Get rid of unnecessary pointer casts.
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / vmnc.c
2007-04-08 Nicholas TungGet rid of unnecessary pointer casts.
2007-03-27 Kostya ShishkovRemove redundant assign
2007-01-19 Alex Beregszaszirename BE/LE_8/16/32 to AV_RL/B_8/16/32
2006-12-08 Måns Rullgårdrename always_inline to av_always_inline and move to...
2006-10-07 Diego BiurrunChange license headers to say 'FFmpeg' instead of ...
2006-10-03 Diego BiurrunRemove unused variables and the corresponding warnings...
2006-10-01 Kostya Shishkov1l: correct argument order in avcodec_check_dimensions
2006-09-07 Kostya ShishkovHandle the rest of known blocks (by skipping them)
2006-09-07 Kostya ShishkovTests for overreading input data
2006-09-07 Kostya ShishkovCursor drawing support
2006-09-05 Kostya ShishkovTry to handle all chunks, previous scheme was not correct.
2006-09-05 Kostya ShishkovHandle raw blocks correctly (both updating pointer...
2006-09-05 Kostya ShishkovVMware Video decoder (fourcc: VMnc)