lavc: Add per-thread surfaces in get_hw_frame_parameters()
[ffmpeg.git] / libavcodec / hevc_filter.c
2016-10-16 Anton Khirnovhevc: rename hevc.[ch] to hevcdec.[ch]
2016-09-29 Diego Biurrunhevc: Change type of array stride parameters to ptrdiff_t
2016-06-08 Diego BiurrunDrop unnecessary golomb.h #includes
2015-07-12 Anton Khirnovhevc: remove HEVCContext usage from hevc_ps
2015-02-13 Peter Meerwaldhevc: Use generic av_clip function, not C implementation
2014-08-09 Anton Khirnovhevc_filter: avoid excessive calls to ff_hevc_get_ref_l...
2014-08-09 Anton Khirnovhevc_filter: move some conditions out of loops
2014-08-09 Anton Khirnovhevc: deobfuscate slice/tile boundary handling for DBF
2014-08-09 Anton Khirnovhevc_filter: drop more redundant checks
2014-08-09 Anton Khirnovhevc_filter: drop redundant checks
2014-07-26 Anton Khirnovhevcdsp: remove an unneeded variable in the loop filter
2014-02-23 Luca Barbatohevc: Do not right shift a negative value in get_pcm
2014-02-23 Luca Barbatohevc: Drop unnecessary shifts in deblocking_filter_CTB
2014-02-01 Luca Barbatohevc: Consider first quantization group any reference...
2014-01-21 Michael Niedermayerhevc: Fix modulo operations
2013-10-31 Guillaume MartresAdd HEVC decoder