build: Group general components separate from de/encoders in arch Makefiles
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / synth_filter.h
2014-02-28 Christophe Gisquetx86: synth filter float: implement SSE2 version
2011-03-19 Mans RullgardReplace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers
2011-01-31 Justin RugglesRemove unneeded add bias from 3 functions.
2010-04-10 Måns RullgårdARM: NEON optimised synth_filter_float
2010-04-10 Måns RullgårdMake synth_filter a function pointer
2010-03-08 Måns RullgårdAdd lots of missing includes
2009-10-29 Michael NiedermayerMultiple inclusion guards for synth_filter.h.
2009-10-29 Michael NiedermayerVertically align function arguments.
2009-10-28 Michael NiedermayerSplit synth filter out of dca.c.