libavformat/segment: add an option to write the header to a separate file
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / version.h
2015-03-29 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'c48456166e95648719a8be8f8613f9dee98205c1'
2015-03-29 wm4lavc: add MMAL hardware decoder wrapper
2015-03-28 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '72b7441a10f578a1d0be7083d8f5adf6a01921c2'
2015-03-27 Anton Khirnovlavc: add Intel libmfx-based H.264 encoder
2015-03-25 James Almeravcodec/nvenc_h265: add missing version bump and change...
2015-03-24 Timo Rothenpieleravcodec/nvenc: Drop support for old nvenc api
2015-03-20 James Almeravcodec/libdcadec: add missing version bump and changel...
2015-03-15 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '217e4ff4d1f845b76e44634e29371cd09313d1c2'
2015-03-15 Niels Möllerdca: Support for XLL (lossless extension)
2015-03-13 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '247e370e2a913db52ca079b347a174c8d393b171'
2015-03-13 Vittorio GiovaraTDSC decoder
2015-02-23 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '35c6ce76b107225a19eb33aea38857d2405882af'
2015-02-22 Vittorio GiovaraCanopus HQX decoder
2015-02-22 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '5cbae5651d7c1ce9b0691dfbf2d474cb2b0ebb9a'
2015-02-21 Gilles Chanteperdrixmpegaudio_parser: add MP3 ADU headers parser
2015-02-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'c56b9b1eb278c5ef89d3f0832a56dfe4732cb68b'
2015-02-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '4e08c821106fc1d6d358864abf0d8488b12f38c6'
2015-02-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '31d2039cb42668ebcf08248bc48bbad44aa05f49'
2015-02-19 Oleksij Rempellavc: Add DSS SP decoder
2015-02-19 Anton Khirnovlavc: add an Intel libmfx-based H.264 decoder
2015-02-19 Anton Khirnovh264_parser: export video format and dimensions
2015-02-14 Gilles Chanteperdrixavcocdec/mpegaudio_parser: add MP3 ADU headers parser
2015-02-14 Paul B Mahollavc: deprecate VIMA decoder
2015-02-01 Carl Eugen HoyosSupport YA16 in jpeg 2000.
2015-01-29 Carl Eugen HoyosAdd an ARES atom to extradata when encoding avui.
2015-01-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '728685f37ab333ca35980bd01766c78d197f784a'
2015-01-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'e44b58924fe7b180bf8b0c277c15d1a58210a0e9'
2015-01-27 Anton KhirnovAdd a side data type for audio service type.
2015-01-27 Anton Khirnovlavc: deprecate unused AVCodecContext.stream_codec_tag
2015-01-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '8a3d9ca603f4d15ecaa9ca379cbaab4ecaec8ce4'
2015-01-06 Martin Storsjölibavcodec: Add an OpenH264 encoder wrapper
2014-12-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'c220a60f92dde9c7c118fc4deddff5c1f617cda9'
2014-12-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '6c99c92a42add7f6a462114d5a4a53c93c551058'
2014-12-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '57b6704ecd0f56d6a3092e448687cfd837bb0ac1'
2014-12-25 Rémi Denis-Courmontvdpau: add helper for surface chroma type and size
2014-12-25 Rémi Denis-Courmontlibavcodec: add AV_HWACCEL_ALLOW_HIGH_DEPTH flag
2014-12-25 Rémi Denis-Courmontavcodec: add AVCodecContext.sw_pix_fmt
2014-12-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '87bd298abeb901fe16383a0d267502cc7fc03878'
2014-12-19 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '3a3790b8f8b56ee6abc93ccac280eb693675e294'
2014-12-18 Paul B MaholDPX parser
2014-12-18 Carl Eugen Hoyostiff: support encoding and decoding 64bit images
2014-12-15 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/avdct: support >8bit per sample dcts
2014-12-04 Steve Jiekakadd av_dv_codec_profile2 : uses framerate to select...
2014-11-21 Benoit Fouetavcodec/pngdec: add APNG support.
2014-11-15 Shin-ichi Toyamaavcodec/dvdsubdec: New option for obtaining global...
2014-11-06 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/export av_vorbis_parse_frame_flags()
2014-11-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '5e80fb7ff226f136dbcf3fed00a2966bf8e9bd70'
2014-11-06 Anton Khirnovlavc: add a public API for parsing vorbis packets.
2014-11-03 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libwebpenc: add quality option
2014-11-01 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/libwebpenc: support "P" frames in webp animations
2014-10-26 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec: Add support for Opus in MPEG-TS
2014-10-22 Eejya SinghAdded STL demuxer and decoder
2014-10-18 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'a6e4ce9fd50897dc6d9c2ada4b6b8090de7de5bf'
2014-10-18 Anton Khirnovlavc: make rc_qsquish a private option of mpegvideo...
2014-10-17 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '66e9f839536238945fbfe9d2041b6891cb150e45'
2014-10-17 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'b01a2204b5cff7bb920f42fda1bb0103f450fe93'
2014-10-17 Omer Osmanlibfdk-aacdec: Enable Dynamic Range Control Metadata...
2014-10-17 Omer Osmanlibfdk-aacdec: Enable Decoder Downmix including Downmix...
2014-10-15 Clément Bœschavcodec/ass: output missing fields in AVSubtitles and...
2014-10-15 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '7ea1b3472a61de4aa4d41b571e99418e4997ad41'
2014-10-15 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'd565fef1b83b6c5f8afb32229260b79f67c68109'
2014-10-15 Anton Khirnovlavc: deprecate the use of AVCodecContext.time_base...
2014-10-15 Rémi Denis-Courmontvdpau: add AV_HWACCEL_FLAG_IGNORE_LEVEL to skip the...
2014-10-14 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '2df0c32ea12ddfa72ba88309812bfb13b674130f'
2014-10-13 Anton Khirnovlavc: use a separate field for exporting audio encoder...
2014-10-09 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '91eef402037ae5a51d89ade6cb71cdd70b291c8b'
2014-10-08 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: Allow choosing the dump format field separator.
2014-10-08 Marc-Antoine Arnaudavcodec: add enum values on chroma sample location
2014-10-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '577899a6458ccad9026eb268f10dc0b39c224c8d'
2014-10-06 Manfred Georglavc: specify the behavior of av_lockmgr_register on...
2014-10-06 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'e3e158e81f0666b8fe66be9ce1cad63a535920e0'
2014-10-06 Rémi Denis-Courmontvdpau: add av_vdpau_bind_context()
2014-10-05 James Almeravcodec: remove obsolete FF_API_FAST_MALLOC cruft
2014-10-02 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: bump micro version for av_lockmgr_register...
2014-10-02 wm4avcodec, avutil: allow more control about how samples...
2014-09-30 Clément BœschKill timed SRT
2014-09-19 James Almeravcodec/dv_profile: deprecate internal function that...
2014-09-15 James Almeravcodec: remove obsolete FF_API_DSPUTIL cruft
2014-08-28 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '9301486408a480629336af4d7fd873c0f28fb2d5'
2014-08-28 Vittorio Giovaraavcodec: add stream-level stereo3d side data
2014-08-24 Clément Bœschavfilter: add codecview filter
2014-08-14 Christophe Gisquetlibavcodec: bump micro to reflect dpx changes
2014-08-10 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'cc1d8c54c19dd14fb851e3e7a7793d6b3bd75e94'
2014-08-10 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Postpone FF_IDCT_XVIDMMX removal until the...
2014-08-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: disable FF_API_FAST_MALLOC
2014-08-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/version: delay removial of FF_API_AUDIO_CONVERT...
2014-08-09 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit '1985c2e75c607ac51bfd8dc87d2957a5edf2b6f8'
2014-08-09 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/version: leave old audio API
2014-08-09 Michael Niedermayerdelay removial of FF_API_CODEC_ID, FF_API_OLD_AVOPTIONS...
2014-08-09 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'f4c444e17d137c786f0ed2da0e5943df505d5f9e'
2014-08-09 Anton KhirnovBump major versions of all libraries.
2014-08-09 Anton KhirnovPostpone API-incompatible changes until the next bump.
2014-08-09 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'd35b94fbabd8beb5d566c0b5d01688aff62c3b36'
2014-08-08 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Rename xvidmmx IDCT to xvid
2014-08-07 Michael NiedermayerMerge commit 'ad1ee5fa75a3d69d54c0691048939e94ab5a7f0d'
2014-08-07 Diego Biurrunavcodec: Undeprecate reordered_opaque
2014-08-06 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/dca: Make ff_dca_convert_bitstream() available...
2014-08-06 Michael Niedermayeravcodec: Change get_pixels() to ptrdiff_t linesize
2014-08-04 Kieran KunhyaDeprecate AFD field and add AFD as side-data
2014-08-03 Kieran Kunhyaavcodec: Deprecate dtg_active_format field in favor...