avcodec/qtrle : avoid swap in 32bpp decoding on little endian
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / version.h
2019-03-04 Martin Vignaliavcodec/qtrle : avoid swap in 32bpp decoding on little...
2019-02-16 Philip Langdaleavcodec/version: Bump micro-version for nvdec/cuviddec...
2019-02-14 Roman Arzumanyanavcodec/nvenc: add b_as_ref support for HEVC
2019-02-10 Jan Ekströmadd libaribb24 ARIB STD-B24 caption decoder
2019-01-28 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: Add discard_sample_percentage
2019-01-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add ARBC decoder
2019-01-15 Paul B Maholavcodec: add HCOM decoder
2019-01-12 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc: Allow very high bitrates in AVCPBProperties after...
2019-01-12 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/tiff: Support CMYK images.
2018-12-31 Paul B Maholavcodec: add HYMT decoder
2018-12-18 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/mjpegdec: Interpret three-component Adobe transfor...
2018-12-18 Zhong Lilavc/qsv_hevc: correct QSV HEVC default plugin on Windows
2018-12-14 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/g729dec: Support stereo streams.
2018-12-13 Paul B Maholbump micro after recent gif changes
2018-12-10 Paul B Maholavcodec: add gif parser
2018-12-09 James Almeravcodec: bump micro version after d12d4d4515
2018-12-07 Zhong Lilavc/qsvenc: add an option to set h264 pps for every...
2018-12-03 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc: Bump version for r210 pix_fmt change.
2018-12-01 Paul B Maholavcodec: add PCM-DVD encoder
2018-11-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: add truehd_core bitstream filter
2018-11-06 James Almeravcodec: libdav1d AV1 decoder wrapper.
2018-11-05 Vittorio Giovaramjpeg: Use profile names in the encoder and decoder
2018-11-05 Vittorio Giovaraproresdec2: Parse codec_tag and export profile information
2018-11-05 Vittorio Giovaraprores: Use profile names in the various encoders and...
2018-11-05 Martin Storsjölibx264: Pass the reordered_opaque field through the...
2018-11-01 Michael NiedermayerBump minor version for master after 4.1 branchpoint n4.2-dev
2018-11-01 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions for branching 4.1
2018-10-26 Cameron Cawleyavcodec: Implement Archimedes VIDC encoder/decoder
2018-10-19 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/sinewin: Do not declare AAC 120/960 tables as...
2018-10-17 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/mjpegdec: Support 2:3 subsampling.
2018-10-12 Aman Guptaavcodec/mediacodec: add av_mediacodec_render_buffer_at_...
2018-10-03 James Almeravcodec: add an AV1 parser
2018-09-29 Marton Balintavcodec/libzvbi-teletextdec: add formatted ass output
2018-09-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add AV1 metadata bitstream filter
2018-09-23 Paul B Maholavcodec: add native iLBC decoder
2018-09-11 hwrenlavc, doc, configure: add libxavs2 video encoder wrapper
2018-09-09 Devin Heitmuelleravcodec: add AV_PKT_DATA_AFD to allow AFD data to be...
2018-09-08 Paul B Maholavcodec: add RemotelyAnywhere Screen Capture decoder
2018-09-02 James AlmerMerge commit '35ed7f93dbc72d733e454ae464b1324f38af62a0'
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add WinCAM Motion Video decoder
2018-08-27 Paul B Maholavcodec: add MatchWare Screen Capture Codec
2018-08-24 Paul B Maholavcodec: add Brooktree ProSumer Video decoder
2018-08-21 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: add option to turn off a53 closed captio...
2018-08-21 Paul B Maholavcodec: add IMM4 decoder
2018-08-17 James Almeravcodec/bsf: add a flushing mechanism to AVBSFContext
2018-08-07 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/libx264: Support monochrome encoding.
2018-07-27 hwrenlavc: add AVS2/IEEE 1857.4 parser
2018-07-20 James Almeravcodec: bump micro version after previous changes
2018-07-13 Marton Balintavcodec/internal: increase FF_SANE_NB_CHANNELS to 256
2018-07-03 Rostislav Pehlivanovlavc: implement an ATRAC9 decoder
2018-06-25 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/libopenjpeg: Support GRAY10, GRAY12 and GRAY14.
2018-06-19 Gyan Doshiavcodec/libx265: apply lavc maxrate, bufsize & rc_init_...
2018-06-14 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/dpx: Reset n_datum for every new line when decodin...
2018-06-10 Marton Balintavcodec/libzvbi-teletextdec: add support for selecting...
2018-06-08 Marton Balintavcodec/avcodec.h: add AV_CODEC_ID_TTML
2018-06-01 Gyan Doshilavc/libx265: allow users to set closed GOP via generic...
2018-05-25 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/hevc_ps: Use correct pix_fmt AV_PIX_FMT_GRAY9...
2018-05-25 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/j2kenc: Support AV_PIX_FMT_PAL8.
2018-05-17 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/v210dec: Skip Canopus C210 extradata.
2018-05-06 Marton Balintavcodec/libzvbi-teletextdec: allow -1 subtitle duration...
2018-04-16 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions after release/4.0 branching n4.1-dev
2018-04-16 Michael NiedermayerBump minor versions for branching release/4.0
2018-04-02 James Almeravcodec/avpacket: add av_packet_make_refcounted()
2018-03-25 wm4avcodec: add a subcharenc mode that disables UTF-8...
2018-03-22 James Almeravcodec/avpacket: add av_packet_make_writable()
2018-03-08 Aman Guptaavcodec/mediacodecdec: add delay_flush option
2018-03-02 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvenc: Declare support for P016
2018-03-02 Philip Langdaleavcodec/hevcdec: Declare that nvdec supports 12bit...
2018-02-24 Tomas HärdinAdd libcodec2 en/decoder
2018-02-21 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Implement mjpeg nvdec hwaccel
2018-02-21 Mark Thompsonvaapi: Add MJPEG decode hwaccel
2018-02-21 Mark Thompsonlavc/mjpeg: Add profiles for MJPEG using SOF marker...
2018-02-12 Marton Balintavcodec/mpeg12enc: add support for specifying video_for...
2018-02-12 Mark ThompsonMerge commit '5b145290df2998a9836a93eb925289c6c8b63af0'
2018-02-11 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add support for increasing hardware frame pool...
2018-02-07 James Almerapi: add missing version bumps and APIChanges entries
2018-02-06 Josh de Kocklavc: add new API for iterating codecs and codec parsers
2017-12-26 wm4lavc: replace and deprecate the lock manager
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Mark all AVHWAccel structures as const
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Deprecate av_hwaccel_next() and av_register_hwaccel()
2017-12-19 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add codec metadata to indicate hardware support
2017-12-15 Aman Guptalavc/mediacodec: use AVMediaCodecDeviceContext hw_devic...
2017-12-14 wm4avcodec: add metadata to identify wrappers and hardware...
2017-12-06 Gyan Doshiavcodec/libx265 - Add named option to set profile
2017-11-29 wm4vp9: use superframe split BSF
2017-11-26 Philip Langdaleavcodec/nvdec: Implement vp8 hwaccel
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Mark all AVHWAccel structures as const
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Deprecate av_hwaccel_next() and av_register_hwaccel()
2017-11-26 Mark Thompsonlavc: Add codec metadata to indicate hardware support
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg4 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-20 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg1 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-18 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement mpeg2 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-15 James Almeravcodec: deprecate getters and setters for AVCodecConte...
2017-11-15 Philip Langdaleavcodec: Implement vc1 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-13 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec: implement vp9 nvdec hwaccel
2017-11-11 James AlmerMerge commit 'b46a77f19ddc4b2b5fa3187835ceb602a5244e24'
2017-11-10 Anton Khirnovh264dec: add a NVDEC hwaccel
2017-10-28 James Almeravcodec: bump minor after addition of MagicYUV encoder
2017-10-26 Carl Eugen Hoyoslavc/avcodec: Constify the return value of av_bitstream...
2017-10-23 James AlmerMerge commit '0648dec19db83bc8c87814d195e32cbad5698a40'