ARM: fix Thumb-mode simple_idct_arm
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec /
2012-01-13 Mans RullgardARM: fix Thumb-mode simple_idct_arm
2012-01-13 Mans RullgardARM: 4-byte align start of all asm functions
2012-01-12 Diego Biurruncabac: split cabac.h into declarations and function...
2012-01-12 Diego Biurruncabac: Mark ff_h264_mps_state array as static, it is...
2012-01-12 Diego Biurruncabac: Remove ff_h264_lps_state array.
2012-01-12 Alex Converseutils: Check for extradata size overflows.
2012-01-12 Mans RullgardARM: rv34: fix asm syntax in dc transform functions
2012-01-12 Janne Grunaurv34: fix and optimise frame dependency checking
2012-01-12 Janne Grunaurv34: NEON optimised dc only inverse transform
2012-01-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: replace some remaining FF_I_TYPE with AV_PICTURE_...
2012-01-12 Anton Khirnovlavc: ifdef out parse_only AVOption
2012-01-12 Anton Khirnovnellymoserdec: SAMPLE_FMT -> AV_SAMPLE_FMT
2012-01-12 Anton Khirnovmpegvideo_enc: ifdef out/replace references to deprecat...
2012-01-12 Kostya Shishkovindeo4: add some missing static and const qualifiers
2012-01-12 Christophe GISQUETrv34: DC-only inverse transform
2012-01-11 Alex Converselatmdec: Check AudioSpecificConfig length before decodi...
2012-01-11 Henrik Gramnerfft: init functions with INIT_XMM/YMM.
2012-01-11 Justin Rugglespcmenc: set frame_size to 0.
2012-01-11 Justin Rugglesavcodec: add GSM parser
2012-01-11 Diego BiurrunFix a bunch of platform name and other typos.
2012-01-10 Janne Grunauthreads: add CODEC_CAP_AUTO_THREADS for libvpx and...
2012-01-10 Janne Grunaurv34: frame-level multi-threading
2012-01-10 Janne Grunaumpegvideo: claim ownership of referenced pictures
2012-01-10 Alex Converseaacsbr: prevent out of bounds memcpy().
2012-01-10 Aneesh Dograbethsoftvideo: Use bytestream2 functions to prevent...
2012-01-10 Paul B Maholbmpenc: support for PIX_FMT_RGB444
2012-01-10 Janne Grunaurv34: use get_bits_left()
2012-01-10 Paul B Maholbmpdec: support for rgb444 with bitfields compression
2012-01-10 Laurentiu Ionkmvc: Use bytestream2 functions to prevent buffer overr...
2012-01-09 Alex Converseaacps: Add missing newline in error message.
2012-01-09 Alex Converseaacdec: Turn off PS for multichannel files that use...
2012-01-09 Diego Biurruncabac: remove put_cabac_u/ueg from cabac-test.
2012-01-09 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: optimized iMDCT transform
2012-01-09 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: change imdct window arrangment for better...
2012-01-09 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: move imdct and windowing function to...
2012-01-09 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: interleave iMDCT buffer to simplify futur...
2012-01-08 Daniel Huangmjpegdec: K&R formatting cosmetics
2012-01-08 Aneesh Dograbfi: Use bytestream2 functions to prevent buffer overreads.
2012-01-08 Laurentiu Iondpcm: Fix invalid writes
2012-01-08 Aneesh Dograutvideo: frame multithreading.
2012-01-08 Chris Evansvorbis: An additional defense in the Vorbis codec.
2012-01-07 Reinhard Tartlervorbisdec: Fix decoding bug with channel handling
2012-01-07 Diego Biurruncabac: Move code only used within the CABAC test progra...
2012-01-07 Diego Biurrunvp56: Drop unnecessary cabac.h #include.
2012-01-07 Diego Biurrunh264-test: Initialize AVCodecContext.av_class.
2012-01-07 Diego Biurruncosmetics: drop some pointless parentheses
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglesavcodec: attempt to clarify the CODEC_CAP_DELAY documen...
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglesavcodec: fix avcodec_encode_audio() documentation.
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglesg722enc: validate AVCodecContext.trellis
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglesg722enc: set frame_size, and also handle an odd number...
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglesg722enc: split encoding into separate functions for...
2012-01-07 Vitor Sessakmpegaudiodec: Use clearer pointer math
2012-01-07 Justin Rugglestta: fix 24-bit decoding.
2012-01-07 Paul B Maholinterplayvideo: Handle changed video dimensions on...
2012-01-07 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Handle param change side data in avcodec_de...
2012-01-07 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Move apply_param_change up above avcodec_de...
2012-01-07 Janne Grunauindeo3: check motion vectors for validity
2012-01-06 Michael Niedermayerindeo5: Fix null pointer dereference.
2012-01-06 Laurentiu Ionflicvideo: fix invalid reads
2012-01-06 Chris Evansvorbis: Avoid some out-of-bounds reads
2012-01-06 Diego Biurruncabac: remove unused function renorm_cabac_decoder
2012-01-06 Diego Biurrunh264: Only use symbols from the SVQ3 decoder under...
2012-01-06 Justin Rugglesadd bytestream2_tell() and bytestream2_seek() functions
2012-01-06 Janne Grunauparsers: initialize MpegEncContext.slice_context_count...
2012-01-05 Janne Grunautruemotion2: check size before GetBitContext initialisation
2012-01-05 Janne Grunauadpcm: ADPCM Electronic Arts has always two channels
2012-01-05 Aneesh Dogra4xm: Prevent buffer overreads.
2012-01-05 Janne Grunaumjpegdec: parse RSTn to prevent skipping other data...
2012-01-05 Janne Grunauvp3: fix streams with non-zero last coefficient
2012-01-05 Oana StratulatReport an error if pitch_lag is zero in AMR-NB decoder.
2012-01-05 Ronald S. BultjeRevert "4xm: Prevent buffer overreads."
2012-01-05 Aneesh Dogra4xm: Prevent buffer overreads.
2012-01-05 Aneesh Dogra4xm: pass the correct remaining buffer size to decode_i...
2012-01-05 Aneesh Dogra4xm: fix calculation of the next output line position...
2012-01-04 Ronald S. Bultjeulti: convert to new bytestream API.
2012-01-04 Diego BiurrunPlace some START_TIMER invocations in separate blocks.
2012-01-04 John Brooksvc1dec: fix invalid memory access for small video dimen...
2012-01-04 John Brooksrv34: fix invalid memory access for small video dimensions
2012-01-04 Christophe GISQUETrv34: joint coefficient decoding and dequantization
2012-01-04 Ronald S. Bultjeh264: return index in buffer on end-of-sequence.
2012-01-04 Diego BiurrunMerge some declarations and initializations.
2012-01-04 Diego Biurruncabac: drop unused and disabled get_cabac_u() / get_cab...
2012-01-04 Diego Biurruncabac: drop unused STRICT_LIMITS code branch
2012-01-03 Justin Ruggleslibspeexenc: fix pts calculations for more than 1 frame...
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxdec: clear eof flag and channel states when seeking
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: check output buffer size before writing
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: use bytestream functions for header writing.
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: use BLOCK_SIZE and BLOCK_SAMPLES macros
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: use a loop to encode each channel
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: remove unneeded loops
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: avoid stereo deinterleaving
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: remove unnecessary setting of coded_frame-...
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: log an error message and return AVERROR(EINVAL...
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: cosmetics: pretty-printing
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: change some data types
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: remove unneeded log message
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxenc: remove unneeded comments
2012-01-03 Michael Niedermayeradx_parser: rewrite.
2012-01-03 Justin Rugglesadxdec: Validate channel count to fix a division by...
2012-01-03 Michael Niedermayeradxdec: Do not require extradata.