vaapi: switch ff_vaapi_get_surface_id from Picture to AVFrame
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / indeo3.c
2003-11-03 Michel Bardiauxav_log() patch by (Michel Bardiaux <mbardiaux at peakti...
2003-09-25 Michael Niedermayerfixes levis.avi
2003-09-09 Fabrice Bellarduse const data - began to make code more portable
2003-05-24 Falk HüffnerWarning and compatibility fixes.
2003-05-06 Michael Niedermayerrelease buffer cleanup
2003-04-19 Mike Melansoncode redundancy reduction, courtesy of suxen_drol ...
2003-04-15 Mike Melansonnative Indeo3 decoder implementation