nvenc: Update check for lookahead
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / nvenc.c
2016-12-21 Ruta Gadkarinvenc: Update check for lookahead
2016-10-09 Yogender Guptanvenc: Fix error log
2016-10-07 Yogender Guptanvenc: Force high_444 profile for 444 input
2016-09-24 Yogender Guptanvenc: Extended rate-control support as provided by...
2016-09-24 Yogender Guptanvenc: Add support for high bitdepth
2016-09-24 Yogender Guptanvenc: Add some easier to understand presets that match...
2016-09-24 Luca Barbatonvenc: Make sure that enum and array index match
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: allow setting the number of slices
2016-05-19 Philip Langdalenvenc: De-compensate aspect ratio compensation of DVD...
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: list the major contributors in the copyright...
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: drop the hard dependency on CUDA
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: only support HW frames when CUDA is enabled
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: write the VUI signal properties for HEVC
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: only write the VUI signal type fields if they...
2016-05-19 Timo Rothenpielernvenc: Generate bufferingPeriod/pictureTiming SEI
2016-05-19 Timo Rothenpielernvenc: Delay frame output to increase encoding speed
2016-05-19 Anton Khirnovnvenc: add support for lossless encoding
2016-05-19 Timo Rothenpielernvenc: Generate AUD NAL units for better compatiblity
2016-05-04 Vittorio Giovaracosmetics: Fix spelling mistakes
2016-02-14 Anton Khirnovnvenc: support CUDA frames as input
2016-02-14 Anton KhirnovAllow linking to CUDA dynamically instead of dlopen...
2016-02-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: rename a misnamed function
2016-02-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: merge input and output surface structs
2016-02-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: factor out the pixel format list
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: generate dts properly
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: fix encoding with B-frames
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: flush the encoder before closing it, as required...
2016-01-12 Anton Khirnovnvenc: better error handling
2015-12-06 Anton Khirnovnvenc: export CPB props side data
2015-08-25 Luca Barbatonvenc: Properly free the fifos
2015-07-27 Vittorio Giovaralavc: Consistently prefix input buffer defines
2015-07-27 Vittorio Giovaralavc: AV-prefix all codec flags
2015-07-20 Vittorio GiovaraDeprecate avctx.coded_frame
2015-07-20 Vittorio GiovaraGather all coded_frame allocations and free functions...
2015-06-26 Luca Barbatonvenc: Fix NV12 input
2015-05-31 Luca Barbatonvenc: H264 and HEVC encoders