lavc/libaribb24: protect handled value with parenthesis in RGB_TO_BGR
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / lossless_audiodsp.h
2016-05-01 Paul B Maholavcodec/wmalosslessdec: fix type for coeffs and lms_upd...
2016-04-13 Paul B Maholavcodec/wmalosslessdec: improve 24bit support
2016-01-31 Timothy Guall: Make header guard names consistent
2015-02-07 Christophe Gisquetlavc/lossless_audiodsp: revert various commits
2014-11-22 Michael Niedermayeravcodec/x86/lossless_audiodsp: support len %16 == 8...
2014-06-05 Christophe Gisquetapedsp: move to llauddsp