aic: Fix slice size computation for widths multiples of 32 macroblocks
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / mjpeg_parser.c
2012-08-07 Anton KhirnovReplace all CODEC_ID_* with AV_CODEC_ID_*
2011-12-12 Diego Biurrundoxygen: misc consistency, spelling and wording fixes
2011-11-02 Anton Khirnovlavc: use designated initialisers for parsers.
2011-03-19 Mans RullgardReplace FFmpeg with Libav in licence headers
2011-01-26 Diego Elio PettenòAdd ff_ prefix to data symbols of encoders, decoders...
2010-04-20 Diego BiurrunRemove explicit filename from Doxygen @file commands.
2009-08-02 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, reindent
2009-08-02 Baptiste Couduriercosmetics, reindent
2009-08-02 Baptiste Coudurierfix jpeg parser when PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES is set
2009-02-01 Diego BiurrunUse full internal pathname in doxygen @file directives.
2009-01-19 Diego Biurruncosmetics: Remove pointless period after copyright...
2007-05-10 Aurelien Jacobsmove mjpeg parser in its own file