Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / mpegvideo.h
2011-08-03 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-08-03 Martin StorsjöMove an int64_t down in MpegEncContext
2011-07-11 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-07-10 Diego BiurrunEliminate FF_COMMON_FRAME macro.
2011-07-05 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-07-04 Jason Garrett-GlaserH.264: fix overreads of qscale_table
2011-06-24 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-23 Diego Biurrundoxygen: Consistently use '@' instead of '\' for Doxyge...
2011-06-19 Michael NiedermayerAttempt to fix ticket266
2011-06-03 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-06-02 Alexander StrangeH264/MPEG frame-level multi-threading.
2011-05-26 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master'
2011-05-25 Alex ConverseRemove h263_msmpeg4 from MpegEncContext.
2011-05-02 Stefano Sabatinireplace deprecated FF_*_TYPE symbols with AV_PICTURE_TYPE_*
2011-05-02 Stefano SabatiniReplace deprecated FF_*_TYPE symbols with AV_PICTURE_TY...
2011-04-27 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote branch 'qatar/master'
2011-04-26 Anton Khirnovlavc: remove FF_API_HURRY_UP cruft
2011-04-17 Alexander Strange Merge remote-tracking branch 'ffmpeg-mt/master'
2011-04-05 Michael NiedermayerFix REBASE_PICTURE with h.264
2011-04-03 Michael NiedermayerMerge remote branch 'qatar/master'
2011-04-02 Anton Khirnovlavc: mark hurry_up for removal on next major bump
2011-03-22 Michael NiedermayerFake-Merge remote-tracking branch 'ffmpeg-mt/master'
2011-03-19 Mans RullgardReplace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers
2011-01-30 Mans RullgardRearrange MpegEncContext to simplify access from asm
2011-01-29 Mans RullgardRearrange MpegEncContext to simplify access from asm
2010-04-20 Diego BiurrunRemove explicit filename from Doxygen @file commands.
2010-03-15 Michael NiedermayerAdd ff_ prefix for mpeg2_dc_scale_table.
2010-03-15 Michael NiedermayerSupport intra_dc_precision>8 in jpeg
2010-03-08 Måns Rullgårdbfin: fix function prototypes
2010-03-06 Måns RullgårdMove ff_set_qscale() prototype to mpegvideo.h; it is...
2010-01-09 Michael NiedermayerSplit H263 encoder and decoder from common code.
2010-01-08 Michael NiedermayerMove 3 direct MV related functions that i left out...
2010-01-08 Michael NiedermayerMove AVCodecs from h263dec.c to msmpeg4.c and disentang...
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerSplit the mpeg4 encoder and decoder off h263.c
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerDocument ff_h263_show_pict_info().
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerSplit out intel H263 decoder.
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerSplit flv decoding out.
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerSplit out flv encoding.
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerMark h263_get_picture_format() av_const to indicate...
2010-01-07 Michael NiedermayerDocument h263_get_picture_format().
2009-12-03 Michael NiedermayerMove ff_init_qscale_tab() from h263.c to mpegvideo...
2009-12-01 Michael NiedermayerStore original width/height so that rv20 does not get...
2009-10-15 Frank BarchardRaise MAX_THREADS to 16.
2009-08-26 Måns RullgårdRemove useless alignment from MpegEncContext.intra_scan...
2009-06-24 Haruhiko YamagataImprove wording: s/reseted/reset
2009-06-23 Haruhiko YamagataFix H.264 picture reordering, 2nd try.
2009-05-27 Baptiste CoudurierRename alloc_picture to ff_alloc_picture and move its...
2009-05-15 Baptiste Coudurierdecode mpeg-2 closed gop first b frames, fix issue...
2009-04-13 Stefano SabatiniRename bitstream.h to get_bits.h.
2009-04-12 Stefano SabatiniSplit bitstream.h, put the bitstream writer stuff in...
2009-04-07 Thilo BorgmannImplement avcodec_decode_video2(), _audio3() and _subti...
2009-03-30 Gwenole BeauchesneRecord MPEG-4 sprite trajectory points [up to num_sprit...
2009-03-02 Michael NiedermayerCall ff_fetch_timestamp() for mpeg1/2 when a picture...
2009-03-02 Diego Biurrunsmall spelling/grammar fixes
2009-02-27 Gwenole BeauchesneAdd ff_hwaccel_pixfmt_list_420[] definition.
2009-02-24 Michael NiedermayerAdd and use ff_pixfmt_list_420.
2009-02-24 Gwenole BeauchesneAdd ff_h263_find_resync_marker() to find the bit positi...
2009-02-22 Kostya ShishkovBetter parsing of i263 picture header
2009-02-22 Ivan KalvachevChange the type of pblocks from pointers to short array...
2009-02-01 Diego BiurrunUse full internal pathname in doxygen @file directives.
2009-01-19 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Remove pointless period after copyright...
2008-12-17 Måns RullgårdARM: replace "armv4l" with "arm"
2008-12-03 Michael NiedermayerImplement complexity estimation parsing and try to...
2008-11-04 Andrew SavchenkoOnly warn about "Invalid and inefficient vfw-avi packed...
2008-10-02 Carl Eugen HoyosRename copy_picture to ff_copy_picture.
2008-09-29 Carl Eugen HoyosFix a warning about an undefined function when compilin...
2008-09-22 Michael NiedermayerFix ref_shift so that it is correct for more/all? MBAFF...
2008-09-08 Michael NiedermayerRename error_resilience to error_recognition.
2008-08-31 Stefano SabatiniGlobally rename the header inclusion guard names.
2008-08-02 Michael NiedermayerPicture.ref_count/ref_poc have to be stored per field...
2008-05-28 Michael NiedermayerFix return type of ff_init_me().
2008-03-09 Aurelien Jacobsadd FF_ prefix to all (frame)_TYPE usage
2008-03-05 Aurelien Jacobsmove EDGE_WIDTH definition allong with draw_edges where...
2008-03-05 Aurelien Jacobsmove relevant declarations to mpeg12data.h
2008-03-04 Aurelien Jacobsmove run length table constants to rl.h
2008-03-04 Aurelien Jacobsmove ff_emulated_edge_mc() to dsputil
2008-03-04 Aurelien Jacobsremove old draw_edges declaration cruft
2008-03-04 Aurelien Jacobsmove ff_init_scantable() into dsputil
2008-02-03 Uoti Urpalampegvideo.h has two function declarations with the...
2008-02-01 Michael Niedermayerconst
2008-01-07 Diego PettenòRemove unused symbol.
2007-12-02 Diego BiurrunFix some spelling mistakes.
2007-12-01 Vitor Sessakspelling
2007-10-17 Diego BiurrunAdd FFMPEG_ prefix to all multiple inclusion guards.
2007-10-08 Baptiste Coudurierexport convert_matrix and add ff_ prefix
2007-10-08 Baptiste Coudurierexport DCT_common_init and add ff_prefix
2007-10-03 Aurelien Jacobsremove alternative declaration of h263_encode_init()
2007-10-03 Aurelien Jacobsfix declaration name from MPV_common_init_ppc to MPV_co...
2007-10-03 Aurelien Jacobsremove useless #ifdef
2007-10-02 Jeff DownsCosmetic preparations for h264/PAFF implementation.
2007-08-01 Michael Niedermayerexchange the values of MV_DIR_FORWARD and MV_DIR_BACKWA...
2007-07-11 Michael Niedermayersimplify ff_h263_round_chroma()
2007-07-11 Måns Rullgårdmove ff_h263_round_chroma() to mpegvideo.h as static...
2007-07-10 Aurelien JacobsSplit ff_set_mpeg4_time() and move the non mpeg4 specif...
2007-07-08 Måns Rullgårdtrivial warning fixes
2007-07-06 Aurelien Jacobsmove ff_copy_bits to bitstream.c
2007-07-05 Aurelien Jacobsmake DCT_common_init() static
2007-06-12 Diego Biurrunmisc spelling fixes
2007-05-18 Aurelien Jacobssplit ljpeg encoder out of mjpeg.c
2007-05-14 Aurelien Jacobsremove some unused mjpeg encoding variables