cosmetics: align more codecs declarations
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / libopenjpegenc.c
2012-06-12 Paul B Maholcosmetics: align more codecs declarations
2012-06-09 Paul B Mahollibopenjpeg: YUVA422P and YUVA444P support
2012-06-04 Paul B Mahollibopenjpeg: YUV410P and YUV411P support
2012-03-26 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: remove leftover because older version...
2012-03-26 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: allow changing encoding parameters
2012-03-26 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: merge common code
2012-03-26 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: use pix_fmt descriptor to get bpp
2012-03-26 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: use pix_fmt descriptor to get numcomps
2012-03-24 Paul B Mahollibopenjpegenc: switch to encode2()
2012-03-24 Paul B Mahollibopenjpeg: make .long_name usefull
2012-01-19 Michael BradshawChanged indexing in libopenjpeg to shorten lines
2012-01-19 Carl Eugen HoyosSupport gray8a encoding with libopenjpeg.
2012-01-17 Michael Bradshawlibopenjpegenc: Remove two redundant function parameters.
2012-01-17 Michael Bradshawlibopenjpegenc: Simplify gray encoding.
2012-01-17 Michael Bradshawlibopenjpegenc: Add error messages.
2012-01-17 Michael Bradshawlibopenjpegenc: Rename four conversion functions.
2012-01-14 Carl Eugen HoyosRGBA64 encoding with libopenjpeg.
2012-01-14 Carl Eugen HoyosGray16 encoding with libopenjpeg.
2012-01-11 Carl Eugen HoyosSupport encoding RGB48 with libopenjpeg.
2012-01-01 Carl Eugen HoyosAdd missing PIX_FMT_NONE to libopenjpegenc
2011-12-30 Paul B MaholUse more designated initializers.
2011-12-02 Carl Eugen HoyosSupport yuva420p encoding via libopenjpeg.
2011-11-30 Michael BradshawBPP fix, YUVP9, 10, 16 support, make RGB24 default
2011-11-18 Michael BradshawApplied patches from Michael Niedermayer to clean up...
2011-11-17 Michael BradshawAdded support for J2K encoding with libopenjpeg