_rate
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglessipr: do not needlessly set *data_size to 0 when return...
2011-11-09 Justin Rugglesra288: fix formatting of LOCAL_ALIGNED_16
2011-11-09 shahriman AMSVC1: Add bottom field offset to block_index[] to avoid...
2011-11-09 shahriman AMSvc1dec: move an if() block.
2011-11-09 shahriman AMSvc1dec: use correct hybrid prediction threshold.
2011-11-09 shahriman AMSvc1dec: Partial rewrite of vc1_pred_mv()
2011-11-09 shahriman AMSvc1dec: take ME precision into account while scaling...
2011-11-08 Alex Converseindeo3: Fix a fencepost error.
2011-11-08 Justin Rugglesra288: return error if input buffer is too small
2011-11-08 Justin Rugglesra288: utilize DSPContext.vector_fmul()
2011-11-08 Justin Rugglesra288: use memcpy() to copy decoded samples to output
2011-11-08 Justin Rugglesmace: only calculate output buffer size once
2011-11-08 Diego BiurrunRemove redundant filename self-references inside files.
2011-11-08 Diego Biurrunindeo3data: add missing config.h #include for HAVE_BIGE...
2011-11-08 Diego Biurrunx86: drop pointless ARCH_X86 #ifdef from files in x86...
2011-11-07 Kostya ShishkovBMV demuxer and decoder
2011-11-07 Alex Conversempeg12enc: Remove write-only variables.
2011-11-07 Alex Conversempeg12enc: Don't set up run-level info for level 0.
2011-11-07 Alex Conversemsmpeg4: Don't set up run-level info for level 0.
2011-11-07 Justin Rugglesdsputil: use cpuflags in x86 versions of vector_clip_in...
2011-11-06 Kostya Shishkovcosmetics: insert some spaces in explicit enum value...
2011-11-06 Kostya Shishkovmove 8SVX audio codecs to the audio codec list part...
2011-11-06 Kostya Shishkovdeprecate codec IDs that won't ever be used